24. Apr 2023

4 reasons why you should add motion sensors to your smart home

4 reasons why you should add motion sensors to your smart home
4 reasons why you should add motion sensors to your smart home

A smart motion sensor is a small, easily-integrated device that tracks and measures movements in a specific room. They are most commonly used for home security, but did you know that smart detectors help you save energy while making your daily life more comfortable? Discover everything about KNX motion detectors and its 3 intricate benefits for homeowners.

Motion sensors for a safer & smarter home

Your home is your safe space, 100% of the time. Having a hard time getting that sense of security? Smart motion sensors are the number one solution for home security for many homeowners. Thanks to their flexible installation process, you’re able to implement the sensors as you wish. Outdoor detectors linked to a lighting system are for instance a very common security feature of private houses nowadays. Not only do they scare trespassers; they also (indirectly) alert the neighborhood.

In most cases, motion detectors form the base of in-house alarm systems. With an automated program you let your alarm know when you’re leaving the house or when you go to bed. The motion sensors function in that sense as your highly personal, 24/7 available security guards. What if you’re not home when there’s an intruder? Smart security systems are able to quickly and discreetly warn homeowners when there’s suspicious activity detected with a notification on their smartphone.

Empty room detected, time to save on your energy bills!

We all know the feeling of arriving at work, when suddenly the daunting question comes to mind: did I turn off the lights? You won’t know the answer until you get back home, unless you have a smart motion detector system. Your home will automatically turn off the lights and/or heating when it hasn’t detected movement for x amount of time. 

It’s more than a handy feature as it will help you save a lot on your energy consumption, in the short and long run. And let’s be honest: saving on your energy bills never gets old!

Following & predicting your wishes as homeowner

One of the core attributes of KNX technology is comfort. Homeowners should be able to go on with their daily habits in a more swift and convenient way thanks to smart devices and systems, and their motion detectors are no exception. Being able to track when and where someone enters a room, allows motion sensors to trigger other smart systems, such as lighting, the stereo, the TV or air conditioning, in that specific area.

More advanced motion sensors are able to differentiate different kinds of movements, making it possible to distinguish pets from people - and sometimes even kids from adults. If your dog isn’t allowed in certain areas of the house, you’ll be alerted immediately when your mischievous roomie breaks those house rules.

Conclusion: We are moved by motion sensors

Motion sensors are basically the fusion of a guard dog, your energy advisor and personal assistant, all merged into one. Add a very easy installation process and sleek design to the mix and you really don’t have any reason to not include motion detectors in your home decor.

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