KNX Virtual Reality App

Discover the ease and comfort of KNX in a virtual home

What is the KNX Virtual Reality App?

The KNX Virtual Reality APP (KNX VR) is as an entry game to enjoy a virtual tour around a virtual smart home.

By using this APP in combination of any 3D glasses, you will be experience the main smart applications and benefits a basic smart home can have installed. 

The tour is done in an average home that everybody can have.

Hence, you can also have such smart home installation at home.

Download the KNX Virtual Reality App

Click on the buttons below to download the app from the platform of your choice.

If you want to start creating your KNX smart home, we recommend getting in touch with a KNX certified partner who can help develop your plan and set up the installation.

Are you a KNX-expert already? Our ETS Home Edition is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to take their home to the next stage of intelligence.