Find your own Development Path

Let us know your product/solution idea using our KNX Development Form and we will help you identifying the development path that suits you best.

KNX TP/RF/IP device development

KNX Members can develop devices from scratch or using existing Certified System Components. Check our HOW TO START section to find out more about the different development approaches.


KNX TP/RF/IP Original Equipment Manufacturer

Find certified KNX devices offered as OEM for relabelling. KNX Members can rely on other manufacturers to complete their portfolio or to offer a full catalogue of certified KNX devices.


The wireless solution from KNX. Experience all the advantages of KNX and the freedom of not having cables for communicating. Manufacturers can develop wireless devices, based on the KNX specifications, trusting the setting and commissioning to the worldwide ETS tool. Maximum leverage!

E-Mode products

There is a full portfolia of KNX E-Mode products, covering the main applications in Smart Homes and Buildings. (HVAC, Lighting, Shading, ...) You can enrich this offer.