07. Dec 2023

3 smart home control panels that'll fit your home decor

3 smart home control panels that'll fit your home decor
3 smart home control panels that'll fit your home decor

From personalized aesthetics and intelligent space-saving solutions to versatile customization and seamless integration, the possibilities are boundless when it comes to adding smart control panels into your home. In this article, we’ll explore the impact (or lack thereof) of technology on our home design in general, after which we’ll narrow our focus to control panels.

The fusion of technology and interior design

Smart technology, and technological devices in general, are increasingly becoming part of our homes. Laptop and desktop in your home office, a smart speaker on the shelves in your living room, even smoke sensors have seamlessly integrated with your interior design.

Smart devices have the ability to give your living space a serious makeover, but also to be an invisible part of your existing decor. Technology can be perceived as a design element in itself (think of the various coloring and sizing options of control panels for instance) and become a centerpiece of your interior. On the other hand, if you're a homeowner with the already perfect living space, their impact can be as little as you wish. Thanks to a seamless integration and wireless devices, the need for renovations as well as the impact on your home decor will be minimal.

Aesthetically pleasing smart control panels

1. Touchscreen control panel

These panels are the most common control panels and are equipped with interactive touch screens. They often provide visual feedback and can display information and status updates.

2. Keypad control panel

Keypad panels offer physical buttons for controlling different devices and functions. They can be customized with labels to indicate the purpose of each button.

Installation process: Keypads require a fixed placement, which requires an automation professional. Furthermore, the installation process is the same as the touchscreen control panel. Suggestions:

  • The Black Nova - Black Jack Collection is a keypad panel that's completely pick and choose. Choose which type of buttons, material, colors, functions, and even the alignment of the buttons in reference to each other you prefer. To say this keypad is highly customizable would be an understatement.
  • Gira pushbutton sensor 4: Choose out of a broad selection of luxurious looking materials and add additional buttons according to the amount of features (e.g.) you wish to implement.


There’s a smart control panel for every home thanks to the limitless styling and customization features of our manufacturers. Want to learn more about our KNX Members?

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