KNX Award winners
KNX Award winners

Apply for the KNX Award

You can now hand in applications for the KNX Award, and this until the 20th of November.  Determining factors for KNX Association to increase the chances of one’s application are not size and volume of the KNX installation, but rather:

  • The diversity of the included trades
  • The flexibility and expandability
  • The level of automatization and complexity of the installation
  • The user friendliness and user acceptance
  • The convincing arguments for the client
  • The implementation of products from different manufacturers

Hints to increase your success rate

How good you project may be, the jury can only make its decision based on your application form. So take the following into account to make sure the jury can see the value of your project:

  • Take your time to give a clear project summary description so the jury can better relate to your project.
  • Don't use loose words, but explain the specifics of your project and the building functions in full sentences.
  • If you list products and other systems, do not just list them, but shortly explain their function in the project.
  • Use high resolution pictures and give a clear description what can be seen.
  • Upload enough pictures, the more the better, as long as they are relevant.

Applications are only accepted via the online application form!