10. Sep 2019

KNX at SIBT 2019

KNX at SIBT 2019
KNX at SIBT 2019

A Great Sign of KNX Growth in China

The month of September started with many highlights. Whereas the focus of the European community was on IFA in Berlin, another highlight of at least the same impact happened on the other side of the world: China.One of the highlighted KNX activities in the past week was the participation of Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology, taking place from 3rd to 5th September 2019.

With 31 KNX members exhibiting at the KNX booth and demonstrating their newest KNX products and solutions, with an ever-bigger and stronger KNX presence, it was great to witness the growth of KNX in the Chinese market. The growth was reflected by the number of KNX members and KNX certified products exhibited, the evolution of the technology (such as KNX RF and KNX Secure), as well as the number of visitors at the KNX booth, which delivered a new experience feeling of the new KNX functionalities. The KNX Seminar was again the highlight. Hosting high-class senior speakers, the agenda contained first-hand impressions of the smart home and building market.

Being the reference in interoperability, security and strong community, KNX was not only pleased to see the growth of KNX, but also the improvement of the SIBT fair. Visitors who had been to the SIBT fair before and this time again, would have noticed that the qualitative growth of the fair- the booths were more neat and modern-looking, so were the products displayed, one of the indicators being them in line with the international trends.

With the positive experience at SIBT 2019, KNX will for sure be present again at SIBT 2020 and look forward to receiving even more visitors at the booth!

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