KNX Awards 2022. Claim the trophy with your KNX Project. Apply Now!

KNX Awards 2022

Claim the trophy with your KNX project       

A new edition celebrated with new categories

The KNX Awards is a long-standing competition that puts the smartest KNX home and building projects in the picture. This year we are adding new categories to diversify between Smart Home and Smart Building projects as well as reward innovative implementation of the latest trends. 

Hand in your projects in one of the categories selected by the Award Jury or become the people’s champ by winning the People’s Choice Award.  This edition you will also be able to vote on your favourite KNX Product.

Each winner gets € 1000 prize money, an award trophy and the priceless exposure your business gets as a KNX Award winner. So take your chance and hand in your application now.

KNX Awards Categories

Smart Home Award

KNX Awards 2022 - Smart Home Award

This category rewards outstanding residential projects worldwide and is divided into 3 sub-categories: Europe, Asia and Africa-America-Australia, with for each sub-category an award to win.

Smart Building Award

KNX Awards 2022 - Smart Building Building

This category rewards outstanding commercial and industrial projects worldwide and is divided into 3 sub-categories: Europe, Asia and Africa-America-Australia, with for each sub-category an award to win.

Innovation Award

KNX Awards 2022 - Innovation Award

This category rewards projects implemented with the latest developments in the KNX Technology. For the KNX Awards 2022, these are projects where KNX Secure and/or IoT applications are implemented.

Energy Efficiency Award

KNX Awards 2022 - Energy Efficiency Award

This category rewards projects that are focused on using KNX to reduce energy consumption and costs in houses and buildings by optimizing the different building functions.

Special Award

KNX Awards 2022 - Special Award

This category rewards KNX projects that are highlighted by special characteristics, show very special integrations rarely seen before, are made in unusual building types, etc.

Publicity Award

KNX Awards 2022 - Publicity Award

This category rewards projects that help raise awareness for the KNX Standard and promotes the system. This can be a KNX project that achieves this, but might also be a special event, fair, showroom,...

Education Award

KNX Awards 2022 - Education Award

This category rewards projects where great efforts were made to educate students or professionals about KNX Smart home and building technology. School and Training Centre projects are limited to this category.

People's Choice Award

KNX Awards 2022 - People's Choice Award

Among all nominated projects of all categories we let the KNX community decide their favorite project. Everyone can vote on the project they believe is the most remarkable and should be rewarded with the trophy.

KNX Product Award

KNX Awards 2022 - KNX Product Award

Each KNX Member will have the chance to present one of their KNX Products. We want you to vote on your favourite KNX Products and decide the winner. This will be selected by the KNX Community only.

Save these dates

We now accepting your applications for the KNX Awards

31st of May: deadline for handing in your projects

June : judging of projects

July: announcement of nominees

August: People's Choice and KNX Product Awards voting

27st of September: KNX Awards ceremony (online).

Your projects will be judged on…

We accept all KNX projects and do not consider the size of the project as a main factor. We will judge your project on:

  • The diversity of used building applications with KNX
  • Flexibility and expandability
  • The level of automation and the complexity of the installation
  • The user friendliness and acceptance
  • Convincing arguments for the client
  • Use of products for different KNX manufacturers in one application.

The full set of rules and conditions to apply for the KNX Award 2022 can be checked here

Need some help?

Are you not sure how you can upload your greatest projects? Or do you want some pointers in how to increase your chances to get nominated? We got you covered! Check the info below for a tutorial and some tips.

How do I upload my project?

How do I increase my chances?

  • Describe the project with an intro on the project itself, the needs of the customer and how they were met with KNX solutions.
  • Upload a lot of pictures: include an outside view, indoor shots, pictures with devices in the shot.
  • You can upload extra documentation that can explain your project in more details.
  • Add a video about the project via the YouTube link. It can be a promotional video of the project, you taking a tour of the building or a demonstration of the functions.
  • Tell us what unique benefits KNX had in this project.
  • Convince us why your project fits in the category you ish to be nominated for.

Claim the trophy with your KNX project