What is KNX?

Today, smart technology dominates our lives. When it comes to our own home, we always strive for the best. But where to start? What to choose?

There are so many brands and manufacturers on the market. Do you really have to limit yourself to only one solution? What if you want to enjoy all the new technological developments? And who can assure you that technology will actually make your life easier?

When comfort, security and simplicity are the core of your smart home dream – ask for KNX.

Unlimited design options with a unique choice of products

You can choose between more than 8.000 available devices of different manufacturers. And the best of all? KNX guarantees 100% compatibility amongst all devices. This means you can combine different brands and build your own unique smart home that meets your needs.

A safe and trustworthy technology

A secure smart home is a must, we don’t want to give hackers a chance. That’s why KNX is constantly striving to be the leading technology that meets the highest security requirements. So that you don’t have to worry about safety anymore.

The highest comfort and flexibility

Another focus of our technology is your comfort. Due to the high choice of devices and manufacturers, which is unseen by others in the market, KNX guarantees the highest level of flexibility and simplicity. You’re not stuck in a closed ecosystem, with KNX you can choose to add extra devices and routines at any moment.

You’re in control! Easily manage your settings on your smartphone or tablet. Create routines that make your life more comfortable every day. Design a smart home that adapts to your family’s daily life.

When it comes to your own home - you want the best. KNX guarantees the highest quality, performance, comfort, flexibility and security.

Do you want to discover what KNX can mean for your smart home?

Contact a KNX certified professional (electrician, installer, system integrator…). He will help you create the smart home of your dreams.