This was KNX at Light + Building 2024

At Light+ Building 2024, we presented the latest developments in the KNX technology, with as main focus the complete KNX ecosystem, including the first new KNX IoT devices, energy management applications, and KNX secure products. 25 KNX Members presented their latest KNX products and solutions at the KNX booth at Hall 12.0 B91.

Step into our sustainable stand at Light + Building

As a commitment to the planet, we crafted a booth with recycled materials and an eco-conscious design. It played host to exhibition panels from 25 KNX Manufacturers, as well as our own areas to show the landscape of the KNX ecosystem, demonstration spaces for ETS6 and the KNX Championship, among others.

We thank our thousands of visitors who came by during the fair. Did you miss the opportunity to visit us? No worries, thanks to the SIM-ON digital twin solution of KNX Member SIMLAB, you can still take a digital tour of our booth and discover more information about our key topics and products of our exhibiting KNX Members.

Highlights of the Event

Complete KNX ecosystem

Joost Demarest, CTO of KNX Association, gives a short overview of the complete KNX ecosystem, now with the inclusion of new KNX IoT devices.

ETS6 demonstration

Michael Critchfield, Product Manager, explains what's new in ETS6.2 and why you should look out for ETS6.3 coming later this year.

25 KNX Members presenting innovations

Take the opportunity to meet our KNX Manufacturers, co-exhibitors, that were present at the KNX Booth. 

25 KNX Members presented their latest KNX products and solutions.

 In this playlist, each KNX co-exhibiting Member gives a short overview of the new solutions and products they offer.

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Thank you and see you at Light + Building 2026