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A KNX certified training centre is a training centre that has adopted the KNX Association’s Certification Scheme for KNX Training centres. They offer standardised courses in which you can obtain the KNX Partner certificate.

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  • CEDIA Training CEDIA Training Unit 2, Phoenix Park 2 PE19 8EP St Neots United Kingdom
    Phone: +44.1480213744 Website: Link to map
    CEDIA’s home technology training gives professionals the opportunity to get expert instruction on the skills, topics, and techniques they will use every day. From boot camps, conferences and events to all-day workshops, CEDIA\'s training is another outlet for you to learn the skills you need from world-class instructors who know the industry. Choose from a mix of hands-on and classroom-based training formats, in topics that include business, operations, technical skills, emerging trends, and more. Many offerings enable attendees to network with and learn from industry peers for an even deeper educational experience.
  • Roskilde Technical College Roskilde Technical College Pulsen 2 4000 Roskilde Denmark
    Phone: +45.22686798 Website: Link to map
    Roskilde Technical School, teaches primarily apprentices in decentralized installations, in connection with the education of an electrician. The school endeavors to use and utilize contemporary devices. During the training, attention is given to the fact that the installations benefit from comfort and energy-optimizing solutions.
  • Blue KNX Training Centre Blue KNX Training Centre Buntovnik 3 1421 Sofia Bulgaria
    Phone: +359.887600905 Website: Link to map
    BlueKNX Training Center is the first KNX training center in Bulgaria. Our main focus is to deliver in-depth technical knowledge to professionals of different areas, raising their interest in the worldwide stardard for home and building control. BlueKNX is offering as well project management, consultancy and technical support to system integrators and investors with regards to excellence in every detail and step of the process. We aim to be the active ambassador of KNX to the many professional organizations, guilds and chambers with respect to the promotion and implementation of the standard in Bulgaria.
  • Svendborg Erhvervsskole Svendborg Erhvervsskole Porthusvej 71 5700 Svendborg Denmark
    Phone: +45.62227484 Website: Link to map
    We have to teach our electrician in a decentralized IBI system on our electrical education in Denmark. We decided that this system should be KNX. We have been teaching KNX / EIB for the past 10 years. But now we would like to certify our students.
    Phone: +39.0114379979 Website: Link to map
    Forte Chance Piemonte organizes KNX course courses at its own training center, in particular: - KNX Basic Course - KNX Advanced Course Among its activities, it organizes technical events and workshops for the publishing of the KNX standard and the design and implementation of home & building automation systems
  • AFPA Formation Cantin AFPA Formation Cantin du molinel 6 59169 cantin France
    Phone: +33.608419622 Website: Link to map
    The center of AFPA (Agency for the vocational training of adults) to DOUAI CANTIN provides training to approximately 2 500 students per year in the sectors of industry, building, construction and service. It offers a range of type NVQ 1 level, 2, 3 course of training leading to a certified national diploma of Government. Building automation and electricity technician which is operational since 2006 training course includes training the technician electricity General program. The course is based on the KNX Protocol. Students using a range of specifications developed offers, setting the parameters for buildings intelligent automation wiring and installation. Students carry out practical work on specifically recreated in training situations. They use the ETS software program: switching and lighting variation, shutters and blinds, control, thermal management and various other sy...
  • MCM Smart Systems MCM Smart Systems Lingelmannstrasse 5 46139 Dinslaken Germany
    Phone: +49.20644564423 Website: Link to map
  • esiee amiens esiee amiens quai de la somme 14 80082 amiens France
    Phone: +33.322662092 Website: Link to map
    ESIEE-Amiens is both an engineering school and a center for further education. The different majors studied are: Networks and connected objects, Production Systems and Factories in the future, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Renewable Resources. In order to maintain the school’s teaching standards, ESIEE-Amiens has become a certified KNX examination center. ESIEE-Amiens can now teach and certify its students in KNX in order to make them more attractive when looking for employment. Our teaching staff is also available to train anyone interested in learning about KNX procedures, wishing to further their knowledge in this domain or being tested for level 1 or 2 certification. The school’s technological material and excellent teaching staff provide high quality training.
  • KALAYTEK TRAINING CENTER KALAYTEK TRAINING CENTER Blv Med VI - Rés les orchidées III - (à-côté de Marjane) Imm C étage 3 Bureau n°13 28800 Mohammedia Morocco
    Phone: +212.661061526 Website: Link to map
    The high demand from installers and system integrators to become a certified KNX Partner is why KALAYTEK took the initiative to make KNX courses close than ever to our customers and to be the first KNX training center in Morocco. KALAYTEK assure you that you will leave this class with a deep knowledge of KNX and be extremely comfortable in programming KNX as well.
  • Madoc Integration Solution Sdn. Bhd. Madoc Integration Solution Sdn. Bhd. M-City, No.326, Jalan Ampang 1-15-05 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    Phone: +60.172875158 Website: Link to map
    We are specialists in the field of KNX Technology & its integration systems. We now provide training for all those who are interested in getting KNX certified, learning from the most qualified and experienced engineers MADOC can offer!
  • Schneider Electric Argentina Schneider Electric Argentina Avenida General San Martin 5020 B1604CDY Florida Oeste. Buenos Aires Argentina
    Phone: +54.91161079508 Website: Link to map
    The Schneider Electric KNX training centre in Buenos Aires (Argentina) offers the KNX Basic course with certification as well as various KNX product trainings for employees, partners and customers.
  • ASINEM ASINEM Carrer d'es Teixidors, 32b, Carrer d'es Teixidors, 32b, 07141 Marratxí Spain
    Phone: +34.971770504 Website: Link to map
    Training of KNX partner and training related to the KNX system
  • T.M.K.S. T.M.K.S. Haj Hasani Seid Khandan 5 15557-3566 Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Phone: +98.2188731557 Link to map
    TMKSH has established in 2005 in Tehran/IRAN. the Main area of work has been focused on Electrical and Mechanical Design and Drawing of projects , also consulting and inspecting them . additional from 2012 TMKSH started to design and providing direct inspection on BMS projects mostly based on KNX and Bacnet .
  • Handwerkskammer Osnabrück-Emsland-Grafschaft Bentheim Handwerkskammer Osnabrück-Emsland-Grafschaft Bentheim Bramscher Straße 134-136 49088 Osnabrück Germany
    Phone: +49.495416929732 Website: Link to map
  • Herningsholm Erhvervsskole Herningsholm Erhvervsskole Lillelundvej 21 7400 Herning Denmark
    Phone: +45.60880886 Website: Link to map
    This is a Department of a Vocational College. The main activity, is educating Electrician, and as part of that education we are now able to do KNX certification.
  • Alexander Maier GmbH Alexander Maier GmbH Beckstrasse 3 69412 Eberbach Germany
    Phone: +49.6271919470 Website: Link to map
    The Alexander Maier GmbH training centre helps integrators establish a strong base level of knowledge, on which they can continue to develop with confidence.As you attend our various training courses, you and your business will gain the knowledge and expertise to exceed customer expectations and deliver successful projects. We have been a Certified Training Centre KNX since 2001, which means that we are entitled to conduct the KNX Basic Course as well as the KNX Advanced Course and KNX Tutor Course. We are manufacturer-independent and also offer other specialized and monographic KNX seminars. After teaching more than 1.500 integrators, our KNX Trainers have quite a large and positive expertise. Please, contact us for customized training (groups of at least 8 people) at
  • Syndesmos Adeiouchon Ergolipton Ilektrologon Kyprou Syndesmos Adeiouchon Ergolipton Ilektrologon Kyprou Paragwgikotitas 28B 2326 Lakatamia Industrial Area, Nicosia Cyprus
    Phone: +357.22875225 Website: Link to map
    The Training Center Σ.Ε.Η.Κ. has the objective of coordinating, managing and implementing of vocational education, training and education programs. The aim of the Σ.Ε.Η.Κ. is to offer education and training services at the highest level with measurable results.
  • Ecole des Métiers de l'Energie - Paul-Louis Merlin Ecole des Métiers de l'Energie - Paul-Louis Merlin Henri Wallon 41 38400 Saint Martin d'Hères France
    Phone: +33.675588120 Website: Link to map
    Rattachée à l\'Entreprise Schneider Electric, l\'Ecole des Métiers de l\'Energie Paul-Louis Merlin forme des techniciens supérieurs spécialistes du domaine de la gestion de l\'Energie et des automatismes des Bâtiments
  • SuperIngeniero KNX Training SuperIngeniero KNX Training Armengual de la mota 32A 7 29007 Málaga Spain
    Phone: +34.687023399 Website: Link to map
    SuperIngeniero es un Estudio de Ingeniería y Centro de Formación KNX Certificado. La oficina técnica está ubicada en el centro de Málaga, y el Aula de Formación en el Parque Tecnológico (PTA) de Málaga. Se realizan los siguientes proyectos, certificaciones y cursos oficiales: » Proyectos de I.C.T. (Infraestructura Común de Telecomunicaciones) » Proyectos de Automatización y Control de Viviendas y Edificios con KNX » Proyectos Eléctricos » Proyectos de Cableado Estructurado y Cobertura WIFI » Certificación Energética » Licencia de Ocupación » Informe Pericial Tecnológico » Curso Certificado Partner KNX (modalidad presencial y semi presencial) » Curso Básico KNX (modalidad online) » Curso de Elaboración de Certificados Energéticos (modalidad presencial y online) Contacto: 687 02 33 99 | |
  • BAC training BAC training Rua da Piedade 39 9500-362 Ponta Delgada Portugal
    Phone: +351.919893822 Website: http// Link to map
    BAC training is a European (and world wide) engineering, consulting, and training firm. We provide specialized training in the industrial, building and home automation sectors. Our main offices are based in Portugal, with additional international locations. You can reach us via email at :
  • BNJ BNJ Appadan 2nd St. - Olfat alley No. 3 81667-7314 Esfahan Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Phone: +98.3136623144 Website: http://BNJ.IR Link to map
    Behrad-e-Naghshe Jahan (BNJ) is an Iranian consulting engineering company established in 1990, focusing on the area of Electrical and Automation systems. Over the past two decades, our company has successfully completed hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial projects which includes the first Smart Home project in the city of Isfahan in 2003. With the aim of improving the energy efficiency and promoting the sustainability, by taking advantage of the home automation systems, the company launched several educational initiatives over the past few years such as publishing the Persian translation of the official KNX handbook in two levels of basic and advanced and founding the first training center for the basic and advanced KNX courses in Isfahan. At BNJ, we are committed to use the gift and talent of our expert team to provide the best service possible to our valued customers.
  • Den jydske Haandværkerskole Den jydske Haandværkerskole Ellemosevej 25 8370 Hadsten Denmark
    Phone: +45.89370100 Website: Link to map
    At Den jydske Haandværkerskole we educate and train tomorrows electricians.
  • ECOELEC ECOELEC Avenida los pajaritos 7179 9040423 santiago de chile Chile
    Phone: +56.966689485 Website: Link to map
    Our KNX training center is mainly aimed at electrical / electronic professionals, training installers, engineers, architects or any professional whose objective is to have knowledge about the only worldwide standard in home and building automation, such as KNX. Directing our eyes to the development of the facilities and to achieve energy efficiency and comfort of the facilities.
  • TMS Technology Management Systems TMS Technology Management Systems 2132/2 3/57 35530 Izmir Turkey
    Phone: +90.2325023637 Website: Link to map
    TMS is here to technological touches to create a revolution in customer life by combining their ideas with its experience. It has already dial with the global brands to achieve Its goal. Besides these goal, TMS knows that training is the first and the most important step to crate timeless solutions. It has decided to become a training center to share Its KNX experience with students, technical stuff and also professionals from the sector wanting to improve their skills. Its also support the electrical contractors to prepare KNX based specification for their public projects. Although KNX is a key element of its training courses , it is also planing to give extra details about other systems that already can communicate with KNX system; Audio/Video control systems, BMS systems etc. TMS always look forward to meet new awesome people and discuss brilliant project ideas.
  • Schneider Electric Colombia Schneider Electric Colombia CR 69F 20 91 Zona Industrial Montevideo 00000 BOGOTA Colombia
    Phone: +57.14269700 Website: Link to map
  • KNX Solutions KNX Solutions PO Box 540 4280 Jimboomba, Queensland Australia
    Phone: +61.467074256 Website: Link to map
    KNX Solutions is a dedicated KNX company, that specialise in the growth of KNX integrators. All our training is to benefit the integrator, we offer full product, software and project support. Our goal is to equip integrators with the skills to create successful and hassle free installations. With our product knowledge we hope that we can work together to provide the right products for the project and the customers needs. Please, contact us for training at
  • ŠIPING smart technologies ŠIPING smart technologies Dragana Rakica 20E 11080 Zemun Serbia
    Phone: +381.628890297 Website: Link to map
    “ŠIPING ltd” Company was founded in 2008 since it has an active role in domestic and foreign market in all areas of services delivery design and construction of works. The primary business is the design and execution of all electrical and mechanical installations, which are used in different types of buildings (residential business, sports, health and facilities for special purposes, such as gas stations, telecommunications facilities, radio-base stations of mobile operators, etc.). The specific requirements of the market, which are reflected in the variable and periodic need for a certain type of activities, have contributed that “Šiping ltd” Company in addition to core business, develop in several directions. Pursuant to the requirements has been established the department that deals with the building automation systems based on KNX standard.
  • Encora Encora Grote Steenweg 226 2600 Berchem Belgium
    Phone: +32.33343452 Website: Link to map
    Encora is an adult training center offering daytime and evening classes. We offer a broad range of certificate degree courses, from hairdresser to webdeveloper. We are also known for our strong language courses. We are ideally located in Antwerp (Berchem), close to public transport and the highway.
  • BG-system, Product an service in automation BG-system, Product an service in automation Zibermayrstrasse 23a 4020 Linz Austria
    Phone: +43.6648011765238 Link to map
  • all-com ag all-com ag Buchenweg 11 8442 Hettlingen Switzerland
    Phone: +41.522651000 Website: Link to map
  • Hager China Hager China Wuzhong Road 1799 200000 Shanghai China
    Phone: +86.2160879602 Website: Link to map
    All the main KNX products of Hager including switch actuators, dimmers, shutters, all kinds of sensors, energy management, domovea, and KNX RF.
  • WCX House and Building Automation WCX House and Building Automation rua Amazonas 521 09520-070 São Caetano do sul Brazil
    Phone: +55.11991093255 Website: Link to map
    I hereby make the request to open a KNX basic training center in the city of São Caetano do Sul - São Paulo - Brazil. At the moment, my company has an exclusive distribution partnership with the company ABB, and in this way a training center is necessary for the formation of a qualified new partners to work with KNX technology and to disseminate the same in the country through products ABB. At this moment the training center contains a 42" television for slides from the basic course, a blackboard to complement the teaching and two standard training kits (one with VIVO SUISSE products and one with ABB products).
  • BERUFSSCHULE GMUNDEN 1 BERUFSSCHULE GMUNDEN 1 Miller von Aichholz Straße 30 4810 Gmunden Austria
    Phone: +43.7612646690 Link to map
    Phone: +357.22806000 Website: Link to map
    Technical Vocational Training. The CPC provides advanced training in two types of education, short-term training and accelerated initial training programs lasting six months. The specializations offered by the CPC include: Plumbing, Applications, engineering services, Telecommunications - Mobile Telephony, Construction, Engineering, Welding, Industrial Automation etc.
  • CFEA Eurl CFEA Eurl Rue Sonelgaz 2 villa 419 gué de constantine 419 16000 Alger Algeria
    Phone: +213.21830228 Website: Link to map
    Domotic & smart Building has proven itself in terms of electricity and automation and we offer these services to the professional, for buildings project to small apartments For a better energy efficiency, comfort and safety We take care of our clients for advice, engineering, training, programming, commissioning and after sales service, We have experienced engineers in the sector who are able to fulfill the objectives accurately and on time. We love the challenges, we are passionate about KNX and innovation.
  • MGRI KNX Training Centre MGRI KNX Training Centre Abramtsevskaya 16b 363 127572 Moscow Russian Federation
    Phone: +7.9257725698 Website: Link to map
    The new training centre that based on deep experience in training, designing, commissioning.
  • Tanootas International FZC (TICO) Tanootas International FZC (TICO) Beheshti Ave., Sarafraz St. No. 1 1587694963 Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Phone: +98.2188531280 Website: Link to map
    Our basic intention in all our cases is to give the trainees a clear picture of the protocol and all the issues involved. Safety, flexibility, adaptability, cost effectiveness and etc. are brought to the trainee attention with both theoretical and practical examples.
  • JUNG ELECTRIC INDONESIA JUNG ELECTRIC INDONESIA San Lorenzo Golf (Golf lake Residence) Jl Kamal Outer Ring Road Venice A37 11730 Jakarta Barat Indonesia
    Phone: +62.81703588959 Website: Link to map
    As the 1st KNX Training Centre in Indonesia, we are ready to support you to understand the WORLD STANDARD for home and building control and is fit for use in any application domain.
  • Micro Matic Norge AS Micro Matic Norge AS Nye Vakås vei 28 1379 Nesbru Norway
    Phone: +47.90088737 Website: Link to map
    Modern KNX training facilities in large and bright premises at Hvalstad, outside Oslo. Adjoining KNX showroom designed as a complete apartment, containing a large number of available components, appliances and applications. Here you can experience an advanced KNX apartment first hand. Easy access from E18 and by public transport, and free parking right outside. Lunch is prepared by our in-house canteen.
  • Technikerschule HF Zürich Technikerschule HF Zürich Lagerstrasse 45 8021 Zürich Switzerland
    Phone: +41.432683247 Website: Link to map
  • SIA BUTS SIA BUTS Lacplesa street 125 LV-1003 Riga Latvia
    Phone: +371.67559718 Website: Link to map
    KNX products promotion.
  • AFPA Marseille la Treille AFPA Marseille la Treille chemin de la clue - 13011 MARSEILLE France
    Phone: +33.608609780 Website: Link to map
    The AFPA centre Marseille la Treille The KNX standard: Passport to employability The AFPA (Association for adult vocational training) centre in Marseilles La Treille provides training for around 2,400 trainees per year in industry, construction and service industry sectors. The building automation and electricity technician training course which has been operational since 2006 includes general electricity technician training as part of the programme. The course is based on the KNX protocol. Trainees using a range of specifications draw up offers defining the parameters for intelligent building automation cabling and installation. Within the scope of the issue of the energy efficiency in intelligent buildings, the B.A.E.T (building automation and electricity technician) course covers trainee projects where the objective is to design user-friendly energy-saving installations.
  • ENTA - Escola de Novas Tecnologias dos Açores ENTA - Escola de Novas Tecnologias dos Açores Rua de Sº Gonçalo S/N 9504-540 Ponta Delgada - Azores Portugal
    Phone: +351.916903251 Link to map
    Mission The ENTA\'s Mission is to contribute to the transformation of the community and the Azores organizations through the development and professional skills appropriate update to its sustainable development, providing training experiences high degree of specialization of varying duration. Vision The ENTA aims to be the regional reference organization in training, technology and assets. Wants to develop updated and adequate training to market gaps, but also innovative, always aiming to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.
  • Middy's TechEnergy - Smart Centre Middy's TechEnergy - Smart Centre Wellington Road 14/214 3168 Clayton, Victoria Australia
    Phone: +61.1800778823 Website: Link to map
    Omega Power Equipment PL is an Electrical Distributor with over 30 years servicing the needs of the Electrical Wholesale Industry nationally. Over the past several years Omega has taken KNX Automation for Home and Building to the next level with its likeness to Integrators, Installers, Consultants and Developers in the line of Architects and Specifiers in the Electrical Industry. Omega Power Equipment PL has taken a step forward in proving KNX training Australia wide using its strong national presence over the major capital cities within its branch network to continue to expand and share the KNX knowledge to Consultants, Architects, Project Engineers, Specifiers and Electrical Contractors. Omega\'s Head Office Training Centre located in Melbourne has its own fully automated training room along with full catering facilities. Contact: or
  • INSTELL AS INSTELL AS Gjerdrums Vei 16 0484 Oslo Norway
    Phone: +47.22021450 Website: Link to map
    Instell AS was established in April 2003 in Oslo, Norway. We are a provider of products and programming for electrical and automation industry. Our focus is energy efficient solutions for residential and commercial buildings. We also supply wiring, lighting, heating control and audio systems. It’s our focus on KNX Smart Home solutions we are known for in our industry. We are now also a KNX Training Center. We want to teach people about the possibilities and benefits of a KNX installation. In both a theoretical and a practical way, so they can be the best programmers out in the field. We are the exclusive representative of the German manufacturers JUNG and Theben. We have 18 employees with long, sturdy and broad industry and product experience.
  • Hujer Ingenieurbüro Hujer Ingenieurbüro Hinter dem Thie 12 39179 Barleben OT Ebendorf Germany
    Phone: +49.39203969010 Website: Link to map
  • Legrand KNX training center Legrand KNX training center Ikva utca 70 H9024 Győr Hungary
    Phone: +36.309850365 Link to map
    Our main target groups are the teachers and students, in the secondary schools and universities. Type of trainings: 1. trainings in our training centers 2. trainings in the schools
  • Seinäjoen Koulutuskuntayhtymä Seinäjoen Koulutuskuntayhtymä Törnäväntie 24 60200 SEINÄJOKI Finland
    Phone: +358.201245000 Website: Link to map
    Vocational education and training (VET) is popular among young people in Finland. Over 50% of young people applying to secondary level studies choose VET. Vocational Education and Training Institute Sedu offers versatile learning environments, individual study paths, project learning and international possibilities. As a regional vocational upper secondary education provider, we have a mission to provide the students with learning opportunities that enable them to acquire the knowledge, skills and competences that meet both the needs of the students and the world of work in an optimal way. This is guaranteed through cooperation with the world of work and close connection to other education providers.
  • ERTEBATSAAZ ERTEBATSAAZ Miremad St, Beheshti st. Unit 11 No. 8 Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Phone: +98.2188505024 Website: Link to map
    Ertebatsaaz Company is solution provider intelligent buildings . Active in Home Automation and Building Management System (BMS) in IRAN including : Tehran , Esfahan,shiraz,kish island , … . Best Training courses and implement best projects is mission of Ertebatsaaz company .
  • Phuket technology & services Phuket technology & services 65/12, Moo 2 Phuket Villa Suangluang 83130 Vichit Muang, Phuket Thailand
    Phone: +66.76681016 Website: Link to map
    ยินดีต้อนรับสู่โลกของ KNX PHUKET TECHNOLOGY is the first independent KNX Training Center in Thailand. Our regular courses are organized in Phuket and Bangkok. And also Phuket Technology can organize a private course specialized for your company (intra-company courses) anywhere in Thailand and South-Asia area with a personalized course curriculum... We put the focus on practical part, so when you successfully finished our course, you are really ready to use KNX technology in your business. If you are looking for the new skills, new technology challenges, new know-hows to carry-on your supreme work and business, IT\'S NOW!!! แล้วเจอกันครับ
  • Atrina Building Automation Co. Ltd Atrina Building Automation Co. Ltd West Soleymani St , Andarzgoo Blvd , Farmanieh No 90 ,Unit2 1938853461 Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Phone: +98.2122208207 Website: Link to map
    Atrina KNX Training center is a space for the exchange of knowledge and the innovation. With more than 10 years’ experience in building\'s projects and training in building\'s products, we offer a top quality & unique training experience to each applicant in Middle East to all those who like to participate in KNX community (both in Basic, Advanced, and Tutor course in near future). Our training portfolio includes world-wide certificated programs and services for continuous learning. All services are designed for professionals whom want to improve their technical knowledge and, therefore, enhance their leadership and management skills. Atrina Building Automation is an independent player on the market Which has known as first official member of KNX Association in Iran, and also the biggest cooperator of KNX Partner in Middle East. The main Target is to increase the use and knowledge.
  • Smart Talent Smart Talent Paris 71, La Florida 71 8250724 La Florida Chile
    Phone: +56.225512035 Website: Link to map
    The Smart Talent Training Center presented training courses certifieds and courses for development of technical skill related a energy efficiency. Also development the Democase, training equipment among others. For more information visit site web
  • National Group Romania National Group Romania Mihail Kogalniceanu, nr 12, et. 3, ap. 3, sect.5 Asociatia KNX Romania 050105 Bucharest Romania
    Phone: +40.770278562 Website: Link to map
    Beside the Basic & Advanced Courses the training Center will held technical seminars to the electrical installers and electricians.
  • KNX Essential KNX Essential Lake Road 412 C/D 0622 Auckland New Zealand
    Phone: +64.224772977 Website: Link to map
    The KNX Essential is home for all KNX requirements, for getting Essential KNX knowledge and for making awareness of KNX, this unique protocol, in New Zealand and in the APAC region. At the same time the Centre offers Consulting, Design, Engineering, Integration, Commissioning, Product Selection, Estimation and Budgeting for any existing or future planning or project from simple & small size to large & complex sizes. The trainings are taken on different levels and are tailored to comply with customer requirements starting from uncertified Introductory trainings up to KNX certified Basic and Advanced Courses. Our extensive knowledge and long experience within Building Controls Industry & utilisation of KNX is Guaranty that this Centre will provide the Best KNX knowledge for our students. Contact:;;
  • Oosterberg B.V. Oosterberg B.V. Lumierestraat 1-1 6716AG Ede Netherlands
    Phone: +31.318622227 Website: Link to map
    Oosterberg is a successful and rapidly growing electrical wholesaler with more than 250 employees and 20 branches throughout the Netherlands . We do not only assist you geographically close , but our expert staff will do their utmost to also assist and advise and support . This we can do because we\'re not only an wholesaler that sells different KNX products from different manufactures but we also have a complete team what is called BuildingAutomatisation. Here we do everything, from design, enginering, making electrical drawings and schematics and now we can even teach you how to program KNX! Hope to hear from you soon and please visit our website
  • Building Automation Intellligence Building Automation Intellligence Egnatia 3 55535 Thessaloniki Greece
    Phone: +30.2315516144 Website: Link to map
    Building Automation Intelligence is a space for the exchange of knowledge and innovation. With more than 10 years of experience in buildings projects and training in building\'s products, we offer a unique training experience to each customer around the world. Building Automation Intelligence provides the KNX live platform. The KNX Live Platform is an innovative SaaS patented technology offering to the users a learning-by-doing online training for the KNX protocol. The KNX Live Platform provides to the users an online interaction with real KNX products as if they were in front of them. Our mission is to make everyday life better for each professional in the building sector, helping you, to achieve the maximum energy efficiency and functionality in buildings, through our excellent and specialized services.
  • xxter B.V. xxter B.V. wg-plein 459 1054 SH amsterdam Netherlands
    Phone: +31.643460050 Website: Link to map
    xxter is the revolution in the KNX world in the field of visualization and integration. The visualization can be edited by the end user who can compose the visualization thru a simple web environment. xxter is operated by phone or tablet, iOS and Android, the Apple Watch and also available on Windows and Mac. There is no limit on the number of devices you can to with xxter. Of course, with xxter the home or office setup can also be accessed via the Internet. Thus, anywhere in the world, the building can be controlled and visualized and cameras, intercom and other integrated systems are made readily available. You can send a simple push messages, which can even contain a snapshot of a camera. xxter will give the end-user true control over his or her building automation. The intuitive app gives the user the ability to customize scenes or timers without technical knowledge.
  • Hager Electro B.V Hager Electro B.V King Abdul Aziz Street, Bldg#1, 3rd floor, Office#24, Al 12233 Riyadh Saudi Arabia
    Phone: +966.112924541 Website: Link to map
    Hager Group is an independent family-owned company operating worldwide and is a leading European supplier of solutions & services for electrical installations in residential & commercial buildings. The Hager brand, with products ranging from energy distribution through cable management and wiring accessories to building automation & security systems, represents the core business of our company. The Berker brand is a leading provider of high-end electrical installations, from timeless classical switch design to smart building automation. Hager Electro B.V., Riyadh, KSA office offers technical support and solutions to our customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Advantis Soluções em Eletricidade Advantis Soluções em Eletricidade Av. Monsenhor Ângelo Sampaio 377 56330-300 Petrolina Brazil
    Phone: +55.8732026008 Website: Link to map
    Advantis Soluções em Eletricidade is a fully engaged company to the development of the KNX system in Brazil. Working as a training center, we have the great expectation of graduate a big quantity of students in the KNX field, or even work as a support in consulting KNX big projects.
  • Artman Smart Energy Solutions Artman Smart Energy Solutions Raad Alley, Yaser Threeway, Niavaran No. 9 1647718566 Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Phone: +98.2126148258 Website: Link to map
    Artman KNX Training Center is the first official KNX Center in Iran. We are offering top quality KNX courses (Basic and Advanced, and Tutor course) to all those like to participate in KNX community. Also Artman is started its efforts to participate in KNX User Club Iran, and organized the 25th anniversary of KNX in Iran. We will continue to introduce KNX solutions to different organizations and individuals in Iran and neighbor countries. All those interested (in Iran and Middle East) can contact us to participate in the courses or other programs related to KNX worldwide standard.
  • E-Necker E-Necker Brigittenauer Lände 156-158/5/23 1200 Wien Austria
    Phone: +43.12531767 Website: Link to map
    E - Necker is one of 3 training centers++ in Austria and provides training and support for companies and organizations. The E – Necker portfolio covers a wide range of courses for various areas and levels of competence. Due to the concession of Electrical Engineering, the training will take practical and is based on ETS5. In order to respond to the individual needs of the participants, the training will hold in small groups (max. 8 people). After successful ending of the courses, the participants have high KNX knowledge and obtain an European certificate and also access to some products. The KNX partner logo may also be performed. Target group of the courses are situated in the electrical business, electricians/ electrical engineers, building automation engineers and system integrators
  • IUT Créteil-Vitry IUT Créteil-Vitry avenue général de gaulle 61 94000 Créteil France
    Phone: +33.601144042 Website: Link to map
    The IUT (University Institute of Technology) of Créteil-Vitry allows the preparation of a two-year undergraduate technical degree called a Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie or DUT (University Technological Degree). Students can also continue studying for one year to prepare a technological bachelor’s degree. The IUT of Créteil-Vitry, where students have been taught for 40 years, is located south-east of Paris and belongs to the UPEC (the University of Paris-Est Créteil). The IUT of Créteil-Vitry counts 1250 students, 130 teachers and researchers, 50 technical and administrative members.
  • freeDOM freeDOM Francisco Sancha 22 28034 Madrid Spain
    Phone: +34.918281973 Website: Link to map
    freeDôm offers KNX training courses for engineers, installers and students. freeDôm focuses on everything about KNX projects from electricity and bus architecture, to programming with ETS software. Our company has been developing KNX projects from 2009 to now and we are capable to provide our students the knowledge required to be successful in their KNX projects.
  • Elektro Pirnat Miroslav SP Elektro Pirnat Miroslav SP Pot Heroja Trtnika 24 1261 Ljubljana Slovenia
    Phone: +386.31999837 Website: Link to map
    First KNX training center in Slovenia. Offering basic KNX courses and system support to the interested parties. Available also training and technical support for installers, architects and users.Possibility of lending KNX devices in stock to integrators for testing solutions, library with books related to KNX. With maximum of four students per training, we can focus on needs of the group.
  • BLANCA EIRL DomoGenius - Centre de formation Nice BLANCA EIRL DomoGenius - Centre de formation Nice rue NETTER - Résidence Christine 5 06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer France
    Phone: +33.493085914 Website: Link to map
    DomoGenius is a french HBAS engineering consulting firm, located in the PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) area. In a constant concern to maintain a real dynamics and synergy between all the HBAS market players (architects, integrators, installers, real estate developers and builders...) of the PACA region, we opened in Nice a KNX+ training center, equipped with the most recent KNX products and mobile units. Our KNX certified tutor will provide you with the knowledges and the know-how relevant to answer all your expectations and to be confident in the successful accomplishment of your future KNX project. Follow us on, "Nos formations" section.
  • IKNX Engineering IKNX Engineering Pol. Ind. Tecnocordoba. C/ Tallin Nave 2A 14014 Cordoba Spain
    Phone: +34.665587528 Website: Link to map
    Training center that uses the method coaching and know how to teach their students. The professor teaches his experiences in KNX
  • Fortio - Bedrijfsopleidingen Fortio - Bedrijfsopleidingen Thor Park 8040 3600 Genk Belgium
    Phone: +32.11303232 Website: Link to map
  • Quartz Quartz Barakat Khrisha St 4 11831 amman Jordan
    Phone: +962.788855542 Website: Link to map
    Quartz is a Jordanian company specialized in supplying and installing home automation systems specially KNX system , the aim of providing KNX Basic Training to sales and marketing engineers, design, testing and commissioning engineers as well as to green building industry professionals. KNX is a global standard and represents the world\'s number one open-architecture building automation system designed to increase convience, comfort control and energy-efficiency. The KNX product range includes energy monitoring devices, lighting controls, blind and shutter control, security, environmental control (HVAC), presence and movement detections as well as audio visual management. The standard KNX technology can help in the implementation of numerous strategies that are taught in the official LEED training. KNX solutions comply with LEED strategies enhancing LEED certification
  • CERISIC CERISIC Grand'rue 185 6000 CHARLEROI Belgium
    Phone: +32.71419435 Website: Link to map
    The CERISIC, which is the research centre of the engineering department of the HELHa College in Belgium, is opening its own KNX training centre. The CERISIC will, in the first instance, certify undergraduates who graduated from the HELHa College in home automation, but also people in continuing education: graduates, electricians, system integrators, or anyone interested in such technology. KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building control. The basic course and the advanced course coming soon allow participants to develop skills to use KNX equipment (control of lighting, heating and air conditioning, energy meter, supervision, gateways to other protocols, multimedia, coupling with connected objects, managing security, etc). Together with advances in home automation technology, the CERISIC would like to develop a new research activity for testing or integrating new components
  • Linzer Technikum Linzer Technikum Paul Hahn Strasse 4 4020 Linz Austria
    Phone: +43.732770301 Link to map
  • P&T Technology P&T Technology Lamp Road 141 1401 Germiston South Africa
    Phone: +27.118274113 Website: Link to map
    P & T Technology is an Electrical training and Decentralized Trade Test Centre accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations and National Artisan Moderation Body. Our programs develop the skills of the electrical person responsible for the installation, maintenance of electrical installations. Our inspecting and testing courses provide the skills and knowledge required by the registered person in order to inspect, test and certify electrical installations We strive to keep abreast with evolving technology which includes training in building automation. All learners will be exposed to the wiring and benefits of building automation components during their artisan training P & T Technology‘s vision is to remain an Institution of Occupational Excellence and a nationally recognized leader of training, development and assessment in the Electrical industry
  • Hanoi College for Electro-Mechanics (HCEM) Hanoi College for Electro-Mechanics (HCEM) Mai Dich 160 100000 Hanoi Viet Nam
    Phone: +84.936187332 Website: Link to map
    KNX is the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control. The KNX Certified Training Centre Vietnam offers approved KNX courses along with practical applications & hands on experience with many products & solutions (control of lighting, shutter, energy meter, gateways to other protocols, coupling with connected objects, etc).
  • Mefsrl Mefsrl Panciatichi 68 50127 Firenze Italy
    Phone: +39.05543621 Website: Link to map
    POLO TECNOLOGICO MEF is the technical competence centre created by MEF S.r.l., a major Italian electrical wholesaler, with 28 sales points spread over 4 regions - Liguria, Toscana, Umbria, Lazio. The mission of POLO TECNOLOGICO MEF is to become the point of reference for all professionals working in the centre of Italy, at any level, in the field of building technologies. Our commitment is helping our customers, end users or professionals, to make the right choices, for each application, providing them reliable consulting services, technology demonstration showrooms and an extensive training program. Our facility is equipped with conference rooms, showrooms and laboratories where our guests can find expert support and equipped workbenches.
  • Bsmart Bsmart HaMasger 22 3812001 Hadera Israel
    Phone: +972.507328320 Website: Link to map
    B.S.Systems is one of the leading companies in Israel,specializing in the KNX standard since 2007. It is involved as a center in the training of students and professionals working in the field of home and building automation. Inside the KNX Training Centre a Smart Home exhibit. B.S.Systems Certified Training Centre will give the participants an experience with real KNX devices and give them ability to design and create new KNX installations.
  • Hager Middle East FZE Hager Middle East FZE Dubai Digital Park, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Office 222-227, Building A4, 61056 Dubai United Arab Emirates
    Phone: +971.45105300 Website: Link to map
    Hager Group is an independent family-owned company operating worldwide and is a leading European supplier of solutions & services for electrical installations in residential & commercial buildings. The Hager brand, with products ranging from energy distribution through cable management and wiring accessories to building automation & security systems, represents the core business of our company. The Berker brand is a leading provider of high-end electrical installations, from timeless classical switch design to smart building automation. Hager group has setup its 100% subsidiary, Hager Middle East FZE, at Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai (UAE) in 1997 with an objective to offer technical and commercial support to our customers in the Middle East. Hager Middle East gives special emphasis to customer training and the KNX training centreis a testimony to this commitment.
  • The Electrical Training Company Limited The Electrical Training Company Limited Allright Place 24A 1060 Auckland New Zealand
    Phone: +64 9 570 7650 Link to map
    The Electrical Training Company Limited, trading as etco*, is the premier provider of electrical training at apprenticeship and post apprenticeship level’s in New Zealand. Established in 1991, it has grown to have a network of training facilities throughout the country. Becoming a KNX accredited training centre adds to the organisations comprehensive range of services already available to the electrical contracting, manufacturing and service sectors. etco*’s quality management system and training centres are registered, accredited and audited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, the quality assurance agency for industry training in New Zealand. The organisation currently holds a Category 1 audit rating, the highest given by NZQA.
  • SmartHomeKrainer GmbH SmartHomeKrainer GmbH Arnsdorf 1 5112 Lamprechtshausen Austria
    Phone: +43.627420922 Website: Link to map
  • Lycée Assomption Bellevue Lycée Assomption Bellevue avenue Jean Jaurès 172 69007 Lyon 07 France
    Phone: +33.616509505 Website: Link to map
    The "Assomption Bellevue" high school in Lyon has just opened a KNX training center to offer to his students of two-year technical degrees Fluids Energies Home automation the basic course. Every year approximately twenty five students obtain their diploma in the field of the communicating building and the energies. "Assomption Bellevue" is sponsored in his projects by KNX manufacturers like Hager, Schneider, ABB. This establishment trains for more than twenty years his students on the protocol KNX. With this new offer of training they can now receive the status of KNX Partner after successfully completing the exam, what will be for them an additional asset when they will look for a job. This approach is in adequacy with the market needs of the technical management of the building in region Rhône-Alpes.
  • ZENNIO COLOMBIA ZENNIO COLOMBIA Cra 53 68b 125 OF225 Gran Centro 08002 BARRANQUILLA Colombia
    Phone: +57.53564859 Website: Link to map
    Manufacturer of technology applied to building a presence in Colombia. Certified training and specific product formation are performed. Also training in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Climate done. KNX product distribution and specialized advice. Design, installation and commissioning of KNX projects
  • Smarthouse Smarthouse S. Nalyvaika 13, of. 303 09100 Belaya Tserkov Ukraine
    Phone: +380.456393274 Website: Link to map
    Smarthouse is the leading companies in Ukraine specializing in the KNX standard since 2006. It has realized many projects in different types of buildings. Now it has decided to set up the one and only KNX school in Ukraine. The course based on the KNX product training from the manufacturer Zennio Avance y Tecnología S.L. teaches all you need during five days. Currently Smarthouse is organizing KNX Basic courses with interactive lessons and training materials in Russian language. The course is based on ETS5. The course is ideal for electricians, building automation engineers and system integrators.
  • FEELSMART GmbH FEELSMART GmbH Grothues 1 48351 Everswinkel Germany
    Phone: +49 2582 302 Website: Link to map
  • Institut Universitaire de Technologie - Département Genie Electrique & Informatique Industrielle Institut Universitaire de Technologie - Département Genie Electrique & Informatique Industrielle Avenue d'OCCITANIE 99 34296 Montpellier France
    Phone: +33.499585130 Website: Link to map
  • FiTh Elektrotechnik e.U. FiTh Elektrotechnik e.U. Bach 25 6943 Riefensberg Austria
    Phone: +43.6641535535 Website: Link to map
  • I.P. Cristo Rey I.P. Cristo Rey Av. Gijón 17 47009 Valladolid Spain
    Phone: +34.983332811 Website: Link to map
    The Polytechnic college "Cristo Rey" from Valladolid (Spain) is a private centre whose ownership belongs to the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Born in 1940 with a determined vocation of service for the needed youth of those times in our city. The faculty members of the polytechnic college are characterized by their human and professional values, according to the own character of all the centers belonging to the Society of Jesus, which is distinguished by a clear vocation of commitment to others by teaching. Our college has highly qualified teachers integrated in a holistic education project, using an educational methodology which follows the greatest development of every student. The main aim for the Polytechnic college nowadays is to become a certifier centre of KNX to get our electricity and telecommunications students be ready and qualified to perform any domotic installation in KNX.
  • Tecport Pty Ltd Tecport Pty Ltd Charles Loader Drive 10 5031 Mile End Australia
    Phone: +61.411172727 Website: Link to map
  • Bildungsakademie der HWK-Ulm Bildungsakademie der HWK-Ulm Köllestrasse 55 89077 Ulm Germany
    Phone: +49.73114257123 Website: Link to map
  • Smart Building Experts Smart Building Experts rue Alfred Nobel 2 bis 77420 Champs-sur-Marne France
    Phone: +33.160377894 Website: Link to map
    SBE is a training center located in the Paris region, certified KNX ++. We offer all KNX courses from beginner level to Tutor level. Our goal in these courses is to help you discover the range of features offered by KNX. We also focus on the multitude of manufacturers available, as well as the benefits of their respective products. Christophe Lavergne the trainer is also the author of a book entitled "The technical management of the building - the KNX protocol for optimal energy performance" that you can discover at the end of your training. He is also a KNX trainer for training centers in Tunisia and Algeria.
  • STFW Schweizerische Technische Fachschule Winterthur STFW Schweizerische Technische Fachschule Winterthur Schlosstalstrasse 139 8408 Wintherthur Switzerland
    Phone: +41.522602848 Website: Link to map
  • eeglo eeglo le parc 2 68190 Raedersheim France
    Phone: +33.675437399 Website: Link to map
  • Schneider Electric Sweden Schneider Electric Sweden Frösundaviks Allé 1 16970 Solna Sweden
    Phone: +46.771360370 Website: Link to map
    Schneider offers KNX Basic Courses for installer and consultans. Schneider also offers product training with theory and practical exercises to develop customers in their role of using KNX in many different types of installations with cost effective solutions.
  • BTZ der Handwerkskammer Chemnitz BTZ der Handwerkskammer Chemnitz Limbacher Straße 195 09116 Chemnitz Germany
    Phone: +49.3715364345 Website: Link to map
  • IUT1 de Grenoble departement de Génie électrique IUT1 de Grenoble departement de Génie électrique Rue de la papeterie - BP 67 151 38402 St Martin D'Heres France
    Phone: +33.476825351 Website: Link to map
    The IUT1 training center in Grenoble is qualified for all levels of KNX training. Specialized in building management and energy management, we offer training courses for students and professionals We are equipped to implement the various technologies (radio or wired) used in the technical management of buildings. We have also developed skills in the design and implementation of photovoltaic installations with or without storage. Our current development areas are on the microgrids and the Internet Of Things.
  • NEIS NEIS Rue de Craonne 13 64000 Pau France
    Phone: +33.535540700 Website: Link to map
  • Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH Bramfelder Chaussee 130 22177 Hamburg Germany
    Phone: +49.40492022131 Website: Link to map
  • Amaisys Training Center Amaisys Training Center Entenza 95 5a 8015 Barcelona Spain
    Phone: +34.932153195 Website: Link to map
    Amaisys Training Center is a space for the exchange of knowledge and the innovation, oriented to support all the professionals of the industrial and building sectors. Our training portfolio includes KNX Partner, Advance and Tutor programs and services for continuous learning: on-site and online. As main feature, we are the only center worl-wide that offers KNX Online Training with remote access to real KNX devices during the learning sessions. For more information, please, visit or contact us at .
  • Hestia Opleidingen B.V. Hestia Opleidingen B.V. Bieldersteeg 3 7245 PW LAREN (Gld) Netherlands
    Phone: +31.0573-402002 Website: Link to map
    The Hestia Group is keen to share its extensive knowledge and experience as a system integrator with installers and other enthusiasts in the KNX world. We offer certified KNX training, as well as training for applications that KNX integrators often run into, such as IP.
  • Amavys Project Amavys Project Sos. Dudesti-Pantelimon 19, sect. 3 33091 Bucharest Romania
    Phone: +40.215390153 Website: Link to map
    Our company, an official partner of KNX Association, has opened its first KNX Training Center in Romania. The main objective is learning the fundamental concepts of intelligent building control systems based on the European KNX standard and familiarization with programming techniques with the ETS software. The KNX Basic Course is addressed to engineers that practice in the design or execution of electrical installations of low or strong voltage currents in buildings, to technicians and electricians in the electrical and electronic field. For additional information and support please contact us at phone number 0744.789.788 or by e-mail at – Eng. Sorin Mitrache
  • FUNITEC La Salle FUNITEC La Salle Sant Joan de La Salle 42 8022 Barcelona Spain
    Phone: +34.932902400 Website: Link to map
  • Armiti Trading (L.L.C) Armiti Trading (L.L.C) Unit 406- Dusseldorf Business Points- Al barsha 1 283447 Dubai United Arab Emirates
    Phone: +971.44328526 Website: Link to map
    Armiti is one of the best system integrator and training center in the Middle east
  • ABB Sace KNX Training Center ABB Sace KNX Training Center Viale dell'Industria 18 20010 Vittuone (Milan) Italy
    Phone: +39.3666683858 Website: Link to map
    In 2010 ABB launched in Italy its KNX certified training center in Vittuone, contributing to spread KNX Building Automation knowledge and expertise all over Italy, among different customers. The training room is fully equipped with different KNX devices in order to cover all building automations applications such as lighting, shutters, HVAC systems; from the basic ones to the advanced ones such as constant lighting control, DALI lighting, energy&load management, security&safety, visualization and centralized control.
  • Green Future Technologies Pty Limited Green Future Technologies Pty Limited Gladys Court 13 3806 Berwick Australia
    Phone: +61.488201269 Link to map
  • Poznan University Of Technology Poznan University Of Technology ul. Piotrowo 3a 60965 Poznan Poland
    Phone: +48.616652667 Link to map
  • BGE der Handwerkskammer Aachen BGE der Handwerkskammer Aachen Tempelhofer Straße 15-17 52068 Aachen Germany
    Phone: +49.24196740 Website: Link to map
  • Lycée Louis Armand Lycée Louis Armand bd des Nations 3, BP 2008 68058 Mulhouse Cedex France
    Phone: +33.389334784 Website: Link to map
  • ABB Egypt KNX Training Center ABB Egypt KNX Training Center Building 208, North 90 Street, 5th Settlement, New Cairo 208 51 P.O.B 51 1st settlement, New Cairo, Egypt Egypt
    Phone: +20.226251732 Website: Link to map
  • Berufskolleg Der Stadt Bottrop Berufskolleg Der Stadt Bottrop An der Berufsschule 20 46236 Bottrop Germany
    Phone: +49.2041706270 Website: Link to map
  • DCE DCE Rue Fontaine St-Pierre 1Fbis 5330 Assesse Belgium
    Phone: +32.83678600 Website: Link to map
    The company DCE is specialized in the study and reselling of KNX equipment. It has developed itself towards training courses and ofer different options in that area: • KNX Basic Course • KNX Advanced Course • KNX Tutor Courses Specific training on targeted products DCE proposes KNX trainings in the view of work „in situation“. The trainers being professionals themselves, are focusing their training on the functional side and on concrete applications. Moreover, they offer the possibility of assistance as to the startup of KNX installations. As installers do not always find time for training sessions, DCE offers the option of personalized schedules as well as individual courses. Moreover, training on site is also a possibility if needed. Thanks to this, the customers interested in such training sessions have a great deal of flexibility as and fewer constraints.
  • ABB KNX Training Center ABB KNX Training Center Frankeneng 15 6716AA Ede Netherlands
    Phone: +31.318669300 Website: Link to map
  • Vueko d.o.o. Vueko d.o.o. Đorđa Magaraševića 9/3 21000 Novi Sad Serbia
    Phone: +381.606336001 Website: Link to map
    KNX Training Center Serbia (Predavanje na Srpskom jeziku.)
  • Schneider Electric GmbH Schneider Electric GmbH Steinheimer Str. 117 63500 Seligenstadt Germany
    Phone: +49.8119973834 Website: Link to map
  • Innung Für Elektro- Und Informationstechnik Nürnberg-Fürth - Z E. I.T. Innung Für Elektro- Und Informationstechnik Nürnberg-Fürth - Z E. I.T. Georg-Hager-Straße 6 90439 Nürnberg Germany
    Phone: +49.9112747880 Website: Link to map
  • ABB, United Arab Emirates ABB, United Arab Emirates 3rd Street, Al Quoz, 4th Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Ro 11070 Dubai United Arab Emirates
    Phone: +971.43147584 Website: Link to map
    ABB KNX Certified Training Center in the United Arab Emirates
  • Schneider Electric Technical Training Schneider Electric Technical Training Via Circonvallazione Est 1 24040 Stezzano Italy
    Phone: +39.0354152280 Website: Link to map
    KNX from Schneider Electric proposes one comprehensive system embedded in an international standard and many product solutions covering various technical branches with a maximum of flexibility, comfort, safety, and profitability especially for new buildings. The idea behind KNX is as simple as it is ingenious. KNX combines all main building functions like lighting, heating, air-conditioning or shading into one intelligent system, which helps to lower operational costs resulting in considerable energy savings, to save installation time as well as to increase flexibility and adaptability to future developments. KNX solutions from Schneider Electric address buildings as well as top-of-the-range residences : Office buildings Public buildings Hotels Schools Hospitals Shops and stores Luxury houses
  • 01 Digital - KNXCenter 01 Digital - KNXCenter Centro Comercial Las Américas, modulo A8, Av. El Vedat 180 46900 Torrente Spain
    Phone: +34.658962501 Website: Link to map
  • CINEL-Centro de Formação da Indústria Electrónica CINEL-Centro de Formação da Indústria Electrónica Rua Jau 57 1300-312 Lisboa Portugal
    Phone: +351.214967700 Website: Link to map
    CINEL – Training centre for the Electronic Industry, Energy, Telecommunications and Information Technologies was established in 1985 from a partnership between IEFP (Portuguese Institute for employment and training) and ANIMEE (Portuguese Electrical and Electronics Industries Association). We have available 22 laboratories equipped with modern technology in areas such as electronics, robotics, automation and control, renewable energies, telecommunications, networks and computers. CINEL is a KNX Training Centre since November 2010 with two locations – Lisbon (headquarters) and Porto (delegation). Our vision: To build bridges between technology and the future. Our Mission: We have been developing all kinds of Training Courses, in the fields of Electronics, Energy, Telecommunications, and ICT allowing our Trainees to better develop their soft skills and hard skills.
  • ABB KNX Training Centre India ABB KNX Training Centre India Peenya Industrial Area Phase 2 Plot No 5 & 6, 560058 Bangalore India
    Phone: +91.8022948543 Website: Link to map
    We conduct KNX certified courses as well as KNX product & application trainings.
  • Gremi d'Instal-ladors i Pimes del Metall CRM (FENIE) Gremi d'Instal-ladors i Pimes del Metall CRM (FENIE) Pau Casals 35 8291 Ripollet Spain
    Phone: +34.936916552 Website: Link to map
  • Sonepar Österreich GmbH Sonepar Österreich GmbH Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel 67 1120 Wien Austria
    Phone: +43.517065100 Website: Link to map
  • Meisterschulen am Ostbahnhof Meisterschulen am Ostbahnhof Mühldorfstraße 6 81671 München Germany
    Phone: +49.8941600234 Website: Link to map
  • Gebr. Limmert AG Gebr. Limmert AG Samergasse 30a 5020 Salzburg Austria
    Phone: +43.66288933217 Website: Link to map
  • Schneider Electric Norge AS Schneider Electric Norge AS Sandstuveien 68 0680 Oslo Norway
    Phone: +47.91686913 Website: Link to map
    KNX training centre with both basic and advanced trainings. We do most trainings in our main office in Oslo, Norway.
  • Apiem Apiem Magallanes 36/38 28015 Madrid Spain
    Phone: +34.915945271 Website: Link to map
    Apiem Training Center is part of the Association of Madrid Electrical Contrators founded more than 90 yeear ago (1922). It provides a complete set of training courses both in electricity (low and medium voltage), air conditioning, new technologies, renewable energies, etc. and services to the associated persons and the electrical and building community. Since aproved as KNX training center in 2010 Apiem has organized more than 30 courses and around 450 people trained.
  • Max-Born-Berufskolleg Max-Born-Berufskolleg Campus Vest 3 45665 Recklinghausen Germany
    Phone: +49.2361306750 Website: Link to map
  • MVV Energie AG MVV Energie AG Luisenring 49 68159 Mannheim Germany
    Phone: +49.6212903728 Link to map
  • E-Profi Education E-Profi Education Büechliberg 2 8733 Eschenbach Switzerland
    Phone: +41.552505959 Website: Link to map