Discover the benefits of the KNX technology

KNX is reshaping the future of building automation. Our open global standard offers a broad range of options to control and automate your building. Effortless and energy-efficient.

Increased flexibility

Your building doesn’t change, but your organisation’s needs do. KNX is an open and flexible system so that your integration settings can be extended and updated any time.

A safe system for everyone

KNX will keep your building and its people within safe. Smoke detectors, an alarm system, motion sensors that detect suspicious motions can all be integrated to protect your building from harm.

Energy efficiency

By automating your building you will considerably lower your maintenance costs. KNX makes it possible to reduce your energy consumption for light, shading, heating, ventilation and air conditioning at the same level of comfort.

High level of comfort

In just a few clicks you create the setting you need. Sceneries to automatically close your blinds or adjust the lights and temperature according to the weather for example. The KNX technology follows your rhythm and not the other way around.

Freedom of design 

With KNX you are in charge. Choose which materials and devices you want to use to create the functionalities that your building needs. Become the architect of your automation system and realise your own design concept to the last detail.