The sustainable solution for 
smart homes and buildings, 
powered ​by technology.​

Serious about sustainability

The KNX ecosystem is a catalyst for change. By championing sustainable smart homes and buildings through connected device integration, intelligent cyber security and proactive energy management, device manufacturers and professionals can innovate to realise new business opportunities, future-proof their business and grow the market. 

A proactive approach to optimising energy usage with KNX can lead to a 60% potential reduction in energy consumption by:

  • Championing a proactive approach to optimising energy usage in line with users’ requirements to reduce carbon emissions and create more sustainable homes and buildings.
  • Opening up new opportunities for manufacturers to create, tailor and sell devices for new use cases.
  • Helping professionals grow their value with new applications and a broader range of more impactful projects.
  • Ecosystem shifting our smart homes and buildings from energy consumers to energy ‘prosumers’.

KNX: a guarantee for sustainable smart homes and buildings

KNX brings simplicity, security and sustainability to smart homes and buildings. By integrating more than 8,000 innovative devices into a single ecosystem – with intelligent cybersecurity and proactive energy management – we can enhance the functionality of homes and buildings while creating to a more sustainable future.

You can find a detailed videos and webinars on KNX energy managementon our YouTube channel.
For practical examples on how KNX can achieve increased sustainability, watch the entries of the KNX Hackathon finalists

Energy Management: why it matters

KNX Energy Management is a proactive approach with the goal to supply optimized energy usage according to the needs of users at any given time.
This same system can also decidewhat is the best thing to do with the energy in the home or building, starting from its generation through to whether it should be consumed
or stored, according to the key parameters of being efficient and preferring energy from renewable sources.

For people

The days of having a passive role on sustainability are over; proactivity is now key, so each of us is responsible of developing a greener footprint.

For the planet

The most obvious one: we have just one planet we must take care of. We work on Earth, we live on Earth, and we must protect it to keep it as beautiful as we like.

For Companies

To create long-term value in a competitive world in where audiences, users, and clients demand higher commitment to companies.

Discover KNX Manufacturers' innovative energy management products and solutions. Optimise energy use, cut costs, and enhance sustainability with seamless integration and intuitive control. Choose KNX for smarter, greener energy management. 

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