KNX Certified Products

One of the strengths of the KNX system, is that any product labeled with the KNX trademark is not a mere declaration of the manufacturer but is based on conformity testing carried out by KNX accredited third party test labs. During these tests, it is not only checked that the device supports the KNX protocol but that its useful data is coded according to the KNX standardized Data types.   

This results in devices of different manufacturers and different applications that can be combined to a working installation. Moreover, most of these devices can be handled by the ETS Software.   

Interested in the KNX Certification Process, please see the page Certification of Products

Search Engine KNX registered and certified devices

The underneath search engine allows you to search for KNX registered and certified devices according to product families and product types.   

Select first the product family of interest to you (e.g. illumination), after which you can select for the desired product type (e.g. dimmer): the search engine will now list you all KNX manufacturers with registered/certified KNX dimmers, as well as the order number of these devices.