KNX Partners

KNX Association offers companies who have specialized in the KNX technology the possibility to become a KNX Partner. This can be attained by taking a basic course (and passing the final exam) at a KNX Certified Training Centre.

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KNX Partners
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Company City Qualification (total)
SAPIENX Pola de Siero
Sergio Fernández Pelayo Noja
Andalucia Home Futura SL Nueva Andalucía - Marbella (Málaga)
ID Domótica Cordovilla (Navarra)
Domotio Pego
Actua 21, S.L.U. Benidorm
ACIVE Madrid
INCOME Logroño (La Rioja)
Indomotiq Oviedo (Asturias)
ATISoluciones Seguridad Granada
Elektrikari Lanak Beristain Donostia
Alonso Segovia electricidadS.L. Segovia
HogarTec Zaragoza
David Martínez López Valladolid
Domonorte, S.L. Noja
Gerard Casadevall Juanola Sant Jordi Desvalls
Tech Mallorca Inca
Futurasmus Zentrum SAN JUAN DE ALICANTE
AdR Ingenieria Barcelona