24.08.2016   KNX Secure - Secured KNX Communication

BRUSSELS, 24th of August 2016: They exist - the hackers - who intrude in building technology. Jesters switch on the lights at the neighbor's and boast of it. However, criminal energy and related know-how can cause immense damage. Therefore, KNX Secure is a red-hot subject. Already up to now KNX complies with the security requirements, as long as installers of Home and Building Control take care of the recommended protective measures against manipulations. Yet, new media like LAN and WLAN with internet access, wireless operation concepts and applications in sensible areas increase the risk of damage by unwanted intruders. According to these but also to other requirements KNX has developed new security concepts: KNX Data Secure and KNX IP Secure. Both of them are based on worldwide established security protocols and can be integrated seamlessly into existing KNX systems.

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