02. Jul 2024

Redefining KNX project management: the evolving landscape of ETS6 in 2024

Redefining KNX project management: the evolving landscape of ETS6 in 2024
Redefining KNX project management: the evolving landscape of ETS6 in 2024

ETS, known for its seamless integration of over 8000 KNX products from more than 500 manufacturers, continues to redefine the landscape of smart home and building automation. ETS6 was released in 2021, and since then, it has been KNX Association’s mission to continuously work on further development of new features to make the tool even smarter and easier to use. With the recent release of ETS6.1.1 and ETS6.2 and the release of ETS6.3 later this year, we take a closer look at some revolutionary new functions that take ETS to the next level.

ETS6.1.1: increased efficiency in assignment and filtering

ETS 6.1.1 saw its release in November 2023 and next to functional improvements, it introduced two new handy features that will save you time while working on your KNX projects:

The Groups Sidebar in ETS6 introduces an enhanced filter function, significantly simplifying the process of linking groups to objects. This feature is particularly beneficial for users working on smaller screens, where managing complex configurations can be challenging. 

This new feature offers more efficient navigation and organization of groups and objects, making it an essential tool for precise KNX project management. 

The assignment of individual addresses via serial number has been introduced to allow the automatic adoption of new devices without having to press the programming button anymore. 

ETS now suggests this option when it knows the serial number of a specific device in your project, relieving you from having to press the programming buttons on devices manually.

ETS6.2: KNX IoT as a new medium

The new release of ETS6.2 introduces a significant technological development for configuring KNX installations in the future: the integration of KNX IoT. This greatly expands the possibilities of what you will be able to include in KNX installations. 

KNX IoT brings native IPv6 support as a new medium type and as a new class of devices that are to enter the market soon. This means that you can now connect certified IoT devices to devices from any other medium type supported by ETS. This integration is designed to be interoperable and backward compatible, ensuring that new IoT devices can work seamlessly with your existing installations.

Furthermore, the introduction of KNX IoT will increase the security of your KNX installations. KNX IoT is intrinsically secure and to support this, ETS6.2 includes enhanced diagnostic tools that are capable of directly supporting the decoded IPv6 CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) communication.

ETS6.3: Smart Linking & Cloud Functionality

ETS6.3 has a planned release in the fall of 2024 and will truly make your tool software even more ‘smart, open and secure’. The main new ETS6.3 feature will be Smart Linking. With this handy new feature, you will be able to intuitively drag a device channel, like a push button rocker, onto another, such as an actuator channel. ETS6 will then smartly suggest appropriate functions for you to create, add the necessary groups and will link them to the correct objects of both devices. This is made possible by using the semantic annotation of certified KNX devices by manufacturers, according to the KNX Information Model. This will not only save you time, but also simplifies the setup of interconnected devices. After the release of ETS6.3, KNX devices will start supporting this right away.

The Cloud Interface Functionality is the next evolutionary step for the KNX Interface. The Cloud Interface Functionality will allow seamless remote access to KNX Installations directly from within ETS without any unnecessary configuration steps for you to take. ETS6.3 will be able to remember your project passwords when you are logged in and have this option enabled. In this way, you do not have to deal with the hassle of repeatedly re-entering passwords. These passwords will be securely saved and KNX Association will have no knowledge of these passwords.


2024 is looking bright for ETS6 users. If you already have an ETS6 license, all these updates will be available for you on release free of charge. If you have an older ETS version or no license yet, you can benefit from all these new features by ordering your ETS6 license at https://my.knx.org

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