13. Jan 2021

Zennio Confirms Imminent Availability of Z40 Touch Panel

Zennio Confirms Imminent Availability of Z40 Touch Panel
Zennio Confirms Imminent Availability of Z40 Touch Panel

Last month we explored some of the new products that Zennio will be releasing in the first half of 2021 including the Z35 big brother, the Z40. As release of this product is now imminent we wanted to throw some more light on it.

In essence, Z40 is a bigger Z35, with a 4.1" colour touch panel instead of a 3.5", but for those who are not totally familiar with the latter we will describe some of the main functionalities that make any of them the perfect room controller, whether it is for a private home, a hotel room or an office.

Z40 has up to 56 control points divided across 7 pages, each of which can be configured as "Regular" (up to 8 buttons) or "Thermostat" (with or without extra buttons). The thermostat page allows control of any HVAC functionality (setpoint, On/Off, fan speed, ºC/ºF change, monitoring etc.) providing an intuitive and user friendly interface, while the extra buttons (or regular buttons) can be freely configured (scenes, shutter control, lighting control, direct page link, RGBW, timer etc.).

Navigation can also be easily defined to match our customer's expectations, either using a menu where all the available pages are displayed or using the direct page link button to navigate from one page to another.

The built-in proximity sensor is used to exit the screensaver mode, while the luminosity sensor adjusts panel brightness automatically. If the device is not being used, screensaver can show an image downloaded directly from ETS using a DCA, date and time or room temperature according to parameters.

As with the Z35, Z40 is powered solely from the KNX Bus, without the need for any auxiliary power, and it has 4 analog/digital inputs that can each be configured as binary input, temperature probe or motion detector to connect the new EyeZen IN.

Z40 also supports multi-language labelling, meaning labels can be defined in 5 different languages. Language can then be selected using a 1-bit object, 1-byte scene or 2-byte ASCII (ISO 639-1), making it perfect for hotel projects.

Further information regarding release date: www.zennio.com/products/touch-panels-room-controllers/z40

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