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Un centre de formation certifié KNX est un centre de formation qui a adopté le système de certification de la KNX Association destiné aux centres de formation KNX. Ces centres proposent des cours standardisés qui vous permettent d’obtenir le certificat Partenaire KNX.

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  • ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH Eppelheimer Straße 82 69123 Heidelberg Germany
    Phone: +49.6221701777 Site Web: www.abb.com Link to map
    ABB is represented in over 100 countries with more than 140.000 employees. ABB benefits from over 25 years of experience in intelligent building control systems. ABB develops, produces, and sells a complete range of innovative products for building installation. ABB plays a leading role in the KNX Association. ABB products are conform to the international KNX standard, the leading technology worldwide for intelligent building control. ABB STOTZ KONTAKT, located in Heidelberg, develops, manufactures, and sells products for the electrical installation and automation of buildings, machines, and plants.
  • Eelectron SpA Eelectron SpA Via Monteverdi 6 20025 Legnano (Mi) Italy
    Phone: +39.0331500802 Site Web: www.eelectron.com Link to map
    Eelectron Training Center is based in Via Claudio Monteverdi 6 - 20025 Legnano (MI). The training is aimed to installers, consultants , system integrators and to all the people involved into home and building automation on KNX protocol. For more informations and topics related to the Eelectron Training Center please visit: www.eelectron.com
  • Feller by Schneider Electric Feller by Schneider Electric Bergstraße 70 8810 Horgen 1 Switzerland
    Phone: +41.447287777 Site Web: www.feller.ch Link to map
  • Gewiss S.p.A. Gewiss S.p.A. Via Alessandro Volta 1 24069 Cenate Sotto (Bergamo) Italy
    Phone: +39.035946111 Site Web: www.gewiss.com Link to map
    GEWISS is a leading international manufacturer of systems and components for low voltage electrical installations. Its products include domestic devices to automatic safety switches, from distribution boards and enclosures to industrial connections, from trunking systems to lighting. GEWISS Professional, as part of GEWIS, is a KNX certified training centre offering qualifying courses that combine theoretical topics and practical experience through the use of GEWISS KNX devices. Our training portfolio includes KNX Basic and Advanced programs, with up to 12 students per course in order to deliver the best assistance. The training centre is fully equipped with KNX Building Automation devices in order to guarantee the learning experience of every KNX function required for the certification.
  • Schneider Electric GmbH c/o Merten Schneider Electric GmbH c/o Merten Fritz-Kotz-Straße 8 51674 Wiehl Germany
    Phone: +49.22619882010 Site Web: www.merten.de Link to map
    The Schneider Electric KNX training centre in Wiehl Germany offers the KNX Basic course with certification as well as various KNX product trainings for employees, partners and customers.
  • Siemens KNX Training Center Regensburg Siemens KNX Training Center Regensburg Siemensstrasse 10 93055 Regensburg Germany
    Phone: +49.1622559099 Site Web: www.siemens.com Link to map
    Our KNX-Training Center is the first world wide certified one. you may call it the nucleus of the world wide KNX Training, with already 30 years of experience. We offer all types of certified training for KNX, both in German and English language. It is our target to offer highest efficiency in the available time frame, so each student has his own training workbench and laptop. At least once a year our workbenches are updated, so they always comply with the "state of the art" in KNX. Those who have individual training requirements may book us also for "in house training" since our workbenches are fully mobile. Please enrol for your KNX Training with us under: https://product-training.siemens.com/bt-academy/index.jsp Further info can be found on: www.siemens.com/gamma
  • HDL Automation Co. Ltd HDL Automation Co. Ltd No. 86 Lotus West Road, Lifeng Street, Shilou Town 24 511447 Guangzhou China
    Phone: +86.85521566 Site Web: www.hdlautomation.com Link to map
    Established in 2012, HDL KNX Training Centre is a profation organization that owned rich experience in building automation project , and professional tutor team. Having a set of modern teaching equipment. HDL Trainning centre can be offered efficient KNX teaching serve for you in China.
  • Guangzhou Video-star Intelligent Corp.,Ltd Guangzhou Video-star Intelligent Corp.,Ltd Guangzhou ScienTech Park, No. 9, 4th Lanyu Str. Room 301, Building No. 5, 510006 Guangzhou Sciencie & Technology Development Distr., Guangzhou, China
    Phone: +86.2082088388 Site Web: www.gvssmart.com Link to map
    GVS KNX Training Center is one of the earliest authorized KNX Training Center (by KNX Association ) in China. The KNX Training Center in GVS has over 15 sets of KNX work stations for practical programming. Within the Center there are Specialist Team, Teaching Affairs Team and KNX Tutor Team, the tutor team consists of 12 excellent KNX-certified tutors with rich theoretical and practical engineering experience. The training center in GVS offers KNX Training Course Domestic/International randomly during the whole year based on the requests received, and trainees will receive relevant course certificate and KNX Partner Certificate according to their performance in the theoretical and practical exams.
  • Schneider Electric Danmark A/S Schneider Electric Danmark A/S Lautrupvang 1 2750 Ballerup Denmark
    Phone: +45.88302000 Site Web: www.lk.dk Link to map
    We are a certified training center which offers Basic certification in KNX, we offer courses throughout Denmark
  • Panasonic Electric Works Elektrik San. ve Tic. A.S. Panasonic Electric Works Elektrik San. ve Tic. A.S. Abdurrahman Gazi Mah. Ebubekir Cad. 44 34887 Samandira Istanbul Turkey
    Phone: +90.2165645555 Site Web: ewtr.panasonic.com Link to map
  • Sinapsi srl Sinapsi srl Via Delle Querce 11/13 06083 Bastia Umbra Italy
    Phone: +39.0758011604 Site Web: www.sinapsitech.it Link to map
    The Training Area of Sinapsi combines technical expertise with a thorough knowledge of the market. Years of experience in the world of home and building automation, smart metering and in the research and development of cutting-edge solutions, have enabled us to develop integrated, customized, modeled on customer needs solutions. Based on these analytical and research skills, Sinapsi has built its training area by promoting courses with highly innovative content perfected by effective and stimulating practical applications. Sinapsi is KNX Training Center: participants in our courses become qualified KNX partners and they take advantage of a number of benefits associated with the use of this prestigious brand. The course aims to explain in detail the basic principles of the KNX technology with several practical examples of application.
  • Apricum d.o.o.- KNX Training Centre Apricum d.o.o.- KNX Training Centre Mazuraniceva 4 21311 Podstrana Croatia
    Phone: +385.912061036 Site Web: www.apricum.com Link to map
    The KNX training center of Apricum d.o.o. KNX offers basic and advanced courses for the entire Eastern European region. The head office in Split, Croatia, offers organized training with practical relevance in terms of project planning, installation and commissioning of a KNX-based electrical installation. At the request of groups or organizations and with sufficient numbers of inquiries, Apricum also organizes courses in all neighboring countries to help spreading the necessary KNX knowledge.
  • Ekinex LAB Ekinex LAB via Novara 37 28010 Vaprio d'Agogna Italy
    Phone: +39.03211828980 Site Web: www.ekinex.com Link to map
    Ekinex LAB is the training department of Ekinex SpA. The main activity is to train our dealers, system integrators, architects and designers and help them create the latest smart technology where aesthetic and design act as a complementary approach to efficiency and innovation. Some of topics covered during our training sessions are: HVAC, lighting control, energy efficiency and metering, etc.
  • EAE Technology EAE Technology Ikitelli OSB. Eski Turgut Ozal Cad. 20 34306 Istanbul Turkey
    Phone: +90.2125499713 Site Web: www.eaetechnology.com Link to map
    EAE Technology is a member of KNX Association and an authorized KNX training center since 2012. As EAE Technology, we provide innovative and value-added solutions for KNX applications. All our products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in our headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. EAE Technology products are and will always be in compliance with international open standards such as KNX, DALI, TCP/IP and WiFi.
  • Interra Technology Otomasyon A.S. Interra Technology Otomasyon A.S. Interra R&D Center - Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Kartal Caddesi, Kartal 95 34876 Istanbul Turkey
    Phone: +90.2163262640 Site Web: interratechnology.com Link to map
    Interra provides training for wide range of KNX products. With the help of training kits including thermostat control for fan coil actuator or air conditioning gateway, shutter/blind control, lightning on/off and dimming control you will be well-prepared for being a KNX certified professional.
  • KNX Association KNX Association De Kleetlaan 5/11 1831 Diegem Belgium
    Phone: +32.27758590 Site Web: www.knx.org Link to map
  • Dial GmbH Dial GmbH Bahnhofsallee 18 58507 Lüdenscheid Germany
    Phone: +49.235156740 Site Web: www.dial.de Link to map
    DIAL is a centre for light and smart buildings. True to their maxim "Better architecture through light and automation" DIAL passes on knowledge, is engaged in planning and design, provides services and develops software. In the KNX sector DIAL\'s s own trainers, with their many years of experience, pass on their knowledge in seminars and workshops – in both the basic and advanced courses for KNX and in seminars which prepare the learners to become systems experts and even trainers themselves. Each seminar includes many practical exercises in our own laboratory. DIAL does not develop any automation products itself and is absolutely independent of any manufacturer. The basic KNX course includes basic technical knowledge relating to KNX and demonstrates how to use the software tool ETS. Each participant in this seminar receives the ETS USB dongle free of charge in order to be able to start
  • ITEI ITEI Guangamenwai St. 397A 100055 Beijing China
    Phone: +86.1063462906 Site Web: www.itei.cn Link to map
    KNX China
  • Domofox Domofox Viale Della Vittoria 15/B 38068 Rovereto Italy
    Phone: +39.0464400112 Site Web: www.domofox.it Link to map
    Domofox+++ Knx Training center offers all the categories of knx courses in his own work shop or all over the word. Our staff is ready to assist you with any queries regarding the knx world.
  • Thomas More Mechelen Thomas More Mechelen Jan De Nayerlaan 5 2860 St. Katelijne Waver Belgium
    Phone: +32.15316944 Site Web: www.thomasmore.be Link to map
    Thomas More Campus De Nayer in Sint-Katelijne-Waver provide in basic, advanced and tutor courses in Dutch, English and French language. Our lab is state of the art with permanent updated devices and technologies. As we are also KNX Scientific partner, we also are busy with research and development in an international environment.
  • Tomas Bata University in Zlin Tomas Bata University in Zlin Nad Stranemi 4511 76001 Zlin Czech Republic
    Phone: +420 576/035079 Site Web: www.utb.cz Link to map
    Tomas Bata University in Zlín serves both as an engineering school and a center for further education. Education in the frame of Department of automation and Control deals with control and automation problems generally and automation and control systems in buildings particularly. Tomas Bata University in Zlín Training Centre serves as an education and training platform for employees, partners and customers. The centre offers KNX Basic course with certification since 2012. Our training staff consists of well-educated experts and it is supported by product engineers from leading KNX manufacturers.
  • Odisee Gent Bachelor Energietechnologie - Expertisecentrum lab Smart Buildings & IOT Odisee Gent Bachelor Energietechnologie - Expertisecentrum lab Smart Buildings & IOT Gebr. Desmetstraat 1 9000 Gent Belgium
    Phone: +32.476470137 Site Web: www.odisee.be Link to map
    The KNX training center of the Energy Technology Training - Odisee Ghent is located in lab automation. In this state-of-the art center the latest developments in building automation and KNX are monitored, implemented and evaluated. The laboratory houses a small realistic home automated with the latest features of KNX. This house is unique because it is connected to other systems (alarms, visualization, access and IOT) and doubles as a research facility. The lab itself is automated using KNX. For many years the course of KNX has been offered to bachelor students in Energy Technology. The many projects and internships with both own and foreign students make this lab an increasingly innovative and modern center of expertise with an international character.
  • Université de Rennes 1 Université de Rennes 1 avenue du Général Leclerc 263 35042 Rennes Cedex France
    Phone: +33.223236689 Site Web: domotique.istic.univ-rennes1.fr Link to map
  • Thomas More Kempen vzw Thomas More Kempen vzw Kleinhoefstraat 4 2440 Geel Belgium
    Phone: +32.497069446 Site Web: www.thomasmore.be Link to map
    As Thomas More university of applied sciences, we provide KNX training to our own students, who learn the basic KNX course and obtain the certificate. Our lab is state of the art with permanent updated devices and technologies.
  • IUT Nimes IUT Nimes rue Jules Raimu 8 30907 Nimes France
    Phone: +33 466628522 Site Web: www.iut-nimes.fr Link to map
    To be completed
  • National Group Italy National Group Italy Viale Lancetti 43 20158 Milan Italy
    Phone: +39.0234533044 Site Web: www.knx.it Link to map
    Base in Milan, KNX Italia Training Center offers trainings for all KNX Certified Courses (Basic, Refresh, Advanced, Tutor and HVAC). KNX Italia also offers introductory courses and KNX related courses, both online and offline, in order to spread awareness around Home and Building Automation opportunities with KNX Standard.
  • National Group Russia National Group Russia M.Kaluzhskaya str. h15, bldg17, of.416 119071 Moscow Russian Federation
    Phone: +7.9262033146 Site Web: www.konnex-russia.ru Link to map
  • AP Hogeschool Antwerp AP Hogeschool Antwerp Ellermanstraat 33 2060 Antwerpen Belgium
    Phone: +32.475370016 Site Web: www.ap.be Link to map
    The KNX Training Centre is part of the AP University College Antwerp, Department of Science and Technology. KNX is available for professional Bachelor students such as Energy Managers & HVAC-technicians (Electromechanics). The Training Centre is fully integrated in the building across several laboratories including a specific KNX-lab. The mobile KNX training boxes can be applied to industrial systems incorporated in the labs, a significant added value to link theory and field work. In addition to KNX Training Center, AP College is also KNX-Scientific partner. AP University College cooperates very closely with industry through integration of the latest technologies in its educational programmes and by implementing long-term projects for the industry. The KNX Training Centre for Basic and Advanced Training programmes offers industrial workers the opportunity to obtain a KNX certificate i
  • KNX Japan KNX Japan Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku 1-18-3 2F 150-0022 Tokyo Japan
    Phone: +81.8034488740 Site Web: knx.or.jp Link to map
    Training center operated by the National Group of Japan, namely KNX Japan Training Center will provide more occasions for the KNX training in Japan, as well as providing exclusive training opportunities as a service to the members of our national group.
  • Domotechnology BVBA Domotechnology BVBA Dikberd 34 Unit 1A 2200 Herentals Belgium
    Phone: +32.14720030 Site Web: www.domotechnology.be Link to map
    As KNX system integrators we provide the KNX courses supported with the daily hands-on use of the KNX system and the tips and trick from our many years of experience with EIB/KNX. The building where the courses are organized is fully equipped and controlled with KNX. This allows the students to see what is possible with KNX in addition to the topics that are seen in the courses. Apart of the KNX courses we also provide 1 day practice oriented workshop on specific topics like visualization or how to connect audio/video to KNX.
  • BFE-Oldenburg e.V. BFE-Oldenburg e.V. Donnerschweer Straße 184 26123 Oldenburg Germany
    Phone: +49.441340920 Site Web: www.BFE.de Link to map
    For KNX courses of all kinds, BFE-Oldenburg is regarded as your first address. As Competence Center for Building Automation, BFE repeatadly gives new impetus to our trade. KNX participants in seminars at BFE or local courses enjoy many advantages: - Free ETS5/6 dongle in KNX Basic Courses! - KNX-Basic, -Advanced, -HVAC and -Tutor Courses (Fully KNX ++ certified) - All courses available in German and English language - Exercises on current devices from multiple vendors, as you find them mixed in practice! - Intense networking among others with KNX Association, major manufacturers, KNX Professionals, SmartHome Initiative D - BFE buildings in 1992 EIB pilot plant - Lively and always fresh know-how of well-connected, knowledgeable trainers - Best food at BFE casino and great evening entertainment in wellness town Oldenburg! Be Welcome!
  • Quantum Go Deep into Things I.K.E. Quantum Go Deep into Things I.K.E. Ilektras 5 17343 Agios Dimitrios, Athens Greece
    Phone: +30.2109768633 Site Web: www.knxtraining.gr Link to map
    KNX Training Services and other Trainings, Systems Integration Coaching Services, Systems Integration Consulting Services.
  • Hager Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Hager Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Zum Gunterstal 6 66440 Blieskastel Germany
    Phone: +49.68429457221 Site Web: www.hager.de Link to map
  • Bildungs- Und Technologiezentrum Für Elektro- Und Informationstechnik E.V. Bildungs- Und Technologiezentrum Für Elektro- Und Informationstechnik E.V. Vogelsbergstraße 25 36341 Lauterbach Germany
    Phone: +49.664191170 Site Web: www.bzl-lauterbach.de Link to map
  • Berufsbildungszentrum der Remscheider Metall und Elektroindustrie Berufsbildungszentrum der Remscheider Metall und Elektroindustrie Wüstenhagenerstraße 18-26 42855 Remscheid Germany
    Phone: +49.219193870 Site Web: www.bzi-rs.de Link to map
  • China Electrical Technology Research & Development Association KNX Center China Electrical Technology Research & Development Association KNX Center none Sec. 1, Taiwan Blvd. noneNo.360, 40042 Taichung Taiwan
    Phone: +886.422331888 Site Web: www.knxcenter.com.tw Link to map
    1. We regularly handle KNX promotion guidance for schools. 2. Instruct trainers to use ETS software in national vocational training centers across Taiwan. 3. We edit the KNX traditional Chinese version of the ETS operation book.
  • Siemens Nv Siemens Nv Guido Gezellestraat 123 1654 Beersel (Huizingen) Belgium
    Phone: +32.25366562 Site Web: www.siemens.be Link to map
    Siemens KNX Training Center
  • THI Training Centre THI Training Centre Av. Uruguay 2522 1643 Beccar Argentina
    Phone: +54.1147236450 Site Web: www.thi.com.ar Link to map
    Cursos de certificación KNX para nivel Básico y Avanzado.
  • Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark - Wirtschafts-Förderungsinstitut Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark - Wirtschafts-Förderungsinstitut Körblergasse 111-113 8010 Graz Austria
    Phone: +43.316602263 Site Web: www.stmk.wifi.at Link to map
  • Hager SAS Hager SAS Boulevard de l' Europe 132 67212 Obernai France
    Phone: +33.680784536 Site Web: www.hager.fr Link to map
    Hager, the first French manufacturer to offer a complete KNX course since 2015 Hager is the first manufacturer to have put the training at the heart of his project since 1986. The objective is to increase competences of professionals, guaranteeing the sustainability of their companies. The team consists of 5 KNX trainers.
  • KNX Skills Development Centre Sdn Bhd KNX Skills Development Centre Sdn Bhd Pusat Perdagangan Kuchai, No.2, Jalan 1/127, N-0-11 58200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    Phone: +60.122005503 Site Web: www.seikousystec.com Link to map
    We are 1st KNX certified training centre in Malaysia with a KNX project team with more than 22 years of experience in KNX Home & Building Automation. We are a CSR company that bring KNX into higher learning of Electrical Installation as well as Centre of Excellence for WorldSkills Malaysia appointed by Ministry of Works (Kementerian Kerja Raya)
  • Domotica Opleidingscentrum VDAB Domotica Opleidingscentrum VDAB Cyriel Buyssestraat 15 1800 Vilvoorde Belgium
    Phone: +32.477969348 Link to map
    More than 20 years expirience in KNX Education
  • Handwerkskammer Des Saarlandes Handwerkskammer Des Saarlandes Hohenzollernstraße 47-49 66117 Saarbrücken Germany
    Phone: +49.6815809154 Site Web: www.hwk-saarland.de Link to map
  • Domotic-Xperience Domotic-Xperience route de Peylon 4 33380 Mios France
    Phone: +33.699243334 Site Web: www.domotic-xperience.com Link to map
  • ISA Industrie-Schulung-Automation ISA Industrie-Schulung-Automation Brückenweg 2 08393 Meerane Germany
    Phone: +49.37647934491 Site Web: www.isa-sachsen.de Link to map
  • Elektrobildungs- Und Technologiezentrum E.V. Elektrobildungs- Und Technologiezentrum E.V. Scharfenberger Str. 66 01139 Dresden Germany
    Phone: +49.3518506300 Site Web: www.ebz.de Link to map
  • Kompjunet Inzenering Kompjunet Inzenering Vladimir Komarov 1A-3/9 1000 Skopje Macedonia
    Phone: +389.25211200 Site Web: www.compunet.com.mk Link to map
    Kompjunet Inzenering home technology training center gives professionals the opportunity to get expert instruction on the skills, topics, and techniques they will use every day. KNX training center is operational since 2011.We use current KNX products and last version of ETS software.
  • Erfurt Bildungszentrum gGmbH Erfurt Bildungszentrum gGmbH Schwerborner Straße 35 99086 Erfurt Germany
    Phone: +49.36151807611 Site Web: www.ebz-verbund.de Link to map
    The ERFURT Bildungszentrum Unternehmensverbund is an innovative training provider in the technology and industry sectors, both in Thuringia and beyond. It has more than 100-years experience in professional education and continuing education and has been active as a private professional competence center in the German market since 1990. We are the only major provider of training in the Thuringian capital, Erfurt. Our current service portfolio ranges from career advice for school students, training for apprentices, adult education, and qualifications for technicians and master tradesmen in industry to support in the form of recruitment services and HR development consulting. As an industry partner, we provide occupational training and development of the highest standard, thanks to our highly qualified teaching team and our modern training centres fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • e-dreams Academy e-dreams Academy Tralleon 129 11146 Athens Greece
    Phone: +30.6946796003 Site Web: www.e-dreams.gr Link to map
    Everything that is difficult to be explained hide it? e-dreams present the Smarthome ideas and solutions, in an exciting and friendly way for everybody to watch, participate and learn. KNX system is the best tool in the building infrastructure to connect the electrical installation with the real-world sensors and actuators, to connect people with Information Technology and big data. It’s open. It’s global. It is here for more than 30 years, but it continues to innovate. As a KNX Training Center, combined with the long experience of integration of KNX in Building Automation Systems (BAS) and our pedagogical skills, e-dreams offers the best distance learning proposal for entering the world of Smarthome and IT or IoT. We also offer VIP KNX Training seminars (Basic, Advanced or Custom), adapted to your schedule at your place everywhere in the world!
  • Berufsausbildungszentrum Des BFI Wien Berufsausbildungszentrum Des BFI Wien Engerthstraße 117 1200 Wien Austria
    Phone: +43.13311320151 Site Web: www.bfi.at Link to map
  • Innung für Elektro- und Informationstechnik München Innung für Elektro- und Informationstechnik München Joseph-Wild-Straße 21 81829 München Germany
    Phone: +49.89551809148 Site Web: www.ezm-bildung.de Link to map
  • Hager Elektro AB Hager Elektro AB Bifrostgatan 36 40091 Göteborg Sweden
    Phone: +46.317063900 Site Web: www.hager.se Link to map
    KNX training centre with basic trainings. We do basic trainings all over Sweden and advanced trainings in our main office in Göteborg. We have done trainings since 2011.
  • Schneider Electric Romania Schneider Electric Romania Gara Herastrau nr 4, Green Court Building-A, 2nd floor 4 020334 Bucuresti Romania
    Phone: +40.752267250 Site Web: www.se.com Link to map
    Schneider Electric Romania KNX Training Centre offers the KNX Basic course with certification as well as various KNX product and solution trainings for partners and customers. For additional information and support please contact us by e-mail at raul.vasvari@se.com.
  • Handwerkskammer Bildungszentrum Münster Handwerkskammer Bildungszentrum Münster Echelmeyerstrasse 1-2 48163 Münster Germany
    Phone: +49.2517050 Site Web: www.hbz-bildung.de Link to map
  • Elektro Technologie Zentrum Stuttgart Elektro Technologie Zentrum Stuttgart Krefelder Straße 12 70376 Stuttgart Germany
    Phone: +49.7119559160 Site Web: www.etz-stuttgart.de Link to map
    The etz is recognized as a leading educational center for the divisions of electrical and information technology and mechatronics, and offers a high level of vocational education and training. In the Center of Competence awarded by the Federal Government, apprentices are trained with methodological-didactic learning concepts and action-oriented learning. In the further education and in the advancement of advanced training, each course participant will find a seminar offer, which imparts practical know-how with high-quality technical equipment. As a certified training center for the KNX basic course and KNX advanced course, we have the required and necessary technical and professional competences. With our practice-oriented method approach, we offer our participants the opportunity to apply theoretical and practical expertise.
  • Meisterschule Für Handwerker Meisterschule Für Handwerker Am Turnerheim 1 67657 Kaiserslautern Germany
    Phone: +49.6313647441 Site Web: www.mhk-kl.de Link to map
  • Smart Building Design GmbH Smart Building Design GmbH Mörsburgstrasse 1 8545 Rickenbach Switzerland
    Phone: +41.767500152 Site Web: www.smart-building-design.ch Link to map
    We see ourselves as an "architectural office for building automation" and advise you on the idea of dealing with building automation in your own four walls and accompany you during the construction phase through to completion. We will help you with the product selection and make sure that everything stays within the budget. We coordinate the interfaces to the adjacent trades and show you what is possible and affordable. From visualization through the integration of IT networks and multimedia to door communication, we are your reliable partner for your project. Conception and planning, client advice and construction supervision, consulting and support, training and education, energy efficiency and smart metering, integration of third-party systems and technical editing. These are the main focuses of our company. We would be happy to advise you too.
  • Handwerkskammer Für Oberfranken Handwerkskammer Für Oberfranken Kerschensteiner Str. 8 95448 Bayreuth Germany
    Phone: +49.921910442 Site Web: www.hwk-oberfranken.de Link to map
  • Struxi Struxi Av. Dom Pedro II 1316 09080-000 Santo Andre - São Paulo Brazil
    Phone: +55.1144336420 Site Web: www.struxi.com.br Link to map
    Not applicable.
  • ATEC, Associação de Formação para a Industria ATEC, Associação de Formação para a Industria Parque Industrial Autoeuropa 00000 2951-510 Quinta Do Anjo Portugal
    Phone: +351.212107327 Site Web: www.atec.pt Link to map
    ATEC – Training Academy, created in December 2003, is the outcome of a project conceived by the promoters Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Siemens, Bosch and the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the support of the Portuguese Government, aiming to provide Portugal with a Training structure that would meet the needs of the Industrial cluster in terms of staff training and qualification. ATEC’s core business is the professional qualification of youngsters in several technical areas. ATEC training methodology according to German standards binds theory and practice allowing trainees to experience the routine of a normal worker. ATEC also offers companies Taylor-made courses and intervention projects in the scope of Operational Consultancy. ATEC currently develops activities from several areas like Mecatronics, Automation, IT, Methods, Quality, Lean Tools, and others.
  • FACTUM KNX CENTER ARGENTINA FACTUM KNX CENTER ARGENTINA Av Lugones 202 5000 Ciudad de Córdoba Argentina
    Phone: +54.93513111368 Site Web: www2.knx.org Link to map
    Our CTF KNX Training Centre has been giving courses all over Latin America for several years. We rely on our excellent staff\'s skills and dedication, in order to meet KNX world quality standards in both educational and technical aspects.
  • Kreishandwerkerschaft Bodenseekreis Kreishandwerkerschaft Bodenseekreis Lindauer Strasse 11 88046 Friedrichshafen Germany
    Phone: +49.7541387920 Site Web: www.khs-fn.de Link to map
  • ABB Norway Training Centre ABB Norway Training Centre Snarøyveien 30 1325 Fornebu Norway
    Phone: +47.22872000 Site Web: www.abb.com Link to map
    ABB got a training room with 4 training boards and 4 computers with ETS 6. We do Basic and Advanced trainings, but also easy training for installers. The 4 training boards contain knx components from easy switches to complex HVAC, BACnet and visualization. The new DALI functions is up to date.
  • EIBROM EIBROM Bernstrasse 4 8964 Rudolfstetten Switzerland
    Phone: +41.447743020 Site Web: www.eibrom.ch Link to map
  • Prakticum Prakticum Jan Magnus Janssons plats 5 00560 Helsinki Finland
    Phone: +358.207699700 Site Web: www.prakticum.fi Link to map
    Svenskspråkigt yrkesinstitut i Huvudstadsregionen. Prakticums tyngdpunkter är att vara den ledande yrkesläroanstalten vad gäller teknisk utveckling och utnyttjandet av tekniken som didaktiskt verktyg inom undervisningen. Prakticum on Suomen ensimmäinen TC++ ja tarjoaa KNX sertifiointeja kaikilla tasoilla (Basic, Advanced ja Tutor) tarpeen mukaan suomeksi, ruotsikisi ja englanniksi. At our training center we organize KNX courses (basic, advanced and tutor) in Swedish, Finnish and English on demand.
  • FOREM FOREM rue du progrès 15 7503 Froyennes Belgium
    Phone: +32.478245051 Site Web: www.leforem.be Link to map
    KNX basic training can be followed in our training centers or outside. the training program includes the following parts: topology, installation, communication, programming, project design and KNX participants. overview and arguments of the KNX system. ETS diagnosis.
  • Siemens Schweiz AG Training Centre Siemens Schweiz AG Training Centre Freilagerstrasse 40 8047 Zürich Switzerland
    Phone: +41.585579123 Site Web: www.siemens.ch Link to map
  • WBS TRAINING SCHULEN gGmbH WBS TRAINING SCHULEN gGmbH Mahlmannstrasse 1-3 04107 Leipzig Germany
    Phone: +49.3419956101 Site Web: www.gbsleipzig.de Link to map
  • Ing. Berger e.U. Ing. Berger e.U. Veitingergasse 102 1130 Wien Austria
    Phone: +43.15975478 Site Web: www.ingberger.com Link to map
  • Schneider Electric Turkey Schneider Electric Turkey küçükbakkalköy mah. defne sok. no:3 büyükhanlı plaza 16/B 34750 Istanbul Turkey
    Phone: +90.2165647575 Site Web: schneider-electric.com.tr Link to map
    Schneider Electric Turkey KNX Training Center is organizing KNX Basic and KNX Advanced Course.
  • ITE College East ITE College East Simel Avenue 10 486047 Singapore Singapore
    Phone: +65.96588246 Site Web: www.ite.edu.sg Link to map
  • ESYLUX Deutschland GmbH ESYLUX Deutschland GmbH An der Strusbek 40 22926 Ahrensburg Germany
    Phone: +49.41024892055 Site Web: www.esylux.de Link to map
  • DESI-Tec DESI-Tec Klosterstraße 20 74931 Lobbach Germany
    Phone: +49.6226971206 Site Web: www.desi-tec.de Link to map
    For more than 20 years we have been offering courses for KNX (formerly EIB) as a certified training center. Our team consists of motivated, experienced trainers who have been working with the system since the 1990s. In addition to the basic, advanced and instructor courses, training courses for individual groups of participants and special topics are also offered. Contact: info@desi-tec.de In addition to qualified training courses, we offer services ranging from advice to planning and construction supervision on the subject of EIB / KNX building system technology. The focus is on performance from the point of view of economic efficiency.
  • BZ der HWK Düsseldorf BZ der HWK Düsseldorf Georg-Schulhoff-Platz 1 40221 Düsseldorf Germany
    Phone: +49.2118795450 Site Web: www.hwk-duesseldorf.de Link to map
  • Berufskolleg Technik Berufskolleg Technik Fischbacherbergstrasse 2 57072 Siegen Germany
    Phone: +49.271232640 Site Web: www.berufskolleg-technik.de Link to map
  • Berufliches Schulzentrum Döbeln-Mittweida Berufliches Schulzentrum Döbeln-Mittweida Thomas-Mann-Straße 1 04720 Döbeln Germany
    Phone: +49.343157610 Site Web: www.bsz-dl-mw.de Link to map
  • Building Automation Training Center Building Automation Training Center 11th Street 171 27012327 Mkalles Lebanon
    Phone: +961.1683770 Site Web: www.batc.com.lb Link to map
    Since 2012, BATC is a training center for various specialties in low current technologies. As the first accredited KNX+ Training Center in Lebanon, providing both the KNX Basic & the KNX Advanced Courses & Certification the knowhow of more than 4 decades of practice are shared by the only KNX tutor in Lebanon. BATC provides the advantage of hands on practices for its students with full panels of KNX devices available used during the different training levels. This unique feature in Lebanon allows students to properly troubleshoot installation samples and exercises. In addition, BATC offers Fire Safety & Intrusion Protection Courses under the Supervision of Siemens Building Technologies (Switzerland).
  • Siblik Elektrik Ges.m.b.H & Co KG Siblik Elektrik Ges.m.b.H & Co KG Murbangasse 6 1100 Wien Austria
    Phone: +43.501681313 Site Web: www.siblik.com Link to map
  • CPM, Education and technology Center CPM, Education and technology Center Rafael Solana 88 Col. Independencia Del. Benito Juarez 0 03630 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico
    Phone: +52.5556724238 Site Web: www.cpm.edu.mx Link to map
    First KNX Training Center in North America. Experts in the teaching and implementation of INTELLIGENT BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES. 15 Years implementing KNX solutions in the Latin American market. As an integral company we offer training to companies in KNX technology, support and consulting in their KNX projects; We also offer special courses adapted to the needs of each project or company.
  • INSU INSU Teknikgången 6 61110 Nyköping Sweden
    Phone: +46.101883500 Site Web: www.insu.se Link to map
    The trainingcentre is located in Nyköping, Sweden. Since 1995 we have educated more than 1000 electricians/integrators.
  • Innung Für Elektro- Und Informationstechnik Würzburg Innung Für Elektro- Und Informationstechnik Würzburg Daimlerstrasse 7 97082 Würzburg Germany
    Phone: +49.9314501790 Site Web: www.elektro-innung-wuerzburg.de Link to map
  • Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg Dahnstrasse 50 45144 Essen Germany
    Phone: +49.2017606120 Site Web: www.hnbk.de Link to map
  • DIMEL KNX TRAINING CENTER ISTANBUL DIMEL KNX TRAINING CENTER ISTANBUL Atakent mahallesi Atakan Caddesi No:16A Umraniye No:16A 34764 Istanbul Turkey
    Phone: +90.5497320449 Site Web: www.dimel.com.tr Link to map
    DIMEL was established in 1988, an engineering company specialized in electrical and electronic fields and their systems installations with a special emphasis in automation systems. DİMEL was successfully certified as KNX Partner in 1998, and intensively focused on introducing KNX (former, EIB INSTABUS) technology to the Turkish market. Since 1998 DIMEL is a leading company in Industrial Power Engineering field and specialized and excelled in Lighting Control Systems. DIMEL was designated as Certified Training Centre in Turkey as part of KONNEX organization in year 2000. Certification courses are offered in English and Turkish aimed at awarding KNX Partner certificate, since then.
  • Dieter Nagel Elektroanlagen Dieter Nagel Elektroanlagen Rheinstraße 31 76870 Kandel Germany
    Phone: - Link to map
  • Siemens Limited China Siemens Limited China Floor 5, Yi De Building, 1538 Yan An Xi Road 0000 200052 Shanghai China
    Phone: +86.2162815933108 Link to map
    Siemens Training Center was the earlyest KNX certifcated training center in Shanghai China since 2001, provided professional courses about KNX theory and practice, combined with KNX product portfolio and use cases. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced engineer, joining our training courses you will learn systemically much more about KNX competitive advantages in the smart home and building control market. In fact the courses fit for all of KNX manufacturers, system integrators, end-users and education schools.
  • Handwerkskammer zu Köln Handwerkskammer zu Köln Köhlstr. 8 50827 Köln Germany
    Phone: +49.2212022285 Site Web: www.hwk-koeln.de Link to map
    Ausführung von KNX-Grund- und Aufbaukursen
  • Gewerbe Akademie Offenburg und Lahr Gewerbe Akademie Offenburg und Lahr Wasserstraße 19 77652 Offenburg Germany
    Phone: +49.781793122 Site Web: www.gewerbeakademie.de Link to map
  • Bildungszentrum Handwerk Bildungszentrum Handwerk Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 3-5 47167 Duisburg Germany
    Phone: +49.203995340 Site Web: www.bildungszentrum-duisburg.de Link to map
  • Handwerkskammer Karlsruhe Handwerkskammer Karlsruhe Hertzstraße 177 76187 Karlsruhe Germany
    Phone: +49.72116004666 Link to map
    Die Bildungsakademie Handwerkskammer Karlsruhe bietet Ihnen ein umfassendes Bildungsangebot auf allen Ebenen: Jährlich besuchen uns über 800 Schülerinnen und Schüler im Rahmen ihrer Berufsorientierung, 5.500 Lehrlinge qualifizieren sich in der überbetrieblichen Lehrlingsunterweisung und über 3.600 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer bilden sich in der Fort- und Weiterbildung bis hin zum akademischen Abschluss weiter. Aufgrund modernster Ausstattung unseres Hauses, offerieren wir Ihnen ein praxisorientiertes Bildungsprogramm, welches sich immer am neuesten Stand der Technik orientiert.
  • Landesberufsschule Stockerau Landesberufsschule Stockerau Brodschildstrasse 20 2000 Stockerau Austria
    Phone: +43.226662158 Site Web: www.lbsstockerau.ac.at Link to map
    Die Landesberufsschule Stockerau bildet Lehrlinge im Lehrberuf Elektrotechnik aus. Für alle Lehrlinge mit dem Hauptmodul Elektro- und Gebäudetechnik und Spezialmodul (S1) Gebäudeleittechnik besteht die Möglichkeit zusätzlich zu ihrer Ausbildung einen KNX Grundkurs (Basiskurs) zu besuchen. Für "schulfremde" Personen werden (unregelmäßig) KNX Grundkurse angeboten - bei Interesse bitten wir um direkten Kontakt. --> siehe http://lbsstockerau.ac.at/weitere_bildungsangebote
  • CPMB CPMB Les Longues-Raies 11 2013 Colombier Switzerland
    Phone: +41.328434800 Site Web: www.cpmb.ch Link to map
    The technical college "Centre professionnel neuchâtelois pôle Bâtiment et Construction-CPNE-BC" provides theoretical training in professional courses, Completed by practical courses. It also offers advanced vocational training courses that prepare students for the federal diploma examinations.
  • Berufsbildungszentrum Bruneck Berufsbildungszentrum Bruneck Toblweg 6 39031 Bruneck Italy
    Phone: +39.0474573411 Site Web: www.bruneck.berufsschule.it Link to map
  • Kolping Bildung Deutschland gGmbH Kolping Bildung Deutschland gGmbH Kölner Str. 18 45661 Recklinghausen Germany
    Phone: +49.2018929437 Site Web: www.kolping-bildung-deutschland.de Link to map
    Phone: +39.0473274913 Site Web: www.zuegg.berufsschule.it Link to map
  • Förderungs- U. Bildungszentrum Der Hwk-Hannover Förderungs- U. Bildungszentrum Der Hwk-Hannover Seeweg 4 30827 Garbsen Germany
    Phone: +49.51134859100 Site Web: www.hwk-hannover.de Link to map
  • BBS Technik I BBS Technik I Franz-Zang-Straße 3-7 67059 Ludwigshafen Germany
    Phone: +49.6215044123 Site Web: www.t1.bbslu.de Link to map
  • Bildungsakademie Tübingen Bildungsakademie Tübingen Raichbergstrasse 87 72072 Tübingen Germany
    Phone: +49.7071970782 Site Web: www.bildungsakademien.de Link to map
  • Selectra AG Selectra AG Pacinottistraße 11 39100 Bozen Italy
    Phone: +39.0471558800 Site Web: www.selectra.it Link to map
    Course reserved for our customers
  • Jung Electro Iberica, S.A. Jung Electro Iberica, S.A. Avda. El Pla 9 08185 Lliçà de Vall Spain
    Phone: +34.902353560 Site Web: www.jung.de Link to map
    We are actively involved in KNX Basic Training. For advanced and tutor we organise courses under demand. Please ask.
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 11 Yuk Choi Road, Room, Industrial Centre, Hung Hom Kowloon 0 RC- Hong Kong China - Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    Phone: +852.27667603 Site Web: www.polyu.edu.hk Link to map
  • ABB A/S ABB A/S Meterbuen 33 2740 Skovlunde Denmark
    Phone: +45.29367609 Site Web: www.abb.com Link to map
    KNX training is performed at ABB Odense, Fyn, Denmark
  • BTZ Rohr-Kloster BTZ Rohr-Kloster Kloster 1 98530 Rohr Germany
    Phone: +49.3684447380 Site Web: www.btz-rohr.de Link to map
    The vocational training and technology center of the Chamber of Crafts of South Thuringia as an innovative partner of the craft and industry.
  • Berufsbildungszentrum der HWK Südwestfalen Berufsbildungszentrum der HWK Südwestfalen Altes Feld 20 59821 Arnsberg Germany
    Phone: +49.2931877385 Site Web: www.bbz-arnsberg.de Link to map
  • Robert-Bosch-Berufskolleg Robert-Bosch-Berufskolleg Benno-Elkan-Allee 2 44137 Dortmund Germany
    Phone: +49.2315023146 Site Web: www.rbbk-dortmund.de Link to map
  • Futurasmus - Zentrum Futurasmus - Zentrum c/ La Nit. (Urb. Las Torres De Bonalba), Bloque 7, Local 1 03110 Mutxamel Spain
    Phone: +34.965959511 Site Web: www.futurasmus-zentrum.com Link to map
    Accredited as KNX++ Training since 2003, Futurasmus Zentrum has trained thousands of professionals around the world in various languages and many countries. We offer the KNX Basic course both on-site and online, the latter being one of the most innovative online platforms in the market and free-of-charge (own project simulator and ETS-Check). The Condensed practical Basic course can also be done at our state-of-the-art, training centre with multi-brand training stations. Additionally, we impart the Advanced and Tutor courses, as well as the HVAC Specialist and Refresher training. Our KNX Tutors have a vast experience in the KNX technology, together with great didactic and practical skills. We collaborate with Vocational Training Centres, Universities, manufacturers, and other institutions to impart the official courses as well as specific product trainings.
  • aecTECH Automatisierungstechnik GmbH aecTECH Automatisierungstechnik GmbH Knappenweg 34 6600 Pflach Austria
    Phone: +43.6642554847 Site Web: www.aec-tech.at Link to map
    KNX Training and Certification for Basic and Advanced KNX courses Guidance and mentoring with KNX projects and selected products KNX education in collaboration with technical engineering schools Certfication center for Basic and Advanced KNX courses
  • Techniki Ekpedeftiki Techniki Ekpedeftiki Averof 34a 14232 N. Ionia Greece
    Phone: +30.2102587387 Site Web: www.techniki-ekp.gr Link to map
  • WIFI OOE GmbH WIFI OOE GmbH Wiener Straße 150 4021 Linz Austria
    Phone: +43.570007400 Site Web: www.wifi.at Link to map
  • Universität Pécs Technische Hochschule Fakultät Universität Pécs Technische Hochschule Fakultät Boszorkány u. 2 7624 Pecs Hungary
    Phone: +36.709420907 Site Web: pte.hu Link to map
  • Rexel Austria GmbH Rexel Austria GmbH Walcherstraße 1A 1020 Wien Austria
    Phone: +43.1688038830 Site Web: www.rexel.at Link to map
  • Dewies GmbH Dewies GmbH Damaschkestr. 9 41238 Mönchengladbach Germany
    Phone: +49.2166670878 Site Web: www.dewies.com Link to map
  • Centre National de Formation Prof. Continue CNFPC Centre National de Formation Prof. Continue CNFPC Rue Henri Koch 22 4354 Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg
    Phone: +352.558987 Site Web: www.cnfpc.lu Link to map
  • Centre IFAPME Namur/Brabant wallon Centre IFAPME Namur/Brabant wallon Rue Saucin 66 5032 Gembloux Belgium
    Phone: +32.81585363 Link to map
  • Grupo Coremsa Formación y Tecnología Grupo Coremsa Formación y Tecnología Casas de Campos 7 29001 Málaga Spain
    Phone: +34.952223457 Site Web: www.3dcube.es Link to map
    Teach KNX Partner Basic and Advanced courses
  • Handwerkskammer Ostwestfalen-Lippe zu Bielefeld, Berufsbildungszentrum Handwerkskammer Ostwestfalen-Lippe zu Bielefeld, Berufsbildungszentrum Campus Handwerk 1 33613 Bielefeld Germany
    Phone: +49.5215608510 Site Web: www.handwerk-owl.de Link to map
  • Lextrem Eng. & Consult. Soc. sarl Lextrem Eng. & Consult. Soc. sarl Rue André Maginot 1 57690 Zimming France
    Phone: +33.620994437 Site Web: www.lecs.fr Link to map
    LECS, the future now. France’s leading independent, certified KNX training centre, LECS offers made-to-measure training courses to meet the training requirements in this technology of installers, prescribers, engineering companies, integrators and manufacturers, from product prescription phase to their programming using ETS 3.0 software. LECS training sessions are all customized, in particular regarding to calendar, training location and programs, according to your real needs, expectations and possible constraints. Each of them can then be specifically oriented to commercial perspective (i.e. selling KNX systems and relating communicating products), technical perspective (i.e. implementing and deploying KNX systems), functional perspective (i.e. defining KNX solutions to prescribe adapted installations).
  • ABB s.r.o. Elektro-Praga ABB s.r.o. Elektro-Praga Resslova 3 46602 Jablonec Nad Nisou Czech Republic
    Phone: +420.731552383 Site Web: www117.abb.com Link to map
    Training and presentation center of the ABB company
  • IGM Solutions j.d.o.o. IGM Solutions j.d.o.o. Jurja Dobrile 18 51000 Rijeka Croatia
    Phone: +385.989732476 Site Web: www.igmsolutions.hr Link to map
  • HomeFUTURA HomeFUTURA C/ Oceano Atlantico 40 11379 Palmones Spain
    Phone: +34.952775982 Site Web: www.homefutura.com Link to map
  • Fundación San Valero Fundación San Valero C/ Violeta Parra, 9 50015 Zaragoza Spain
    Phone: +34.900922288 Site Web: www.seas.es Link to map
    Centro San Valero, the first center in Aragon to obtain KNX certification and one of the pioneers in providing KNX courses in blended learning mode, as a center specializing in on-line training, offers its students the KNX Basic and KNX Advanced courses. In the theoretical part, which is taught online, the student has live classes, videos, exercises and even the possibility of accessing a panel through a remote laboratory, as well as a continuous and personalized monitoring. In the practical sessions, the student will work with multi-brand panels. https://www.seas.es
  • Solar Norge AS Solar Norge AS Valhallavegen 8 2060 Gardermoen Norway
    Phone: +47.63946400 Site Web: www.solarnorge.no Link to map
    At Solar School is the leading provider of courses in Norway. In our platform we have e-learning, webinars, and courses with certifications. Please visit our website at www.solarschool.no
  • Elektro-Service Huber Elektro-Service Huber Ebersweiererstraße 2a 77797 Ohlsbach Germany
    Phone: +49.780396560 Site Web: www.schneller-kontakt.de Link to map
  • Grupo Conitec Ingenieria y Domotica S.L. Grupo Conitec Ingenieria y Domotica S.L. C/Camino de Ronda 42, 7i 18004 Granada Spain
    Phone: +34.958250888 Site Web: www.grupoconitec.com Link to map
    GRUPO CONITEC S.L. was established in 2005 as an engineering company dedicated to promote and provide design and consulting services for the integration of intelligent automation. From the beginning, KNX technology was their main tool to implement bigger and more intersting projects. Now after extensive experience in the sector, through our Training Department we are providing high quality training to new KNX PARTNERS at a national level, in order to transfer all our knowledge to our new students.
  • Schneider Electric FZE KNX Training Center Schneider Electric FZE KNX Training Center P.O. Box 17192 0 17192 Dubai United Arab Emirates
    Phone: +971.47099261 Site Web: www.schneider-electric.ae Link to map
    Schneider Electric International FZE is a technology power house for the Gulf region covering Residential, Commercial and the industrial areas by providing training, product and solution to the world class consultants , Clients. The solution training covers Building Management Systems, KNX building Automation, Secureexpert trainings..
  • ccbt.academy - KNX-Trainingcenter.com ccbt.academy - KNX-Trainingcenter.com Weiherstr. 10 40219 Düsseldorf Germany
    Phone: +49.21155027343 Site Web: knx-trainingcenter.com Link to map
    Wenn Sie nach einer Möglichkeit suchen, Ihre Fähigkeiten in der Gebäudetechnik und Automatisierung zu verbessern, dann sind Sie bei unserem KNX-Trainingcenter.com genau richtig. Unsere Kurse und Schulungen werden von erfahrenen Systemintegratoren geleitet, die über viele Jahre Erfahrung in unterschiedlichsten Projekten verfügen, und bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit, die neuesten Technologien und Trends in der KNX-Branche zu lernen. Ob Sie Anfänger sind oder bereits Erfahrung in der KNX-Technologie haben, wir haben Kurse und Schulungen für alle Niveaus. Wir bieten auch flexible Zeitpläne und Optionen für Online-Kurse, damit Sie Ihre Ausbildung auf Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse anpassen können. Unser Ziel ist es, Ihnen die besten Lernmöglichkeiten zu bieten und Ihnen dabei zu helfen, Ihr volles Potential in der KNX-Branche auszuschöpfen. Mit unseren hochwertigen Materialien und Ressourcen und einer hervorragenden Lernumgebung sind wir überzeugt, dass wir Ihnen dabei helfen können, Ihre Ziele zu erreichen. Melden Sie sich noch heute für unsere KNX-Kurse und Schulungen an und starten Sie Ihre Karriere in der Gebäudeautomatisierung. Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie auf Ihrem Weg zum Erfolg zu begleiten.
  • KNX Tech KNX Tech Stillorgan 65 A94 XP68 Dublin Ireland
    Phone: +353.879896428 Site Web: www.knxtech.ie Link to map
    Irelands only dedicated KNX distributor offering a wide range of KNX Products, design, support along with KNX training.
  • InstaVer Systems B.V. InstaVer Systems B.V. Duitslandlaan 33 2391PC Hazerswoude dorp Netherlands
    Phone: +31.252626633 Site Web: www.instaver.eu Link to map
    Instaver Systems has been a leading KNX training center in the Netherlands for years, besides the standard KNX courses (KNX Basic Course, KNX Advanced Course and KNX Tutor Course), Instaver Systems also offers e-learning and customized and in-company courses. In particular, there is also cooperation with various secondary schools and universities. Also product training and refresher training for example visualization, apps, Dali systems, ETS 6 Software, KNX secure and KNX RF are organized.
  • BEMI Smart Home Ltd BEMI Smart Home Ltd Nedretorget 3 A 5 65100 VASA Finland
    Phone: +358.408271627 Site Web: www.bemi.fi Link to map
    BEMI Smart Home is a Lighting design and KNX system integrator company since 2005. We are also a KNX training center and KNX manufacturer with the KNXtool. The KNXtool is a design- and planning tool for your smart KNX home.
  • KNX Solutions / Entelechy KNX Solutions / Entelechy Damji Shamji Industrial Estate L.B.S Marg, Vikhroli (West) 2 400083 Mumbai India
    Phone: +91.2220859675 Site Web: www.entelechysystems.com Link to map
    Our vision is to enlighten the minds with modern techniques in building installations. To meet the growing demand in the Indian market for comfortable, secure, energy efficient and intelligent Building Controls, we have setup a certified KNX Training Centre in Mumbai. Our KNX Training Centre would conduct all KNX Courses. Training Centre’s objective would be to educate and train participants on Home and Building Controls Technology.
  • GreenConnect Solutions SA GreenConnect Solutions SA Chemin des