19. Apr 2024

Why you should add a CO monitor to your smart home

Why you should add a CO monitor to your smart home
Why you should add a CO monitor to your smart home

What is CO exactly? A simple enough question, though hard to answer for a lot of people. In this article, we’re raising more awareness about CO, its implications on your health and how a smart CO monitor helps to prevent any effects, by alerting homeowners early on (even when they’re not at home).

What is Carbon Monoxide (CO)?

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that can form during incomplete combustion of fuels such as gas, oil, wood or coal (that would be the textbook explanation of your chemistry high school teacher). More importantly, CO is highly toxic and can lead to serious health problems or even death when inhaled in high concentrations. Carbon monoxide poisoning commonly occurs during the winter months, as heating appliances (powered by gas, oil, wood or coal) are heavily used and windows are securely closed.

Why you should consider a smart CO monitor instead of a traditional CO detector

The best way to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning - and its symptoms, like fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath - is to ventilate your home. But when do you know it’s time to let your house breathe? Enter the smart CO monitor.

Downsides of traditional CO detectors

Traditional carbon monoxide monitors offer a basic level of protection against the silent but deadly gas. However, they may fall short in today’s smart home safety technology.

How smart CO monitors provide added value to your home security

Smart CO detectors rely on smart modeling and dynamic scans of the air quality, giving homeowners more insights, more control and more peace of mind.

  • Remote monitoring - A big advantage of smart CO detectors is that they are connected to WiFi or other networks. This enables you to remotely monitor the condition of your home at any time from any place from your smartphone, and immediately take action.

  • Smart home integration - Easily connect the monitor to your KNX system and your smart assistant to control other devices, like smart indoor cameras or your heating appliances. This allows you to, for instance, first check through live video footage of your home if there could be an explanation for the alarm.
    Do you already have a KNX smart system? Be sure to check our KNX Members to find a compatible CO monitor.


With all the benefits a CO monitor adds to your (and your family’s) safety at home, it’s highly recommended to add a CO monitor into your home. Make sure it’s installed by a professional to guarantee optimal functionality and safety.

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