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Our members are manufacturers from all application areas of Home & Building Control ranging from lighting, shutter control to security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, metering, as well as household appliances, audio and lots more.

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Total: 16 Members
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    Katsuyoshi Matsuura

    Umeda Center Building 000000
    530-8323 Osaka

    Phone: +81 72/2597139
    Fax: +81 72/2599283
    Website: www.daikin.com

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    The 150th KNX member was the Japanese industrial group Daikin. With more than 43,000 employees and a presence on every continent, Daikin is the world’s largest manufacturer of air-conditioning and cooling systems. Moreover, beginning with the development of Japan’s first air conditioner in 1951, it is no exaggeration to say that Daikin’s history is the history of air conditioning itself. Daikin’s products are directly integrated into the building services engineering. As a global player, the company perfectly complements the existing KNX network and product range.

    Sven Bär

    Diekkamp 25
    22359 Hamburg

    Phone: +49 40881878850
    Fax: +49 40881878853
    Website: www.dakanimo.com

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    Founded in 2014, dakanimo GmbH develops high-end design objects in the KNX technology field for smart homes. The portfolio is addressing people, who demand the highest standards for their environment’s design without giving up any functionality. Developed and produced in Germany, the products stand for the belief that a high standard of aesthetics and performance guarantees maximum quality. They integrate an intuitive usability into the homes of their customers. dakanimo brings joy to luxury enthusiasts, individualists, trendsetters and design enthusiasts, because the products of dakanimo GmbH will make any customers\' life more enjoyable, safer and easier.

    Gordon Zhang

    Building 9, NO. 800, Xiayan Highway, Pudong New Distrct
    201317 Shanghai

    Phone: +86.2168041185
    Fax: +86.2168041187
    Website: www.dynalite-china.com

    Link to map

    Bridges Electronic Technology PTY LTD (Dynalite China) is a worldwide leading manufacturer and solution provider in the high-end lighting control industry with headquarters located in Sydney, Australia. For 18 years, Bridges has been focusing on building a perfect lighting environment and improving lighting management technology. In this way, Bridges has strengthened its global leading position in the lighting management industry. In 1995, Bridges was the first company that introduced an intelligent lighting control system in China. Since then, Bridges has been providing more innovations and solutions such as lighting control, remote monitoring, environment control, resource management, security control, intelligent green control and other integrated solutions, creating more value for its customers.

    Heinz Wohlers

    An der Hansalinie 48-50
    59387 Ascheberg

    Phone: +49 2593/919966
    Fax: +49 2593/9199964
    Website: www.dds-cad.de

    Link to map

    Since 1984 Data Design System GmbH (DDS) has been developing innovative software solutions for integrated electrical, HVAC and solar engineering. Beyond the classical application planning, the products of “DDS-CAD” contain the necessary calculating functions for every application and realize a complete project documentation. DDS-CAD is a powerful open-BIM solution and is compatible with open buildingSMART data standards. The interface equipment includes 2-way interfaces to KNX software ETS3 and 4. DDS GmbH is part of the DDS ASA Corporation based in Norway. DDS Europe is the among the leading software companies in its segment. Craft, design offices, administrative buildings, industrial enterprises and educational institutions are among the typical customers of the company.

    Hervé Fimbel

    Wiesriedtweg 10
    8630 Rüti ZH

    Phone: +41 61/6332225
    Fax: +41 61/6332227
    Website: www.datec.ch

    Link to map

    DATEC ELECTRONIC AG, headquartered in Rüti, has been producing various electronic products for 30 years. Since April 2012, the company has had a subsidiary in Basel specializing in the development of KNX building automation solutions. Due to its location in the border triangle, they can provide services in Switzerland, Germany and France. But DATEC ELECTRONIC AG also operates in other countries. The new team has already had many years of experience in the field of KNX device development in the areas of lighting control, HVAC, and shading. As a flexible company, they can develop new devices on customer request, and this for consultation, the idea of the first prototype to high volume.

    Michael Hess

    Hans-Dehn-Str. 1
    92318 Neumarkt/OPf.

    Phone: +49 9181/906703
    Fax: +49 9181/906219
    Website: www.dehn.de

    Link to map

    Günter Meixner

    Philipp-Kachel-Strasse 42a
    63911 Klingenberg

    Phone: +49 9372 9451111
    Fax: +49 9372 9451112
    Website: www.dga-automation.eu

    Link to map

    DGA-Gebäudeautomation Deutschland GmbH, based in Berlin, is a developer and manufacturer of KNX controllers, especially for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. These controllers are equipped with a complex metering and control system, so therefore a very energy-efficient and user-friendly control of HVAC systems in the KNX environment is possible. Pan-European training courses about the functions and applications of highly complex KNX controller will be offered from 2015 on by DGA GmbH.

    Balthasar Huber

    Untere Dorfstrasse 2
    85653 Aying

    Phone: +49 175/2200240
    Fax: +49 8095/87337399
    Website: www.home-cockpit.eu

    Link to map

    Dialogic Systems GmbH is a dynamic solution provider for integrated building automation. The portfolio consists of powerful touch panel PCs for wall mounting, innovative software applications and supporting services for electronic and audio/video specialists. The differentiator in the market is the combination of very high performance PC-technology with state-of-the-art video intercommunication system software at affordable prices. The roots of Dialogic Systems are an electrical installation company that started ten years ago. Realization of KNX-projects with high demands in a fast way became their expertise in the Munich area. At first a touch panel PC was developed for their own customers which can be used to fulfill the growing demands of builders and architects at an attractive price/performance ratio.

    Martin Tontsch

    Berchtesgadner Str. 10
    5083 St. Leonhard / Salzburg

    Phone: +43 6246/8966-0
    Fax: +43 6246/8966401
    Website: www.digital-elektronik.com

    Link to map

    Digital Elektronik is a service-oriented Austrian service provider in the fields of electronics and precision engineering with branches in St. Leonhard near Salzburg and Tamsweg. The company was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in St. Leonhard near Salzburg. In 1998, the subsidiary in Tamsweg was opened. Currently they are using KNX in one of their projects to control several lamps, which consist of several LEDs. The respective control of each LED is carried out exclusively via the KNX protocol and allows control of the entire system via a central computer. The large number of controllable lamps (> 350), or their LED composites, contributes to the complexity of the project, because all require a dedicated LED driver control.

    Thomas Rudolph

    Brandstrasse 33
    8952 Schlieren-Zürich

    Phone: +41.444459900
    Fax: +41.444459900
    Website: http://www.digitalstrom.de/

    Link to map

    digitalSTROM connects analogue/IP devices and sensors with each other and the web. While the integration of analogue devices happens through the existing electrical wiring, the system uses a virtual device container (vDCs) for the connection of digitally controllable devices and applications: these are virtual gateways that emulate the entire functionality of device control incl. the network adapter and corresponding standard device behaviour in software form, converting the digitalSTROM signals for the microcontroller of the third-party end-user device. The dS gateways for the integration of applications also use dS-vDCs that are especially customised for these protocols. With the aim of providing a universal, manufacturer-independent smart home platform, digitalSTROM now offers users the simple and unified integration of KNX products into the digitalSTROM network.

    David Montoya

    Inaki Goenaga 5
    20600 Eibar

    Phone: +34 943820458
    Fax: +34 943820614
    Website: www.domotica-vivimat.com

    Link to map

    Dinitel 2000, S.A., was created in 1993 by a joint initiative of the Tekniker Foundation, a leading industrial R&D centre, and a group of companies active in the construction sector. Its main aim is to provide high quality products with an innovative design as well as to offer full support throughout the whole process of installation and maintenance. For this purpose Dinitel has set up an extremely active commercial network designed to provide the necessary technical support to its customers. Nowadays Dinitel is working to design and sell KNX related products.

    Andoni Asurmendi Garcia

    Auzolan 2
    20303 Irun

    Phone: +34 4/3627932
    Fax: +34 4/3625764
    Website: www.dinuy.com

    Link to map

    Dinuy S.A., founded in 1950, is specialized in developing and manufacturing timers, dimmers, motion detectors, etc. The HQ is in Spain (Irun), with a working center of 50 people. At this moment, Spain is the main market, but they also export products to 30 other countries around the world. Their product portfolio includes devices to be operated by the mains and also radio frequency. All these RF products are the ones to be adapted to the KNK protocol, specifically dimmers, electronic transformers incorporating dimmer, impulse relays, KNX signal amplifiers, chimes, and temperature and luminosity sensors.

    Hartmut Henzler

    Pillhof 51
    39057 Eppan (BZ)

    Phone: +39 0471/633662
    Fax: +39 0471/631829
    Website: www.divus.eu

    Link to map

    OUR SOLUTIONS: DIVUS takes up the challenge, today, tomorrow and in the future. In addition to innovative touch panels, the product portfolio in combination with IP-based intercoms and visualization tools offers a complete system solution for the global standard KNX. We help to make our world of tomorrow more convenient, economic and ecological.

    Pedro Pina

    Rue Belo Horizonte Edificio 25 C
    2640-027 Ribamar-MFR

    Phone: +351261860030
    Fax: +351261860039
    Website: www.domaticasolutions.com

    Link to map

    DOMATICA- Global Solutions, S.A. was founded in September 2002 and is a privately held venture capital company. It is a manufacturer of engineering solutions with a focus on technological innovation. Its core business concentrates on monitoring and control of a wide range of applications, such as energy efficiency, home automation, building management, etc. The company has developed the KNX Server, an ultimate controller tool for KNX. It is a DIN rail device for easily installation. It interfaces with KNXnet/IP and uses the iDom Project as a free software tool for programming and for system configuration. The software allows an instant integration of existing installations via Plug&Play.

    José Maria Morcillo

    C. Constitución 2, Planta 2, Oficina 3
    08960 Sant Just Desvern

    Phone: +34 932418083
    Website: www.domonetio.com

    Link to map

    LABIO is a new KNX member, based in Barcelona and provides a range of KNX products for smart homes, smart buildings and smart cities solutions. The company markets devices worldwide in order to promote the use of the KNX standard from the very small project to the larger ones. LABIO’s main goal is to ensure the use of an automation system in every house or building as a natural evolution of the electrical installation.

    Claudio Caldera

    Via del Tiro a Segno 31
    12084 Mondovi (CN)

    Phone: +39.0172689043
    Fax: +39.0172503114
    Website: www.domoticalabs.com

    Link to map

    Founded in 2005, Domotica Labs is a software house developing Linux, web-based applications for home & building automation operating with KNX. KONNEXION suite is an embedded board with web-based supervision application for KNX home & building automation. The web controller also integrates a lightweight VOIP PBX appliance for intercom and voice messaging management and handles other proprietary protocols for specific devices management (burglar alarms, audio/video multi- room, IR transceivers...).