Development: Overview

Are you new to the solid KNX technology that has been out there for more than 25 years? Do you want to develop KNX certified products for a fast-growing market? This is your Webinar!
It will provide you with an overview of the KNX industry in general, from the market prospective to the certification process, approaching of course manufacturing of KNX devices (components, system…).

- KNX development. Highlights.
- What is going on in the market?
- Development process.
- Certification.
- Understanding services and customers (KNX Partners).

After this Webinar you will be able to continue upgrading your knowledge by attending on the more specific Webinars about KNX development:

- Introduction & Certification.
- Manufacturer Tool & S-Mode.
- KNX RF S-Mode.
- KNX E-Mode.
- Secure KNX Installations.

Language: English

From: 06-10-2016 15:00
To: 06-10-2016 16:00

Intended for:
- Developers