29. Jan 2024

4 smart water detectors to add to your smart home

4 smart water detectors to add to your smart home
4 smart water detectors to add to your smart home

Water detectors are a great addition to your smart home for extra security. We work closely with acclaimed manufacturers to ensure an optimal integration with KNX ecosystems. In collaboration with these KNX Members, we carefully selected 4 smart water detectors that will fit your smart home system perfectly.

Siemens Synco Living water detector

The Siemens SyncoTM Living water detector is a wireless radio sensor that detects water puddles. When it does so, it automatically closes off the water supply and sends off an interior siren. 

It’s also possible to have it send an alarm to your pc or phone so you are up-to-date wherever you are. 

This detector should be installed as close to the floor as possible, as it is designed to record puddles (and those don’t usually float). It is ideal for old and new buildings, and for buildings with difficult wall mountings. 

On top of that, the design is subtle and sleek looking. All in all a great addition to your smart home for even more home security.

Interra’s KNX Water flood detector

The KNX Water Flood Detector is an early warning system that detects any potential leaks. The early detection prevents serious water damage which protects users from high repair costs and material losses. 

It’s completely integrable with your KNX system, so the detector gains information through the KNX bus system and will send an alert to it when it records water. 

Because you are able to name every location in the main control panel, it is easy to know which sensor unit sent the alert and needs checking.

Leak KNX 2.0 by Elsner Elektronik

As an expansion of the Leak KNX Basic leakage detector, the Leak KNX 2.0 goes even further in detecting potential leaks. 

Where the basic detector just does what it is supposed to do, detecting water leaks, the KNX 2.0 also notifies you when the detector is not working the way it should. 

More specifically, it activates an alarm when the probes aren’t connected properly, when the probe cables are broken or when there’s water between the probes. 

For more home security, the Leak KNX 2.0 is definitely a great device.

KNX leak and condensation sensor by Jung

The Jung water detector consists of two different sensors. It has on one hand a leak sensor, which detects and signals leaks. 

A plus for this detector is that it automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent further damage. 

Its condensation sensor signals the formation of condensation on air conditioning units and coolant lines. 

It is able to switch the system into a safe operating state to limit the risks of damage.


Water, leak or flooding detectors are a great way to enhance your home’s overall security. Why and how you’ll precisely want to install smart water sensors, you can find in these articles:

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