KNX Member Webinar: KNX Projects Integration Server and Platform by NETxAutomation

Central control and monitoring of your KNX projects, offers your customer great advantages.
In this webinar featuring KNX Member NETxAutomation, you will learn about the “All in One” NETx BMS Platform that can fully integrate KNX projects, and NETx Multi-Protocol Server that can be used as cost-optimised, bidirectional gateways to other platforms, such as OPC DA, OPC UA or BACnet IP and IoT. Exporting your ETS projects to one management and control platform can be done within a few minutes.

Main content:
• Get your free NETx BMS App Secure for your ETS 5
• Configure KNX device monitoring for secure projects and intrusion detection
• Connect KNX to OPC DA, OPC UA or BACnet IP visualization/SCADA or Web
• Create your BMS functions
• Create your unique and unlimited visualization for any project type

Professional license will be provided to all participants for 6 months, free of charge.

Language: English

From: 26-05-2020 16:00
To: 26-05-2020 17:00

Intended for:
- Developers
- Manufacturers
- Everyone