06.11.2018   KNX Scientific Conference 2018

KNX Scientific Conference 2018

The zenith for KNX Scientific partners is without doubt, the bi-annual Scientific Conference which was this year hosted by the FH Technikum in the lovely city of Vienna/Austria.

The audience of more than 50 participants from universities and KNX member companies listened attentively to presentations on new and exciting KNX system innovations as well as on on-going & completed research projects. The topics of this year's Scientific Conference were:

  • Security and IoT
  • Solutions
  • Energy efficiency and Radio Frequency

The audience was invited to cast their votes on the contributions, with the goal of handing out the KNX Scientific Award to the best presentation, by not only judging the novelty of the topic, the overall quality of the presentation but also the added value of the topic for KNX.

Following the vote from the public, the presentation on "Implications and effects of KNX data security on application development with KAIstack" of Mr. Zlatan Živković and Mr. Petar Tomić from the company Tapko Technologies came third.

The presentation "Firmware update via KNX RF" from Mr. Christian Gossé from Gossé&Tech Tapko came second and the winner was 17-year old Bram Roelandts for his presentation called "LoRa as a secure and wireless complement to KNX", making him the lucky owner of 3000 € of prize money.

The award for the best Conference paper was handed out by Mr. Demarest, CTO of KNX Association.

A copy of all presentations shown at the conference and pictures can be downloaded here

The conference again showed that a challenging future lies ahead of KNX and that the scientific conference is appreciated by the audience as a high value conference for the exchange of views on ongoing technical evolutions, directly or indirectly influencing the future of KNX.

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