Original Equipment Manufacturer

Known as “derived” in the KNX industry, OEM is an excellent approach to speed up the process to the market. OEM providers in KNX offer fully certified KNX devices that can be rebranded with another KNX Member brand, whilst maintaining the KNX certified logo. Companies that opt for this solution must apply for Licensee or Shareholder and request the Manufacturer Code once they obtain the membership. Below, a comprehensive list of OEM providers in the market.

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From lighting to heating and from sun protection to security: KNX solutions from Insta ensure easy, central operation and control of your building technology. Insta is a founding member of the KNX Association and KNX has long been one of our main focuses of development. Not only do we have over 26 years of experience in this field but we have also developed one in ten KNX products in the market. Irrespective if you wish to integrate one of our pre-developed OEM products to complement your portfolio or you wish a fully newly developed concept, we can provide you with the scope of service that you require.

KNX Multi actuator 10-fold for heating circuit manifold

KNX-DALI-Gatewayplus TW