KNX is younger than ever

“30” will be prominent in 2020. Why? Because KNX is turning 30 and has never felt this young in its entire success story! So be prepared and join the celebration with the KNX Community in 160 countries! Be part of our success, be part of KNX.

Celebrate with us the 12 months of 2020 with new activities and actions.

Activity in July

“Brussels, we have a problem!...And also a solution” – Experience the best KNX Applications by the KNX Community.

In July we will put the spotlight not on us, but on you, the KNX Community! Thanks to heaps of creative solutions, the time has come to share these stories with the world. 

Prizes in July:

Follow KNX on social media and study each shared solution thoroughly – After all solutions have been shared, you shall be quizzed in a Kahoot! game.

More information to follow, so stay tuned


With KNX problems became solutions


We set the record Straight!


Your Favorite KNX memories

Upcoming Events

For a list of all the KNX Events, please see here.


KNX Awards 2020 goes digital

29 September 2020



28 September - 2 october 2020


#KNXis30 Celebration