19. Apr 2024

HiddenWires Survey: KNX Holds its top position in the fast-evolving smart home industry

HiddenWires Survey: KNX Holds its top position in the fast-evolving smart home industry
HiddenWires Survey: KNX Holds its top position in the fast-evolving smart home industry

BRUSSELS, 19 APRIL 2024 – In the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of smart home technology, KNX continues to stand out as the pre-ferred standard for home and building automation. The latest industry survey conducted by HiddenWires, which compared data from 2021 and 2023, underscores the sustained growth and changing preferences in the smart home industry, reaffirming KNX’s dominant position. According to the survey, KNX is included in smart home projects by 63% of all industry professionals surveyed. The HiddenWires survey, which gathered insights from 5000 professionals, mainly European, with notable participation from other regions, indicating a diverse and global reach of the smart home market.

KNX: still on top in Smart Home Automation

Just like in the 2021 survey, KNX has maintained its top position both in terms of awareness and practical ap-plication. The 2023 survey indicates a notable increase in the use of KNX, further solidifying its status as the industry standard. The continued preference for KNX by 63% of the integrators and installers, who form the backbone of the industry, underscores its reliability and interoperability. KNX is used significantly more frequently than even Wi-Fi (52%) or Bluetooth (30%) in the automation of homes and buildings, and three times more often than technologies from direct competitors.

KNX Energy Management, the perfect fit to the Evolving Preferences of customers

Lighting is still considered as the primary smart home application (71%), followed closely by temperature control (64%) and blinds (52%). This is closely followed by an increased interest in home energy management, with now 50% of the smart home projects having automated energy management functions. KNX fits perfectly in this evolving landscape with needs for a sustainable technology, offering energy management solutions and increasing energy efficiency through smart automation.

An increased enthusiasm for Smart Homes

The survey reveals a remarkable increase in interest in smart homes, with almost half of the respondents noting that interest had doubled over the past five years. This rising interest from homeowners, combined with the dominant use of KNX technology by professionals, foreshadows a further expansion of KNX smart homes in the coming years.

Conclusion: A Resilient and Forward-Looking Industry

The smart home industry, led by KNX, demonstrates resilience and adaptability, even during times of eco-nomic uncertainties. Homeowners are looking for automation solutions that link all aspects of their homes to facilitate a simpler, smart living experience while also saving energy and KNX meets these requirements ideally. KNX remains the top choice for professionals as an innovative, secure and sustainable technology - providing standardised and interoperable solutions for an ever-growing and changing market.

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