02.04.2023   GVS KNX Waltz Series

GVS KNX Waltz Series

The KNX Waltz Series presented by GVS is a modern and innovative KNX panel series that offer customers a convenient and intuitive smart life. It includes a highly customizable and user-friendly Waltz Touch+ Pad which supports mainstay KNX functions including voice control (CN), it also features an HD IPS touch panel with metallic push buttons.

Moreover, the innovative G-link function allows users to fully DIY KNX functions for the buttons. This series also comes with a 2/3/4-Gang Push Button Pro and accessories, all available in five color variants. KNX Waltz Series, since its born, has become one of the best-selling panel series thanks to its elegance and functionality. Try one and you will love it for your KNX project!

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