30.01.2020   KNX Awards 2020 Nominees

KNX Awards 2020 Nominees

The numerous applications we received for the KNX Awards 2020 again proved the high quality of KNX Smart Home and Smart Building projects all over the world.

The Jury, has finally finished deliberations and we are pleased to announce the following nominees:

International - Europe

  • "AAL Mit Hightech länger im eigenen Haus leben" by Klaus Geyer Elektrotechnik
  • "Amerikalinjen Hotel" by function Solutions AS
  • "Bairro Alto Hotel" by Domotica Solutions
  • "Das Vitale Haus" by JAEGER Wohn- & Gebäudeintelligenz
  • "Sea garden, Trade in seafood Fish, Rhodes, Greece" by Smart Building Solutions

International - Asia

  • "Beijing Daxing airport intelligent lighting control system" by Beijing HAIANRUIHANG Technology Co.,Ltd
  • "Mercury" by Katana
  • "Nobakht Commercial building" by Delham Tabesh
  • "Ritz Carlton Doha Qatar" by CADD emirates WLL
  • "Shenzhen Longhua Jinmao House" by HDL

International - Africa, America, Australia

  • "ABB Industrial Automation Headquarters" by Automated Technology Company LLC
  • "Calvary Adelaide Hospital, South Australia" by mySmart
  • "Historic Theatre Automation in Córdoba" by Agustin Abdala
  • "The Quest of Life - Springfield Health City One project" by SyncWise Smart Building Solutions
  • "Villa Neo" by Beyond Habitat

Energy Efficiency

  • "A Smart Villa living alone Iin the white mountains of Crete" by GDS Digital Systems Ltd.
  • "Bitzer Headquarter Sindelfingen" by Elektro-Breitling GmbH
  • "KNX for LEED v4 Platinum Gold project in Brazil: case SANEPAR" by Arqtech Automacao
  • "Police Office VLAS Kortrijk" by Istema Sumi Stagobel Bynubian EEG
  • "Quanta : Smarter Building - Jaguar Network Headquarters" by CUST'HOME


  • "AL-Masa Downtown New Alamein City" by Egyptian for Intelligent Buildings (Smart)
  • "MAS" by Natural Software SL
  • "Metro Transportation with 25 stations" by Guangzhou video-star intelligent Corp., Ltd
  • "E-Haus" by ZVEH
  • "The world's northernmost KNX project?" by Instell As


  • "AVJ Namur" by DCE
  • "Das Smart Living Lab der FH Technikum Wien" by FH Technikum Wien
  • "KNX Schulungscenter" by CA Brachtendorf GmbH
  • "Smarthome-Kompetenzcenter" by E-Necker
  • "TEC Brabant Wallon" by Zinaltek sprl


  • "Desert Rose House" by Brendan Banfield
  • "Dianna Villas Realistic Visualization, born in a KNX World" by Chris Gliatis
  • "KNX Training as a standard for technical education, Iran" by Artman Smart Energy Solutions
  • "MyKnx Home - Maqueta funcional de vivienda KNX" by Hector Colado Garcia
  • "Off-grid domoticahuis" by Odisee Gent

We congratulate all nominees and thank all people applying for the KNX Awards 2020. All the nominated projects can be found on the KNX project platform.

Soon you will be able to choose your favorite nominated project for the People's Choice Award. More info will follow.

The winners of the KNX Awards 2020 will be announced on the 10th of March in Frankfurt, Germany during the Light + Building fair. Don't miss the event, you will be able to register for the KNX Award Ceremony soon.

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