28. Jul 2020

Market researchers see KNX as the dominant technology in the rapidly growing smart home market

Market researchers see KNX as the dominant technology in the rapidly growing smart home market
Market researchers see KNX as the dominant technology in the rapidly growing smart home market

373 million KNX devices installed as of the 30th anniversary of KNX

According to current studies, smart home solutions are becoming ever more popular. Their contribution to climate protection and to increasing the use of renewable energies is driving the demand. According to a survey conducted by the Central Association of German Electrical and Information Technology Trades (ZVEH) among electricians, KNX is the dominant smart home technology in single-family home projects, with a market share of 53% and a clear sign of growth in the next years. Moreover, the results of a new GfK market research underpin this market assessment as it confirms that, compared to 2018, KNX increased in sales units and sales value by more than 14% in the last year.

KNX President is optimistic about the future

"With 373 million devices installed and a cumulative market turnover of 54.5 billion euros, KNX has within three decades established itself as a central technology player in the global market for smart home and building solutions. And the market researches show that KNX will continue to write this success story in the future and further expand its market share in an excellent market environment," says Franz Kammerl, President of the KNX Association.

Forecasts see high growth rates in the United States, China and Europe

This assessment is supported by the forecasts of various market research companies for the most important smart home markets: while in the United States - the largest smart home market - the market volume will more than double to 37 billion euros by 2023, in China, the second-largest market, annual growth of 20% is expected. Europe will also continue to catch up, with a plus of 120%. Countries such as Germany, the UK and France play a leading role here, followed by Italy and Spain. Major trends worldwide include smart living, smart mobility and building systems for energy management and HVAC. All of these application scenarios are covered by KNX. And even now, KNX shows strong growth of more than 15% per year on HVAC and switching devices, according to the GfK market research.

New opportunities for system integrators

In general, the market for smart home solutions is experiencing a shift. Up until now, it was mostly low-threshold applications such as voice control systems that shaped the market, but now, ever more sophisticated solutions from the area of building automation are demanded in the residential sector. According to the ZVEH survey, 42.2% of the experts canvassed are convinced that this development offers new opportunities for system integrators, while the overall market continues to grow. For KNX, the survey predicts further growth in single-family home projects over the next few years.

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