18. Nov 2014

KNX Germany organizes 5th Colloquium

KNX Germany organizes 5th Colloquium
KNX Germany organizes 5th Colloquium

The local German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) in cooperation with KNX Germany organized for the fifth time in a row its annual Colloquium, on the 14th November 2014 in Frankfurt.

For this edition, one had opted to have a closer look at the current home and building automation market and compare the established standards and their marketing strategies with those who have been recently launched in the market, both from a technological point of view as well as from the aspect of type of customer/market addressed.

Invited speakers informed the more than 150 attendants about such systems as DALI, digitalStrom, QIVICON, EEBus and the Apple Home Kit. A representative of KNX International highlighted the achievements of KNX as a system providing seamless interworking and offering with the ETS a one tool approach for design, configuration and commissioning of home and building automation systems: he also stressed that KNX will continue to protect these unique value propositions, even in the upcoming age of the Internet of Things (IoT), next to providing ways to secure KNX installations and increasing the easiness of designing and configuring KNX installations.

Not only during these presentations, but also during a panel discussion with representatives of industry, the German Ministry of Economy, integrators as well as the Smart Home Initiative Germany, there was room for lively discussions between the speakers, panel and the audience.

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