16.09.2018   KNX IoT shows a bright future at Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology

KNX National Group China together with its members have participated at SIBT 2018, demonstrating that KNX is the leading technology in China: the large Joint Booth, located in the busiest area of the fair, gathered thousands of professionals looking for solutions and new products. The presence of KNX manufacturers all over the fair, proudly displaying their KNX Member logo, has increased with respect to the previous year, being a clear indicator of a bright future for KNX in the country. Next to the fair, a seminar about "Development and Future of KNX IoT" was held, with the participation of KNX manufacturers, who beautifully showcased their solutions. The opening was carried out by Jesus Arias (KNX Association, responsible person for Members & Solutions), who highlighted the growth of the KNX community as well as the latest technological milestones (KNX IoT, KNX Secure, ETS Inside). KNX Association is thrilled with the progression in the Chinese market!

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