Control everything, from everywhere

With KNX you can combine all kinds of smart home solutions to automate and simplify your daily life. We are your all-in-one system to a home that breathes along with you.


Open or close your shades or sun protection screens with only one click on your smartphone or tablet. Adjust your settings according to the weather and save energy by closing your blinds on a hot summer day. Close your screens remotely to protect your home against heavy winds and storms. Slowly awake in the morning with the arising sun.

  • Highly flexible in control
  • Full control with only a single touch
  • Energy efficient


Efficient light control assures that your lights are off when you leave or go to bed. Forgot to switch them off? Dim your light easily with your smartphone or tablet from any place in the world. Movement sensors will switch on the light when you enter a room. No waste of energy anymore. Create light scenes for every occasion (adjust the colour, intensity, …) and change the scene according to your mood with only one touch. For a flexible home that gives you peace of mind.

  • Remote control
  • Scene for every occasion
  • Energy efficient

Heating, ventilation & air-conditioning

Manage the temperature in your room according to the time of day or the function of the room. Take a shower in the morning in a preheated bathroom, lower your temperature during the day and get welcomed by a comfortable home. Heating that is automatically deactivated when you are not at home will save you considerable energy costs. Beat the heat with an efficient air-conditioning installation that keeps your home cool. Control your air-conditioning or ventilation remotely for a refreshing homecoming during a high temperatures. Smart climate control creates a comfortable and energy efficient home.

  • Automatic temperature control
  • Remote control
  • Energy efficient


Smart homes allow you to activate automatically your alarm when you lock the door. Movement sensors will detect suspicious movements at your door and inform you or the local police. Create smart security alerts to keep intruders out. Manage your alarm system remotely and set up a routine to give the impression that you are at home when you are actually not.

  • Security alerts
  • Door detection
  • Home simulation

Door communication

With a door entry system you can see visitors at your doorstep before opening. When the doorbell rings you can check your visitors’ picture on the entry system. When you are not at home check on your smartphone or tablet. Personalise the welcome message when opening the door for your visitors for a warm welcome.

  • Remote control
  • Picture memory 
  • Manage welcome messages


Keep your smart home and energy usage up-to-date on with visualisation tools, anywhere, anytime. Customise your interface to your needs and get insights on your energy usage.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Flexible dashboards
  • Visualisation wherever you are