The KNX IoT 3rd Party Interface: unleashing a wealth of KNX data (for KNX Members)

This is a pre-recorded webinar from KNXperience online tradeshow.

KNX has a track record of 30 years in ensuring that devices of different manufacturers and applications interwork. Since many years, KNX provides the possibility to also use IP networks to communicate KNX data. One could rightfully claim that KNX is an Internet of Things system “avant-la-lettre”. With KNX IoT, KNX however wants to take KNX to the next level and even allow a much more IT friendly third party access to the data of KNX installations, e.g. to allow easier integration with third party non-KNX IoT devices. During the conference, you will learn about the technical details of the KNX IoT project, hence this presentation is targeted primarily at members wishing to develop KNX IoT Gateways and client developers wanting to tap into the data of KNX IoT Gateways.

Language: English

From: 05-11-2020 02:00
To: 05-11-2020 02:25

Intended for:
- Manufacturers