14. Oct 2020

2020 KNX Award International Europe Winner: Adapted Home for Parkinson Patient

2020 KNX Award International Europe Winner: Adapted Home for Parkinson Patient
2020 KNX Award International Europe Winner: Adapted Home for Parkinson Patient

A 1970s house was completely remodelled for a Parkinson's patient in Mannheim, Germany. Thanks to smart home technology installed by Klaus Geyer Elektrotechnik, the homeowner can continue living independently in his own home, with automated control of heating, security, multimedia, garden watering camera functions and even the toilet flush. This project won the 2020 KNX Award for International - Europe.

The brief

The brief was to use modern technology to allow the client to stay in his home for as long, and with as little, support as possible, whilst maintaining a tasteful one modern interior. Control of the system was to be as easy and intuitive as possible for the homeowner and visiting nurses. Control of all home, multimedia and security functions were to be made possible by an easy-to-carry RF remote control. The system also had to provide easy access to automated doors and stair elevators, movement detection and buttons for emergencies, and multimedia control in 8 different zones throughout the house.

The solution

All technical components in the house were connected via a KNX system with a powerful Gira FacilityServer in the background as the 'brain', visualising, controlling and monitoring the KNX system and also providing the interface to other non-KNX systems.

The solution includes control of DALI lighting, shading, door communication, camera surveillance multimedia technology, as well as water treatment, heating, irrigation, robot lawn mower, filter of the outdoor pool, gate drives, full level oil tank, alarm system, access control, motorised barrier, technical alarms, room monitoring, emergency call systems and water shut-off devices. The ground floor is barrier-free and there is the option to call an emergency at any time. Automatic sliding and revolving doors are also connected to the KNX system.

As the client's movements were bound to become slower and his dexterity deteriorate over time, operation using just an iPad did not make sense. The entire house and media technology can be therefore be controlled via a small 4-channel KNX RF remote control, with which the client is comfortable. The client can switch security and building technology from his bed, with the menu displayed on the remote control or a large flat screen. Other controllers include KNX-RF radio buttons, touch panel, TV devices, iPhone or the iPad. Basic functions can also be controlled using classic switches, which the nursing staff can operate intuitively. The initiated can also do significantly more functions operate, for example via an iPad, but do not have access to the private photo and video database.

Benefits of using KNX

KNX offers a highly flexible range of products from a wide spectrum of manufacturers, and meant that the customer could choose products to fit his budget and preferences. KNX can also integrate with other technologies that were required in this project, such as DALI, EnOcean and Zigbee.

Key products and technologies used

Gira FacilityServerCen.Sys media serverGira door communication with video function, Gira System 106Gira G1Hager radio networked smoke alarmsHager handheld radio transmitterElsner full levels and monitoring sensorsPresence detectors from Gira, Eyslux and SteinelSteinel HF motion detectorActuators from Theben, ABB, Gira, HagerTelenot alarm systemCamera surveillance from AXISKNX system devices from Weinzierl and EntertexKNX control units from MeanwellKNX interfaces from Zennio, Gira, ISE and ABBGEZE door controlsMotorized locksmith from FuhrCabinet drives from Haferle and BlumMobile operation: Gira FacilityServer appHager handheld remote controlsSwitch range: Gira E22 flat switchGira E2 in public areas

Project: Mit Hightech länger im eigenen Haus leben

A Project by: Klaus Geyer Elektrotechnik

Contact: Klaus Geyer

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