20. Mar 2019

KNX at ISH 2019

KNX at ISH 2019
KNX at ISH 2019

ISH 2019 successfully took place from March 11 to 15 2019. Here is a retroflection of the important KNX activities at this fair.

KNX Sector CouplingAt the 2019 edition of the ISH fair, one of the most discussed topics at the KNX booth was sector coupling. KNX presented KNX IoT energy management, showing case how Smart grid, buildings import_contentamp; e-mobility come together into one integrated solution. It attracted visitors in different backgrounds and age groups. Thanks to the KNX sector coupling, the sectors of the energy industry that were previously seen as independent of each other, are now integrated to on one network, so that the users can have a holistic view of all energy related systems, manage them in the most efficient way possible, and optimize renewable energy uses. More information about KNX sector coupling can be found here.

In the professionals' area, solutions focusing on energy self-sufficient smart home based on KNX, voice communication without cloud, KNX and BACnet for HVAC solutions and a few others were presented, which drew many attentions from the visitors.

With experiences from the very start of KNX, the professionals did not only show the full potential of KNX, it also helped newcomers to understand KNX and how everybody, no matter from which background, can benefit from the global, secure and connected technology for smart homes and smart buildings.

KNX Members and Solutions at the KNX BoothIn the members' area at the KNX booth, 10 different members from all over the word demonstrated their latest solutions from different areas, with a focus on KNX HVAC solutions.

Not only does HVAC with KNX create new dimensions, when it comes to comfort and security, also the realized energy savings of up to 60% was a key focus. The amount of newly presented devices reached again new heights, which will soon find their way in smart homes and smart buildings.

**KNX IoT demo table and most recent development at ISH **Recent developments, especially regarding worldwide trends, are an essential part to KNX. To highlight the easy integration between the world of KNX and the Internet of Things, the KNX IoT Demo Table impressively presented the future of smart homes and smart buildings. ISH, as the perfect platform for the KNX community, offered the ideal opportunity for KNX to demonstrate once again its strength when it comes to the integration between KNX and the Internet of Things.

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