Original Equipment Manufacturer

Known as “derived” in the KNX industry, OEM is an excellent approach to speed up the process to the market. OEM providers in KNX offer fully certified KNX devices that can be rebranded with another KNX Member brand, whilst maintaining the KNX certified logo. Companies that opt for this solution must apply for Licensee or Shareholder and request the Manufacturer Code once they obtain the membership. Below, a comprehensive list of OEM providers in the market.




Tapko Technologies GmbH


TAPKO Technologies GmbH is a KNX pioneer with 30 years of experience in the development and complete production of OEM devices and technology. This enables other KNX members to enhance their product portfolios efficiently. TAPKO provides know-how, design tools, software, hardware and KNX certification during product development and production. TAPKO’s KNX communication stack (KAIstack) supports S and E modes on all common media. KAIstack has its own hardware development platform. As a full-fledged KNX member, TAPKO has developed from a German specialist to an international manufacturer of OEM products. Tapko’s focus is KNX system devices and couplers with KNX Secure technology. All our OEM Devices are KNX certified and CE conform. Our manufacturing in Europe is ISO 9001 certified and the staff is IPC trained.

Overview KNX OEM Products

Guangzhou Video-Star Intelligent Corp., Ltd