Smart Energy Summit
Smart Energy Summit

KNX Smart Energy Summit

Smart energy management with KNX

Energy transition, climate protection, sector coupling - keywords that indicate the shift in the energy industry. In order to achieve meaningful climate protection goals, it is essential to take a more holistic view of sectors of energy consumption such as electricity use, heat generation and transport. The goal is to promote the use of green electricity by linking these sectors in an intelligent energy management system, to give preference to energy-efficient technologies and consequently to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Energy utilisation needs to be coordinated, managed and controlled. This is especially true for the individual energy consumers or generators, such as photovoltaic (PV) systems, energy storage system, heat pumps, charging stations, ...

KNX technology offers numerous solutions for this, which will be presented in a series of events at the "KNX Smart Energy Summit".


1. Smart energy management with KNX

Smart energy management with KNX
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Mr. Heinz Lux, KNX Association

2. Keynote

KNX energy management - now and in the near future
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Mr. Joost Demarest, KNX Association

    3. Smart Metering

    Energy Management with ABB EQmatic Energy Analyzer QA/S KNX
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    Energy consumption data acquisition and recording as well as the possibility of load disconnection in 8 stages to avoid possible power peaks.

    Mr. Jurgen Schilder, ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH - Website EQmatic | Website Energy Analyser QA/S KNX

      KNX smart metering with for electricity, gas, water, heating, cooling
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      With energy meters in the product portfolio, Lingg & Janke offers a comprehensive range of KNX smart meters for recording consumption values for electricity, gas, water, heating and cooling.

      Mr. Klaus Ott, Lingg & Janke OHG - Website

        4. Energy Storage

        Technology partnership: sonnen & KNX
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        Storage manufacturer sonnen expands partnership with KNX. The technology partnership is collaborating to develop solutions for centralised energy management, taking into account the future challenges of the energy transition.

        Mr. Peter Sparakowski and Mr. Bastian Hackenberg, sonnen GmbH - Website |

          5. e-charging stations

          ise SMART CONNECT e-charge II - Manufacturer versatility and mixed operation
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          The SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II from ise is the all-rounder of e-mobility in a KNX house:

          • The simple integration of up to five charging points from different manufacturers in mixed operation is possible. (Know one, know them all)
          • Connection via IP or RS485 (Modbus) with only 2 TE in the control cabinet
          • Configuration entirely via ETS

          Mr. Robin Geide, ise GmbH - Website

            Energy management in homes: PV, storage, e-car and KNX
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            In residential construction, energy management is playing an increasingly important role - self-generation with photovoltaic systems should be coordinated with the energy storage system, electric car and any other consumers in the most optimised way possible. With the EibPC², Enertex offers an integral solution for the Home Energy Management System.

            Mr. Michael Schuster, Enertex Bayern GmbH - Website


              6. Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW)

              Secure communication infrastructure: Via SMGW and KNX into the building
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              The CONEXA 3.0 Performance Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) has been developed from the very start with the aim of being able to cover ALL areas of the BMWi and BSI topic map. With the added value module, CONEXA only forms part of the smart technology platform from Theben. In combination with the CSX 324 control box and the LUXORliving Smart Home KNX system, applications can be designed in the areas of Smart Mobility, Smart Grid and KNX Smart Home/Smart Building, which allow the successful digitalisation of the energy transition to take major steps forward.

              Mr. Ruwen Konzelmann, Theben AG - Website


                7. Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

                Home Energy Management System with EisBär 3.0
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                The EisBär Home Energy Management System (HEMS) provides the KNX solution to generate, store and use energy efficiently. The HEMS controls the distribution of its self-produced electricity. All generators (e.g. the photovoltaic system) and consumers (heat pump, electric car, solar power storage, household appliances, etc.) are coordinated by the intelligent KNX technology in such a way that electricity costs are minimised and independence from the energy supplier is increased.

                Herr Rene Rieck, Alexander Maier GmbH - Website


                  8. Panel Discussion

                  Smart KNX energy management in practice
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                  Mr. Helmut Haßenpflug, IGT GmbH -

                  Mr. Jürgen Leppig, GIH Bundesverband e.V. -

                  Mr. Hermann Schmidt, HSc-Informatik -

                  Mr. Bernd Zeilmann, Innung für Elektro- und Informationstechnik Bayreuth -


                  Mr. Heinz Lux, KNX Association -