KNX Partners

KNX Association offers companies who have specialized in the KNX technology the possibility to become a KNX Partner. This can be attained by taking a basic course (and passing the final exam) at a KNX Certified Training Centre.

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KNX Partners
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Company City Qualification (total)
Jimmy Konijnenberg Nieuwegein
Elettronica Sistemi s.r.l. Grottaglie
Timmy nielsen 6.000
Cem Açış ist
Jeon Dasom Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
dezhao yu 温州市
Yingzhou Lai 广州市
yafeng ren 南京
Daniel Michalec Wien
Rasmus Gammeljord Svogerslev
Ivo Viegas Quinta do Anjo
Markus Fuchs Passau
Wagner Elektrotechnik GmbH Kastellaun