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El centro de formación certificado KNX es un centro de formación que ha adoptado el Esquema de Certificación de KNX Association para centros de formación KNX. Ofrecen cursos estandarizados en los que puede obtener el certificado KNX Partner.

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  • ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH Eppelheimer Straße 82 69123 Heidelberg Germany
    Phone: +49.6221701777 Sitio web: www.abb.com/knx Link to map
    ABB is represented in over 100 countries with more than 140.000 employees. ABB benefits from over 25 years of experience in intelligent building control systems. ABB develops, produces, and sells a complete range of innovative products for building installation. ABB plays a leading role in the KNX Association. ABB products are conform to the international KNX standard, the leading technology worldwide for intelligent building control. ABB STOTZ KONTAKT, located in Heidelberg, develops, manufactures, and sells products for the electrical installation and automation of buildings, machines, and plants.
  • Eelectron SpA Eelectron SpA Via Monteverdi 6 20025 Legnano (Mi) Italy
    Phone: +39.0331500802 Sitio web: www.eelectron.com Link to map
    Eelectron Training Center is based in Via Claudio Monteverdi 6 - 20025 Legnano (MI). The training is aimed to installers, consultants , system integrators and to all the people involved into home and building automation on KNX protocol. For more informations and topics related to the Eelectron Training Center please visit: www.eelectron.com
  • Feller by Schneider Electric Feller by Schneider Electric Bergstraße 70 8810 Horgen 1 Switzerland
    Phone: +41.447287777 Sitio web: www.feller.ch Link to map
  • Gewiss S.p.A. Gewiss S.p.A. Via Domenico Bosatelli 1 24069 Cenate Sotto (Bergamo) Italy
    Phone: +39.035946111 Sitio web: www.gewiss.com Link to map
    GEWISS is a leading international manufacturer of systems and components for low voltage electrical installations. Its products include domestic devices to automatic safety switches, from distribution boards and enclosures to industrial connections, from trunking systems to lighting. GEWISS Professional, as part of GEWIS, is a KNX certified training centre offering qualifying courses that combine theoretical topics and practical experience through the use of GEWISS KNX devices. Our training portfolio includes KNX Basic and Advanced programs, with up to 12 students per course in order to deliver the best assistance. The training centre is fully equipped with KNX Building Automation devices in order to guarantee the learning experience of every KNX function required for the certification.
  • Schneider Electric GmbH c/o Merten Schneider Electric GmbH c/o Merten Fritz-Kotz-Straße 8 51674 Wiehl Germany
    Phone: +49.22619882010 Sitio web: www.merten.de Link to map
    The Schneider Electric KNX training centre in Wiehl Germany offers the KNX Basic course with certification as well as various KNX product trainings for employees, partners and customers.
  • Siemens KNX Training Center Regensburg Siemens KNX Training Center Regensburg Siemensstrasse 10 93055 Regensburg Germany
    Phone: +49.1737073463 Sitio web: www.siemens.com/knx Link to map
    Our KNX-Training Center is the first world wide certified one. you may call it the nucleus of the world wide KNX Training, with already 30 years of experience. We offer all types of certified training for KNX, both in German and English language. It is our target to offer highest efficiency in the available time frame, so each student has his own training workbench and laptop. At least once a year our workbenches are updated, so they always comply with the "state of the art" in KNX. Those who have individual training requirements may book us also for "in house training" since our workbenches are fully mobile. Please enrol for your KNX Training with us under: https://product-training.siemens.com/bt-academy/index.jsp Further info can be found on: www.siemens.com/gamma
  • HDL Automation Co. Ltd HDL Automation Co. Ltd No. 86 Lotus West Road, Lifeng Street, Shilou Town 24 511447 Guangzhou China
    Phone: +86.85521566 Sitio web: www.hdlautomation.com Link to map
    Established in 2012, HDL KNX Training Centre is a profation organization that owned rich experience in building automation project , and professional tutor team. Having a set of modern teaching equipment. HDL Trainning centre can be offered efficient KNX teaching serve for you in China.
  • Guangzhou Video-star Intelligent Corp.,Ltd Guangzhou Video-star Intelligent Corp.,Ltd Guangzhou ScienTech Park, No. 9, 4th Lanyu Str. Room 301, Building No. 5, 510006 Guangzhou Sciencie & Technology Development Distr., Guangzhou, China
    Phone: +86.2082088388 Sitio web: www.gvssmart.com Link to map
    GVS KNX Training Center is one of the earliest authorized KNX Training Center (by KNX Association ) in China. The KNX Training Center in GVS has over 15 sets of KNX work stations for practical programming. Within the Center there are Specialist Team, Teaching Affairs Team and KNX Tutor Team, the tutor team consists of 12 excellent KNX-certified tutors with rich theoretical and practical engineering experience. The training center in GVS offers KNX Training Course Domestic/International randomly during the whole year based on the requests received, and trainees will receive relevant course certificate and KNX Partner Certificate according to their performance in the theoretical and practical exams.
  • Schneider Electric Danmark A/S Schneider Electric Danmark A/S Lautrupvang 1 2750 Ballerup Denmark
    Phone: +45.88302000 Sitio web: www.lk.dk Link to map
    We are a certified training center which offers Basic certification in KNX, we offer courses throughout Denmark
  • Panasonic Electric Works Elektrik San. ve Tic. A.S. Panasonic Electric Works Elektrik San. ve Tic. A.S. Abdurrahman Gazi Mah. Ebubekir Cad. 44 34887 Samandira Istanbul Turkey
    Phone: +90.2165645555 Sitio web: ewtr.panasonic.com Link to map
  • Sinapsi srl Sinapsi srl Via Delle Querce 11/13 06083 Bastia Umbra Italy
    Phone: +39.0758011604 Sitio web: www.sinapsitech.it Link to map
    The Training Area of Sinapsi combines technical expertise with a thorough knowledge of the market. Years of experience in the world of home and building automation, smart metering and in the research and development of cutting-edge solutions, have enabled us to develop integrated, customized, modeled on customer needs solutions. Based on these analytical and research skills, Sinapsi has built its training area by promoting courses with highly innovative content perfected by effective and stimulating practical applications. Sinapsi is KNX Training Center: participants in our courses become qualified KNX partners and they take advantage of a number of benefits associated with the use of this prestigious brand. The course aims to explain in detail the basic principles of the KNX technology with several practical examples of application.
  • Apricum d.o.o.- KNX Training Centre Apricum d.o.o.- KNX Training Centre Mazuraniceva 4 21311 Podstrana Croatia
    Phone: +385.912061036 Sitio web: www.apricum.com Link to map
    The KNX training center of Apricum d.o.o. KNX offers basic and advanced courses for the entire Eastern European region. The head office in Split, Croatia, offers organized training with practical relevance in terms of project planning, installation and commissioning of a KNX-based electrical installation. At the request of groups or organizations and with sufficient numbers of inquiries, Apricum also organizes courses in all neighboring countries to help spreading the necessary KNX knowledge.
  • Ekinex LAB Ekinex LAB via Novara 37 28010 Vaprio d'Agogna Italy
    Phone: +39.03211828980 Sitio web: www.ekinex.com Link to map
    Ekinex LAB is the training department of Ekinex SpA. The main activity is to train our dealers, system integrators, architects and designers and help them create the latest smart technology where aesthetic and design act as a complementary approach to efficiency and innovation. Some of topics covered during our training sessions are: HVAC, lighting control, energy efficiency and metering, etc.
  • EAE Technology EAE Technology Ikitelli OSB. Eski Turgut Ozal Cad. 20 34306 Istanbul Turkey
    Phone: +90.2125499713 Sitio web: www.eaetechnology.com Link to map
    EAE Technology is a member of KNX Association and an authorized KNX training center since 2012. As EAE Technology, we provide innovative and value-added solutions for KNX applications. All our products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in our headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. EAE Technology products are and will always be in compliance with international open standards such as KNX, DALI, TCP/IP and WiFi.
  • Interra Technology Otomasyon A.S. Interra Technology Otomasyon A.S. Interra R&D Center - Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Kartal Caddesi, Kartal 95 34876 Istanbul Turkey
    Phone: +90.2163262640 Sitio web: interratechnology.com Link to map
    Interra provides training for wide range of KNX products. With the help of training kits including thermostat control for fan coil actuator or air conditioning gateway, shutter/blind control, lightning on/off and dimming control you will be well-prepared for being a KNX certified professional.
  • Dial GmbH Dial GmbH Bahnhofsallee 18 58507 Lüdenscheid Germany
    Phone: +49.235156740 Sitio web: www.dial.de Link to map
    DIAL is a centre for light and smart buildings. True to their maxim "Better architecture through light and automation" DIAL passes on knowledge, is engaged in planning and design, provides services and develops software. In the KNX sector DIAL\'s s own trainers, with their many years of experience, pass on their knowledge in seminars and workshops – in both the basic and advanced courses for KNX and in seminars which prepare the learners to become systems experts and even trainers themselves. Each seminar includes many practical exercises in our own laboratory. DIAL does not develop any automation products itself and is absolutely independent of any manufacturer. The basic KNX course includes basic technical knowledge relating to KNX and demonstrates how to use the software tool ETS. Each participant in this seminar receives the ETS USB dongle free of charge in order to be able to start
  • ITEI ITEI Guangamenwai St. 397A 100055 Beijing China
    Phone: +86.1063462906 Sitio web: www.itei.cn Link to map
    KNX China
  • Domofox Domofox Viale Della Vittoria 15/B 38068 Rovereto Italy
    Phone: +39.0464400112 Sitio web: www.domofox.it Link to map
    Domofox+++ Knx Training center offers all the categories of knx courses in his own work shop or all over the word. Our staff is ready to assist you with any queries regarding the knx world.
  • Thomas More Mechelen Thomas More Mechelen Jan De Nayerlaan 5 2860 St. Katelijne Waver Belgium
    Phone: +32.15316944 Sitio web: www.thomasmore.be/knx-training Link to map
    Thomas More Campus De Nayer in Sint-Katelijne-Waver provide in basic, advanced and tutor courses in Dutch, English and French language. Our lab is state of the art with permanent updated devices and technologies. As we are also KNX Scientific partner, we also are busy with research and development in an international environment.
  • Tomas Bata University in Zlin Tomas Bata University in Zlin Nad Stranemi 4511 76001 Zlin Czech Republic
    Phone: +420 576/035079 Sitio web: www.utb.cz Link to map
    Tomas Bata University in Zlín serves both as an engineering school and a center for further education. Education in the frame of Department of automation and Control deals with control and automation problems generally and automation and control systems in buildings particularly. Tomas Bata University in Zlín Training Centre serves as an education and training platform for employees, partners and customers. The centre offers KNX Basic course with certification since 2012. Our training staff consists of well-educated experts and it is supported by product engineers from leading KNX manufacturers.