Original Equipment Manufacturer

Known as “derived” in the KNX industry, OEM is an excellent approach to speed up the process to the market. OEM providers in KNX offer fully certified KNX devices that can be rebranded with another KNX Member brand, whilst maintaining the KNX certified logo. Companies that opt for this solution must apply for Licensee or Shareholder and request the Manufacturer Code once they obtain the membership. Below, a comprehensive list of OEM providers in the market.




Tapko Technologies GmbH


TAPKO Technologies GmbH is a KNX pioneer with 30 years of experience in the development and complete production of OEM devices and technology. This enables other KNX members to enhance their product portfolios efficiently. TAPKO provides know-how, design tools, software, hardware and KNX certification during product development and production. TAPKO’s KNX communication stack (KAIstack) supports S and E modes on all common media. KAIstack has its own hardware development platform. As a full-fledged KNX member, TAPKO has developed from a German specialist to an international manufacturer of OEM products. Tapko’s focus is KNX system devices and couplers with KNX Secure technology. All our OEM Devices are KNX certified and CE conform. Our manufacturing in Europe is ISO 9001 certified and the staff is IPC trained.
Overview KNX OEM Products

Guangzhou Video-Star Intelligent Corp., Ltd


GVS was founded in 1999, it is the first batch of enterprises to enter the video intercom and smart home industry in China. For more than 22 years, GVS has continued to develop in the field of space intelligence. Its business covers smart homes, smart communities, smart buildings, smart medical care, smart hotels, rail transit and other fields, providing global customers with intelligent control and video intercom system products. and integrated solutions. At present, more than 10,000 projects in more than 160 countries and regions around the world have realized intelligence. It is the world's leading provider of intelligent space system solutions. Has more than 410 employees, including 110 R&D engineers; established a KNX certified engineer training center in 2011, with more than 16 KNX tutors; we have 3 self-developed KNX protocol stacks, including KNX-07B0-Secure: encryption and authentication communication mechanism , to ensure the security and reliability of communication; Also our OEM products have been certified by CE and KNX.

Overview KNX OEM Products

Weinzierl Engineering GmbH


Weinzierl develops software and hardware components for building systems. The focus is on building networking based on the KNX standard. Weinzierl offers its customers comprehensive advice on system design and the full development of hardware, firmware and application software up to the certification of the product by its in-house test laboratory accredited by the KNX Association. In addition, Weinzierl is also active as a manufacturer of KNX devices - the focus is on the interface and gateway solutions, which are sold under its own brand but also as OEM versions. As developer of a KNX stack that performs well in millions of devices, with the new KNX stack NGS (Next Generation Scalable) and tools such as KScript Weinzierl provides its customers with the appropriate basis for the development of their own devices. If short development times are critical, then the KNX modules of Weinzierl are the best basis for product development. Tools such as the kdrive SDKs and the bus monitor Net'n'Node completes Weinzierls offer for the KNX development. Overview KNX OEM Products

Overview KNX OEM Products