KNX for HVAC Manufacturers

Why developing KNX solutions?

Perfect Technology Fit

With abundant references to HVAC in the KNX Specifications (ISO/IEC 14543-3-1 to 7)., HVAC manufacturers can base their developments in a HW-independent platform that can communicate via any communication media.

Commited Network

Being HVAC one of the most important applications for homes and buildings, KNX Association developed the KNX HVAC course specialist, resulting in an upskilled community.

Business Enabler

Leverage KNX IoT to connect to the latest trends in the market while focusing on what you do best: HVAC products! Enrich the HVAC portfolio of KNX products and solutions to create new business opportunities.

Developing HVAC solutions with KNX

Webinar recording from the KNX HVAC Conference in 2021

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