18. Dec 2023

Great devices that work within your smart home set-up by KNX

Great devices that work within your smart home set-up by KNX
Great devices that work within your smart home set-up by KNX

If you're looking to elevate your home automation experience, the KNX system offers a robust and reliable platform for integrating various smart devices. In this article, we'll explore three great devices that’ll work seamlessly within your KNX smart home setup, enhancing your lifestyle in the process.

1. Motion sensors for multiple smart appliances

Motion sensors are a great way to smarten up your home with a KNX system. These sensors detect movement within designated areas, triggering automated actions or responses. This results in a multi-facetted device. Specifically there are three areas where motion sensors give added value:

  1. Enhanced security - By triggering lights, cameras, or alarms upon detecting movement, they deter potential intruders and alert homeowners to unexpected activity. Add remote control to the mix, and burglars won’t stand a chance as you’re able to alert the emergency services.
  2. Energy efficiency - Motion sensors ensure lights are only activated when necessary (e.g. upon entering a room), reducing unnecessary energy consumption.They can adjust temperature settings or activate/deactivate devices based on occupancy, optimizing energy usage at all times.
  3. Comfort - Motion sensors significantly enhance convenience by automating various tasks. No longer looking for the light switch in the dark. Know who’s entering your driveway before your visitors have entered the front door. Making sure you’re always in control of your home thanks to remote alerts by app.

Before installing smart motion sensors, however, think long and hard about which motion features you need (infrared detectors, microphones, remote control etc.) and where you need to install units (f.e. always target places that offer an entrance possibility, such as doors and windows). Best to contact a certified installer for advice and compatibility guarantees.

2. Smoke detectors for 24/7 enhanced security

Smoke detectors, when integrated into the KNX network, communicate real-time alerts and notifications in case of fire hazards, smoke, CO and even dense air quality detection, providing swift responses.

Thanks to KNX's open standard, smoke detectors can be interconnected with other smart devices like lighting, shutters, and HVAC systems. In the event of smoke detection, the system can trigger automated responses, such as activating emergency lighting to guide homeowners to safety, closing windows to prevent smoke spreading, and unlocking doors for easier evacuation.

Much like motion sensors, the placement of smoke detectors is essential for optimal functioning.

3. Stay in full control with a smart panel

Control panels serve as centralized hubs, enabling seamless control over various smart devices and functionalities, thereby streamlining home management. Integrating such panel into a KNX system empowers homeowners with convenience in one central place. Choosing the right control panel for your living situation can be challenging. Check our tips to prevent any mispurchases.

By unifying disparate smart devices and systems, homeowners are enabled to manage lighting, heating, security, and more from only one device. This consolidation eliminates the need for multiple apps, controls or switches, simplifying daily routines. 

Additionally, these panels offer user-friendly interfaces, making it intuitive for homeowners to interact with their smart home technology, even for people with an entry-level IT knowledge.

A feature essential to any great control panel is interoperability. This future-proofs your centralized hub and empowers homeowners to expand their smart home at their own pace. No matter what, an open standard control panel is compatible with multiple brands today, but also in the future (with smart devices that haven’t even been invented yet).

In essence, smart control panels serve as the nerve center of a KNX smart home, offering a sophisticated and intuitive means to manage and optimize the myriad functionalities of interconnected smart devices.


There are numerous devices that provide homeowners with more comfort, enhanced security and extensive convenience. The open standard of KNX allows you to pretty much add any smart device your homeowner’s heart desires as we actively partner up with global manufacturers and certified installation professionals, guaranteeing compatibility with your existing set-up and local expertise.

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