What is ETS5 Professional?

ETS is a completely new generation of smart automation software. ETS stands for Engineering Tool Software. It’s a manufacturer independent configuration software tool to design and configure intelligent home and building control installations with the KNX system. ETS is a software, which runs on Windows© platform based computers.

One ETS5 Professional allows composing solutions for all application areas for which KNX certified products are available. In that way, using ETS5 Professional empowers your business – not only technologically, but above all commercially.

ETS Versions

ETS5 Professional

The powerful software for your professional career. ETS5 Professional offers all the required functionalities to realize your home or building control project from start to finish.

Price: € 1000

ETS5 Lite

The same software, limited for small projects with up to 20 devices. ETS5 Lite is the software you need for small home projects or for training purposes.

Price: € 200

ETS5 Supplementary

Do you already own an ETS5 Professional and do you need an extra license for your company? ETS5 Supplementary is exactly the same software, but at a much lower price for ETS5 Professional owners (max. 2 ETS Supplementary per ETS Professional license).

Price: € 150

ETS5 Demo

Want to discover what ETS5 is all about? You can download the free version and create projects with up to 5 products.

Price: free

ETS5 Professional features

  • Ensured compatibility of ETS software with the KNX Standard
  • All product databases with certified products from all KNX manufacturers can be imported in ETS
  • Worldwide the same ETS tool for every KNX project and with every KNX certified device is used. Reliable data exchange is therefore guaranteed.
  • ETS5 Professional can be used for all project sizes.