15.04.2022   HDL KNX Tile Series Climate Panel

HDL KNX Tile Series Climate Panel

KNX Tile Series Climate Panel enables the easy control of air conditioning, floor heating, and ventilation system to keep the ambience healthy and comfortable.

It is divided into a LCD display and four pushbuttons, enabling controls of air conditioning, floor heating and ventilation system. Parameters can be set by ETS or manually set on the panel. The brightness level can be set. The icons and text on the panel support laser labelling. Its functions include:

  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor
  • Built-in proximity sensor, when the panel detects human body, the LCD screen backlight and button lights can be lit.
  • Adjustable LCD backlight brightness
  • Different pages for air conditioning, floor heating and ventilation system, and each can be used to control 1 channel device.
  • Icons and text support laser labelling
  • Enables controls and settings: Page switching, Air conditioner on/off, Air conditioner mode setting, Air conditioner temperature setting, Air conditioner fan speed setting, Static display of ambient temperature & humidity, Floor heating on/off, Floor heating temperature and mode setting, Ventilation on/off, Ventilation fan speed setting, Ventilation mode setting, Backlight brightness

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