06.11.2018   KNX Certification Conference

Certification Conference

The Certification Conference was this year hosted by the FH Technikum in the lovely city of Vienna/Austria on October 17. The conference was attended by more than 40 (potential) member companies.

Mr. Unal from KNX Association gave a live demonstration on the Beta version of the new MyKNX Product Registration Tool. Thanks to this tool, KNX manufacturers will have their products registered more efficiently and they will be more flexible in managing their list of registered/certified products. KNX Association plans to release the new MyKNX Product Registration Tool by the beginning of April 2019.

After Mr. Unal ‘s presentation, Mr. Joost Demarest, CTO of KNX Association explained to the audience the system aspects that have been subject of standard extensions and corresponding testing.

Before going to lunch, Mr. Andreas Espen from the company Agentilo revealed the many new features of EITT 4.3, i.e. the software tool that is used by certified test labs and manufacturers for testing, troubleshooting and monitoring the Interworking and system stack compliance of KNX products.

In the afternoon, Mr. Lühring from the company ISE GmbH gave two best practice sessions on "Test automation using EITT" and "How to work with the IP Validation tool".

The last two presentations were given by the companies Tapko Technologies and Weinzierl Engineering who explained how easy it is to use their system platforms & tools to realize a KNX successful KNX product.

A copy of the presentations shown at this conference can be downloaded from the following link

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