21. Dec 2017

KNX is fighting climate change with a donation to Plant for the Planet

KNX is fighting climate change with a donation to Plant for the Planet
KNX is fighting climate change with a donation to Plant for the Planet

A surge on eCampus and new products makes 2017 a record year for KNX

Brussels, 21/12/2017 - this year, KNX has continued its legacy of success by introducing many new products, achieving ambitious milestones and launching its KNX eCampus. The latter has gained over 20,000 more newly registered users than last year alone. Just three years after the launch of the free online training platform, eCampus has already been used by more than 100,000 people from 192 countries worldwide. "We can look back on 2017 as a truly record-breaking year. KNX has further cemented its position as the frontrunner for the most widely used, leading global standard in intelligent networking," says President of the KNX Association, Franz Kammerl, who can enjoy a positive annual balance. In honour of their successes in 2017, KNX will be making a donation to Plant for the Planet.

New entry-level tool for Smart Homes experiences rapid growth

The year 2017 ranks among a series of successful years in recent KNX history. It started promisingly with the launch of the new, long-awaited KNX solution ETS Inside, which was met with a great response. With ETS Inside, small and medium-sized KNX installations can be easily and conveniently configured via a mobile app where its function within the home can be customised. The tool combines the security and stability of KNX's industry-standard with an intuitive user interface that offers even inexperienced consumers a smooth introduction to hassle-free home automation.

KNX Secure becomes the world's first standardised security solution for smart buildings

Another major milestone was the EN 50090-4-3 certification of the KNX Secure security architecture in accordance with the international standardisation body. "This officially named KNX as the first and only standard for Smart Homes and Smart Buildings that meets the highest security requirements of global cyber security," says KNX President Franz Kammerl. The KNX Secure architecture, which was developed together with KNX member companies according to real-life application scenarios, represents the largest ever system extension of the KNX standard and is an integral part of the new ETS version 5.6.

Learning opportunities enjoy immense popularity

In addition to the influx of users on the KNX eCampus, the successful launch of new KNX training courses in the HVAC sector just goes to show the rapidly growing interest surrounding KNX learning opportunities. The HVAC courses are offered by specially certified training centres. They prepare KNX partners for potential cooperation with companies that have installed heating, ventilation and cooling systems in houses and buildings. The growing demand for KNX is also reflected in the sharp increase in staff numbers at the KNX Association. In 2017, the association welcomed four new employees across the certification, marketing and development departments. This is the largest increase in staff that the organisation has ever seen in a single year.

Donations for a good cause

In celebration of a very successful 2017, KNX will be donating a total of 20,000 euros - the equivalent of one euro for each new eCampus user - to Plant for the Planet. The UN-supported child and youth initiative is committed to climate justice and actively fights climate change by planting of trees. A total of 15.2 billion new trees have already been planted worldwide by Plant for the Planet.

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