KNX Association now offers many webinars to inform you about various KNX-related topics. These are online live presentations about both technical as non-technical matters you can follow from behind your computer and interact if you have questions.

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ETS5 lite/Professional, ETS Inside. Which software is for me?

This is a pre-recorded webinar, live Q&A is not supported. If you have any questions, please email us at info@knx.org.

For users who wants to build their own KNX installation or for those who already have a pre-installed one that they want to manage themselves, the choice of the KNX software is important. Based on our Sales experience and the recurring questions we have had, we propose this conference to bring the answers and help you to make that crucial choice. Time to decide!

Language: English

From: 05-12-2020 10:00
To: 05-12-2020 10:15

Intended for:
- Everyone

Services with KNX

This is a pre-recorded webinar that does not support live Q&A. If you have any questions, please email Casto Canavate at casto.canavate@knx.org.

KNX was born as a solution to integrate different applications from different vendors into one common project in the industry of smart home and building. With the time, customers demanded more complex applications and new possibilities. And therefore, professionals of today strive to meet their customer´s expectations by delivering one comprehensive solution to their customers. Thanks to Services with KNX, professionals will be able to extend their portfolio of possibilities to offer to their new and existing customers, which will result in new business opportunity for them.

Language: English

From: 12-12-2020 10:00
To: 12-12-2020 10:15

Intended for:
- Everyone

Manufacturer Tool: Self-training & user-friendly products

This is a pre-recorded webinar that does not support live Q&A. If you have any questions, please contact Christophe Parthoens at christophe.parthoens@knx.org.

Next release of KNX Virtual has a developer mode, which allows any MT user to test self-developed ETS device templates, including commissioning.

The following device template features are seldom used, despite their convenience:
- Object trees: arrange device objects in a specific way
- Parameter based object names
- Validation of parameter sets
- Icons in parameter pages
- Pictures in parameter pages
- Online operations: read/write device memory during commissioning
- Master Reset: send device state-machine commands with ETS during commissioning

Language: English

From: 19-12-2020 10:00
To: 19-12-2020 10:20

Intended for:
- Manufacturers