28. Sep 2023

4 quality smoke detectors to add to your smart home

4 quality smoke detectors to add to your smart home
4 quality smoke detectors to add to your smart home

For many homeowners, ensuring the safety of their family and property ranks a top priority to invest in smart home technology. We listed 4 quality smoke detectors that do just that. When it comes to fire prevention and early detection, these devices score outstandingly, while also upholding the compatibility with the KNX standard. In these smart smoke detectors, we trust.

Gira Dual Q smoke alarm

Introducing the Gira Dual Q smoke alarm, a state-of-the-art device designed to provide twice the level of safety thanks to its two detection processes. This innovative alarm visually detects small smoke particles early on, preventing situations from becoming dangerous for homeowners. Additionally, its thermal sensors monitor temperature changes within the room, allowing for rapid and reliable identification of various types of fires, including liquid fires. 

The alarm's intelligent design enables better control in areas with potential interferences like kitchen vapors, dust, and electrical disturbances. For enhanced safety, convenience, and efficiency, the Gira Dual Q smoke alarm can be networked and expanded by integrating up to 40 other optional devices.

Busch-Smoke alarm detector by ABB

Depending on the model, the Busch-Smoke alarm detector can be networked with up to 20 detectors through a two-wire line. It comes with an audible alarm with a loudness of 85 dBA at a distance of 3 meters and gained a VdS certification, ensuring high-quality standards. Whether connected to a wired KNX system or with KNX RF, as soon as one smoke detector unit picks up danger, all installed devices will immediately alert the homeowners, regardless of where the smoke is actually located. This significantly enhances safety, especially during the night when not all rooms may be in use.

As sensitive as the Busch-Smoke alarm detector is to fire and smoke, the smoke chamber is smart enough to install safety measurements against false alarms. Such features include contamination compensation, protection against insects, and an antistatic layer to prevent dust attraction.

The Salva KNX TH by Elsner Elektronik

The Salva KNX TH, a smoke alarm designed especially for the KNX building bus system, includes an automatic evaluation sensor system. This simply means that a single smoke detector unit is able to early and precisely detect fire, smoke and even heat, while automatically sounding an alarm both locally and through the connected KNX system. 

Moreover, the Salva KNX TH model houses integrated sensors for temperature and air humidity. As a smoke detector unit keeps tabs on both conditions, homeowners will enjoy automated heating/cooling and ventilation control, in order to create a safe yet comfortable environment.

Interra KNX Heat + Smoke Detector

This smoke sensor by Interra is capable of detecting both heat and smoke, serving as a reliable fire indicator. Thanks to its swift responsiveness, it promptly alerts you to potential high temperatures, smoke presence, or fire emergencies. When smoke concentration reaches a critical level, the detector sends instant signals to touch panels or mobile phones via the KNX line. 

Its user-friendly twist-lock mounting system ensures easy installation, and the tamper-resistant design adds an extra layer of security to the device. Rest assured that the Interra KNX Heat + Smoke Detector is dedicated to keeping your home safe and protected from potential fire hazards.

Investing in advanced fire detection systems is a crucial step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of your household. These smart devices not only offer early and accurate fire alarms but also provide integration options and multi-functional modules for a more intelligent and automated home.

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