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KNX Member area

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KNX Membership and development

Do you want to become a KNX Member or do you want more information about KNX product development? Then the KNX Member area is the place to be for you. Here you can receive all the necessary information from our experts at KNX Association about the benefits and conditions of KNX membership and KNX product development for all different configuration modes and view which system components you might need.

New KNX Devices

This area is also worth visiting if you wish to see an overview of the newest KNX Products of our KNX Members, shown on different screens in this area.

Win a KNX Football by playing the 3D game

How fast can you recognise new KNX Devices? Take a shot at our 3D game where 3D pictures of new KNX devices will be slowly revealed, if you can guess it right, you win a KNX football.