ETS6 is the only tool available able to integrate +8000 products offered by +500 manufacturers in the world of Smart Homes and Buildings. 

Plan, design, and commission all in one tool. Save time by easy programming with the new ETS Professional. Open to integrate all possible applications in one solution, ready for IoT.

ETS6 - the ultimate professional programming tool for your smart home and building projects

  • Innovative User Interface: ETS6 introduces an interface that has been developed specifically for more efficient and intuitive operation.
  • Time-Saving Tools: The new breadcrumb navigation and improved workflows make your work easier and faster.
  • Improved Overview: The new “Groups” container in the sidebar provides a better overview and facilitates the management of complex projects.
  • Personalised workbench: Design your working environment individually with the panel selector.
  • Higher Quality and Stability: Benefit from extensive improvements in quality and stability, making your work more efficient and reliable.
  • Enhanced KNX Security: ETS6 supports new system extensions, integrates previous investments, and facilitates adding new secure and RF devices.

What's new in ETS6?

ETS6 outshines ETS5 in every way, by offering a more flexible and intuitive user interface, making project management and navigation much easier. Additionally, ETS6 introduces advanced features like KNX Segment Couplers, KNX RF Multi & IoT devices, and cloud licensing, ensuring better scalability, security, and convenience for modern KNX projects.

We are committed to continously upgrading the ETS6 software to your needs. The video below highlight some of the latest added features of ETS6.

You can find a detailed tutorial about all highlighted features on our YouTube channel
Are you new to ETS6? Get started by watching our ETS6 for beginners video series.

Which version is right for me?

ETS6 software is available in three tailored versions to suit your needs. Each version is designed to provide the optimal features for managing smart
home and building projects, ensuring the best experience for every user. Find out which version is most suitable for you.

ETS Lite

  • Intended for Students
  • Small projects with up to 20 products
  • Unlimited projects
  • Cloud licensing only

ETS Home

  • Intended for homeowners
  • Project with up to 64 products
  • Limited to 1 project
  • Cloud licensing only

ETS Professional

  • Intended for professionals
  • Suitable for any project
  • Unlimited projects
  • Dongle or cloud licensing

Get your ETS6 tool today and start flexible and efficient programming of your smart home and building projects. Do you still have urther questions about the ETS software? Check out our ETS6 FAQs or contact us with any other questions you may have.

Interested in a free ETS Lite license? Learn the basics in the ETS eCampus and get a free ETS license after successful completion.

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